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Santa Barbara City Council Swears In Oscar Gutierrez

Winner of June Election Fills Mayor Cathy Murillo's Seat

New councilmember won June election and fills Mayor Cathy Murillo's seat.

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As the Holiday Fire Erupted, Why Wasn't Goleta Warned?

How the County Flubbed Its Emergency Messaging

How the county flubbed its emergency messaging.

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SBCC Instructor’s Comments Were ‘Outrageous’ and ‘Anti-Feminist,’ but Legal

Mark McIntire Violated College Ethics Code, but Is Cleared of Title IX Complaints

Mark McIntire violated college ethics code, but is cleared of Title IX complaints.

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Santa Barbara Housing Authority to Open More Apartments

Studios Will Welcome Low-Income Seniors and Veterans

The new studios will be built for low-income seniors and veterans.

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Evacuations Expand As Holiday Fire Burns Goleta Hill Homes

Mandatory Evacuations Underway North of Cathedral Oaks Road Between La Patera and Patterson

Mandatory evacuations are underway north of Cathedral Oaks Road between La Patera and Patterson.

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City Sharpens No-Smoking Ban

State Grant to Provide Signage, Enforcement 

A state grant will fund more signage and enforcement.

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ResQcats Is the Shangri-La of Animal Shelters

Sanctuary Founder Jeffyne Telson Publishes New Book, ‘Cat Tails’

Sanctuary founder Jeffyne Telson publishes new book, “Cat Tails.”

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Mesa Couple Making Healthy Sunscreen

Amy and Jeff Devers Launch Two Peas Organics with Early Success

Amy and Jeff Devers launch Two Peas Organics with early success.

Downtown Organization Looking for New Leader

Search committee ramps up hunt for executive director.

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Two Injured in Alleged DUI Collision

Pedestrians, age 91 and 50, were walking near Linden Avenue at Ninth Street in Carpinteria.

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Santa Barbara Drone Club Now Meeting

New Group All About Education and Connecting Pilots

The new group is all about education and connecting pilots.

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The Cabanas Now Shading West Beach

Teresa Ramallo-Whalen Now Renting Beach Shacks on Santa Barbara Shoreline

Teresa Ramallo-Whalen now renting beach shacks on Santa Barbara shoreline.

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Public Survey Exposes Montecito Debris Flow Communication Failures

Residents Were Confused by County's Mixed Signals and Unclear Warnings

Residents were confused by the county's mixed signals and unclear warnings.

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Who Was Responsible for Approving the 1/9 Debris Flow Evacuation Boundaries?

County Officials Give Changing and Conflicting Answers

County officials give changing and conflicting answers.

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Mixed Martial Arts Instructor Wanted on Felony Domestic Battery, Elder Abuse Charges

Nicholas Castillo, 24, has been on the run for a month.

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Multiple Armed Suspects Rob Trader Joe’s on Milpas

Police investigating possible connection to other SoCal robberies.

City of Santa Barbara Ramps Up Enforcement of Sign Ordinance

First-Time Violators Get a Warning

First-time violators will get a warning.

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SBCC Philosophy Professor Let Go Amid #MeToo Fallout

Mark McIntire Says Controversial Comments Are Protected Free Speech 

Mark McIntire claims that his controversial comments are protected free speech.

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Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Unveils Major Makeover

Bird and Mammal Halls Renovated; Permanent Butterfly Pavilion Opens Later This Summer

Bird and mammal halls renovated; permanent butterfly pavilion opens later this summer

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Internal Records Reveal Mixed Messages, Missed Opportunities Before 1/9 Debris Flow

County Officials Worked Hard But Struggled to Convey the True Dangers of the Storm

County officials worked hard but struggled to convey the true dangers of the storm.

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Sticker Sales Help Disaster Recovery

Graphic Designer Gen Matsui Found His Way to Give Back

Graphic designer Gen Matsui found his way to give back.

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City on Vision Quest for State Street Revival

Leaders Also Mull Ways to Protect Economy from Next Disaster

Leaders also mull ways to protect our economy from the next disaster.

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Santa Barbara City College Has Its #MeToo Moment

Professor Faces Backlash After Raising Concerns About Guest Lecturer

A chemistry professor is facing backlash after raising concerns about a guest lecturer.

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Variant Training Lab Will Make You Better, Faster, Stronger

Science, Tech, and Health Converge in New State Street Fitness Center

Science, tech, and health converge in new State Street fitness center.

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Interior Design Firm Offers Free Furniture to Montecito Victims

But Many Remain in Desperate Need of a Home

But many remain in desperate need of a home.

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Santa Barbara Reports Drop in Tax Revenue

Decrease Attributed to Disaster Impacts on Businesses

The decrease was likely caused by this winter’s back-to-back natural disasters.

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District 3 Candidates Go Toe-to-Toe in Debate

The Election Games Begin in Race to Represent the Westside

The election games begin in race to represent Santa Barbara's Westside.

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Mission to Mars Launching from Santa Barbara

Go Behind the Scenes of NASA’s First Interplanetary Launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base

Go Behind the Scenes of NASA’s First Interplanetary Launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

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Meet the Santa Barbara Zoo’s New Koalas

Edmund and Thackory Are on Display for a Year

Edmund and Thackory are on display for a year.

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Tajiguas Landfill Revamp Sucks Up Another $91 Million

Unforeseen Expenses Bump Total to $540 Million

New sorting and composting facilities face unforeseen costs, and tipping fees will increase.

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Who’s the Real Westsider?

Four Candidates Fight for Santa Barbara's District 3

Four candidates fight for Santa Barbara's District 3.

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Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’ Is Easy and Uncluttered

Writer/Director Is at His Meticulously Whimsical Best

Writer/director is at his meticulously whimsical best with the stop-motion feature.

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An Art Revival on State Street

Artists Provide Installations Along Downtown Corridor

Santa Barbara artists have installed their work along downtown corridor.

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Four Westside Candidates Vie for City Council Seat

Special Election Set for June 5

The election for a District 3 representative will be held on June 5.

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City Extends Permit Fast-Track Program

Program Designs to Fill Commercial Vacancies Downtown

Storefront vacancies have dropped 2 percent since program launched in August.

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Forbidden Gun Owners Tracked by State Justice Department

Program Finds 96 Santa Barbara County Residents Own Guns Illegally

Statewide tracking program found 96 Santa Barbara County residents own guns illegally.

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Bellosguardo: A Legacy in Limbo

Foundation Leadership Accused of Mismanagement, Favoritism, and Neglect

The foundation created to carry out Huguette Clark’s will is accused of mismanagement, favoritism, and neglect.

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City Says Franceschi House Has Got to Go

Unsafe Historic Building Too Expensive to Save

The estimate to rehabilitate the historical building was nearly $7 million.

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Memories Rescued from the Mud

Belongings That Survived and the Stories They Tell

The belongings that survived and the stories they tell.

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The Working-Class Champions of the 93108 Fund

'No Social Security Numbers, No 1099s Required.'

“No Social Security numbers, no 1099s required.”

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Veterinarian Suicides Reflect Quiet Professional Crisis

Santa Barbara Animal Doctors Mourn Colleagues Tiffany Margolin and Amanda Lumsden

Santa Barbara's small animal-doctor community mourns Tiffany Margolin and Amanda Lumsden.

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Captain Ed Cassano Goes 6,000 Meters Under the Sea

Underwater ROV Exploration the Topic of Upcoming Maritime Museum Talk

Underwater ROV exploration is the topic of an upcoming Maritime Museum talk.

‘Annihilation’ Is Equal Parts Absorbing, Terrifying, and Discombobulating

Sci-fi Horror Leaves Your Brain Cramped and Exhausted

Sci-fi horror film swings through its visual achievements and storytelling failures so fast it’ll leave your brain cramped and exhausted by the end.

Pilates Instructor Took Advantage of Elderly Clients

Yvonne Castillo Pleaded Guilty to Felony Grand Theft

Yvonne Castillo faces jail time for felony grand theft.

Coast Village Road Barber Wins Business Award

Richie Ramirez Named Young Professional of the Year

Richie Ramirez, owner of Richie's Barber Shop, named Young Professional of the Year.

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Assault Weapons, Concealed Guns Worry Santa Barbara Officials

Federal and State Firearms Loopholes Could Affect County Safety

Federal and state firearms loopholes could affect county safety.

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‘Sleepy Bunny’ Book Helps Kids Nap

Lavender Farmer Melissa Broughton Tells the True Tale of Amos the Rabbit

Lavender farmer Melissa Broughton tells the true tale of Amos the rabbit.

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First Responders Were Ready When the Debris Flows Hit

Montecito Fire Division Chief Kevin Taylor Explains How a Small Department Pulled a Big Rescue

Montecito Fire Division Chief Kevin Taylor explains how a small department pulled a big rescue.

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In Wake of Parkland Shooting, Rep. Carbajal Urges Action on Gun Bill

H.R. 2598 Aims to Confiscate Guns from People Deemed Dangerous by Judge

Introduced last May, H.R. 2598 would allow police to confiscate guns from people deemed dangerous by a judge.

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See the World Through an Astronaut’s Eyes

NASA Commander Terry Virts Goes Crazy with a Camera Aboard the International Space Station

NASA commander Terry Virts goes crazy with a camera aboard the International Space Station.