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Teen Dies After Glass Factory Shooting Accident

Kaiden Vague was a sophomore at Dos Pueblos High School.

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Why Did Highway 192 Separate Montecito’s Mandatory and Voluntary Evac Zones?

County Emergency Managers Start to Explain Their Much-Dissected Decision

County emergency managers start to explain their much-dissected decision.

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In a Move Personal and Political, Dominguez Stripped of SBCAG Appointment

Santa Barbara City Council Continues Early Tradition of Deep Dysfunction

The Santa Barbara City Council continues its early tradition of deep dysfunction.

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DUI Driver Kills Montecito Evacuee

Nicholas Hart was allegedly speeding on a suspended license after two prior DUIs.

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Fatal Shooting of Bryan Carreño Deemed Justified by District Attorney’s Office

Carreño Was Shot 20 Times by Five Deputies

Carreño was shot 20 times by five deputies.

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Climate Change Hits Home in Montecito Disaster

The Cumulative Effects of Drought, Fire, and Flood Reflect the Planet’s New Extreme Weather Regime

The cumulative effects of drought, fire, and flood reflect the planet’s new extreme weather regime.

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County Emergency Managers Issued Contradictory Warnings Before Montecito Mudslides

Evacuation Map and Written Notice Outlined Different Neighborhoods

The evacuation map and written notice outlined different neighborhoods.

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Majority of Montecito Mudslide Victims Were Not Under Mandatory Evacuation Orders

17 of 21 Victims Lived in Areas Only Under Warning

Seventeen of the 21 victims lived in areas only under warning.

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La Casa de Maria Retreat Center Vows to Rebuild After Montecito Disaster

“We will rebuild, and we will be renewed,” said director Steve Jacobsen.

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Satellite Imagery Reveals Overwhelming Extent of Montecito Damage

Before and After Looks at San Ysidro Creek, Knowlwood Tennis Club Neighborhood, and Fernald Point

Before and after looks at San Ysidro Creek, the Knowlwood Tennis Club neighborhood, and Fernald Point.

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Why Did So Few in Montecito Evacuate?

Communicating Danger Before, During Disasters Is a Delicate, Difficult Business

Communicating danger before and during disasters is a delicate and difficult business.

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Montecito Debris Flow Devastation Concentrated Along Creeks

A new map reveals the bulk of the damage and fatalities occurred along Montecito, San Ysidro, and Romero creeks.

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A House-by-House Damage Assessment of the Montecito Mudslides

The Independent is mapping impacted areas as responders focus on rescue and repair efforts.

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Names, Photos of Seven Missing People Released

Five days after the Montecito mudslides, the search for survivors continues.

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Scrutiny Grows Over Mandatory vs. Voluntary Evacuation Orders

Mudslides Breached Highway 192 Line and Raced Through Voluntary Zones

Mudslides breached the Highway 192 line and raced all the way through voluntary zones.

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As Number of Missing Grows, Questions Arise Over County Warning

First Emergency Cell Phone Alert Was Issued Tuesday Morning After Deadly Flooding Began

The county didn't issue its first cell phone alert Tuesday morning until after the deadly flooding began.

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Names of 17 Montecito Mudslide Victims Released

Eight more people remain missing.

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Half of Historic San Ysidro Ranch Destroyed in Montecito Mudslide

Entire Buildings Leveled When Ruptured Gas Line Exploded

Entire buildings were leveled when a ruptured gas line exploded.

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Stories of Heroism, Heartbreak Emerge from Montecito Mudslides

17 People Killed and 100 Homes Destroyed in Post-Thomas Fire Disaster

Seventeen people were killed and 100 homes were destroyed in the post-Thomas Fire disaster.

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Family and Friends of Missing Montecito Residents Take to Social Media

Facebook, Twitter Posts Plead for Information

Facebook and Twitter posts plead for information.

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Ancient Sirenians of the Channel Islands

Geologists Find Sea Cow Fossil on Santa Rosa

Geologists find sea cow fossil on Santa Rosa.

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Montecito Mudslide Death Toll Climbs to 15

Two Dozen More Still Missing; Hundreds Trapped in Romero Canyon

Two dozen more are still missing; hundreds remain trapped in Romero Canyon.

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Montecito’s All Saints-by-the-Sea Church Open as Triage, Evacuation Center

[UPDATE] Santa Barbara hotels offer special rates to flood victims and evacuees.

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Dozens Remain Trapped by Montecito Mudslides

Bodies Recovered from Butterfly Beach, Olive Mill Road, Channel Drive Off-Ramp

Bodies have been recovered from Butterfly Beach, Olive Mill Road, and the Channel Drive off-ramp.

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Lawsuit Looms over Santa Barbara City Council Vacancy

District 3 Activists Want a Special Election, Not an Appointment

District 3 activists want a special election, not an appointment.

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Former Ataris Bassist Michael Davenport Indicted on Conspiracy and Fraud Charges

He Allegedly Ran a Real Estate Scam that Cheated 100,000 People Out of $27 Million

He allegedly ran a real estate scam that cheated 100,000 people out of $27 million.

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Cops Surround Downtown Cottage Where Man Was Killed New Year’s Day

UPDATE: Stand-Off Ends With Cottage Found Empty

UPDATE: The stand-off ended when the cottage was found to be empty.

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Year in Review: Tyler Hayden’s Favorite Stories of 2017

Senior Editor Tyler Hayden Picks a Few of His Favorite Articles from the Past Year

Senior Editor Tyler Hayden picks a few of his favorite articles from the past year.

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Does Bellosguardo Now Belong to Santa Barbara?

Silence and Secrecy Continue to Cloak Clark Estate

Silence and secrecy continue to cloak the fate of the Clark Estate.

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Maps Bring Perspective to the Thomas Fire's Run on Montecito

A Visual Tour of Devastation, Near Disaster, and Firefighting at Its Finest

A visual tour of the devastation, near disaster, and firefighting at its finest.

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At a Glance: Firefighting 101

Here's How Wildland Hand Crews Work, Talk, Eat, and Save the Day

Here's how wildland hand crews work, talk, eat, and save the day.

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Russia to the Rescue in Thomas Fire?

Why the Federal Government Shot Down Plans to Bring Russian Supertankers to Town

Why the federal government shot down plans to bring Russian supertankers to town

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Here’s Exactly How Far the Thomas Fire Has Eaten into Montecito, Santa Barbara

Cal Fire’s Saturday night air survey reveals western and southern boundaries.

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Northbound Highway 101 Lanes Now Reopened After Semi-Tanker Turnover

Fully Loaded Truck Spilled 5,000 Gallons of Gasoline

The fully loaded truck spilled 5,000 gallons of gasoline onto the roadway, disintegrating the concrete.

New Fire Erupts in Los Alamos

UPDATE: Drum Fire Kept Below 14 Acres; Crews Released Back to Fight Thomas

UPDATE: Drum Fire kept below 14 acres; crews released back to fight Thomas.

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Here’s How to Help the Family of Fallen Thomas Fire Firefighter Cory Iverson

Donations and Support Pouring into New GoFundMe Account

Donations and support are pouring into the new GoFundMe account.

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Firefighters Now Battling 20-Acre Coast Fire South of Lompoc

Update: Full Containment Expected Thursday Night

Update: Full containment of the 13.6-acre blaze was expected later Thursday night.

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Daily Thomas Fire Smoke Forecasts Now Available

Air conditions in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, and Goleta will remain “unhealthy” Thursday and Friday.

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Firefighter Killed Battling the Thomas Fire

[UPDATE]: Cal Fire announced Cory Iverson out of the San Diego unit was killed in the Thomas Fire.

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New Apartments Planned to Replace Elsie’s Tavern

Proposed High-Density Housing Development Got Overall Thumbs Up from Planning Commission

The proposed high-density housing development got an overall thumbs up from the Planning Commission.

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Santa Barbara City Council Will Appoint Murillo’s Replacement

Appointee Will Finish Out Her District 3 Term When She Assumes Mayorship

The appointee will finish out her District 3 term when she takes the mayor’s seat.

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Understanding Power Outages During the Thomas Fire

Why Santa Barbara Lost Power During the Thomas Fire

Why did Santa Barbara lose power during the Thomas Fire? Is everything fixed?

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Tips for Following the Thomas Fire

Which Sources Should You Use to Follow the Latest Wildfire News?

Which sources should you use to follow the latest wildfire news?

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Why a Good Thomas Fire Map Was Hard to Find

Here’s Why Tracking This Fast Wildfire Is So Difficult

Here’s why tracking this massive and fast wildfire has been so difficult.

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Fire Officials: Visible Thomas Fire Flare-Ups Don’t Pose a Threat

Flames seen Monday night to the east of downtown Santa Barbara and the Riviera are being monitored.

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Ventura Farmworkers, Spanish Speakers Left Out of Thomas Fire Emergency Response

Many Laborers Forced to Work Without Face Masks; Westside Immigrant Residents Unaware of Warnings

Many laborers have been forced to work without face masks, and Westside immigrant residents were unaware of warnings.

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Mandatory Evacuations Issued Through Northern Montecito and Carpinteria Sunday Morning

Evacuation Orders Continue to Move Westward for Area North of Highway 192

Evacuation orders continue to move westward for the area north of Highway 192, east of Buena Vista Road.

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Evacuations from Carpinteria to Toro Canyon as Thomas Fire Grows to 115,000 Acres

Evacuation Warnings and Orders Clarified at Thursday Evening Press Conference

Evacuation warnings and orders were clarified at the Thursday evening press conference.

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Multiple Brush Fires in Buellton "Put to Bed" on Friday

Santa Barbara County and Los Padres Firefighters Have Full Containment

Santa Barbara County and Los Padres firefighters have full containment of the brush fires.

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Thomas Fire Creating ‘Hazardous’ Air-Quality Conditions in Santa Barbara

The county’s Reserve Medical Corps is now distributing free face masks.