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The Fab Five: Inside Santa Barbara’s Mayoral Race

In the Crowded and Competitive Field, Every Candidate Has a Chance

In the crowded and competitive field, every candidate has a chance.

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Diving into Santa Barbara’s City Council District 4 Election

Where Candidates Sneddon, Scafide, Higgins Convene and Converge

Where candidates Kristen Sneddon, Jim Scafide, and Jay Higgins convene and coverage

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District 6 Council Candidate Debrief

Where Do Gregg Hart, Jack Ucciferri, and Aaron Solis Land on Important Election Topics?

Where do Gregg Hart, Jack Ucciferri, and Aaron Solis land on important election topics?

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District 5 Council Candidate Brain-Pick

See Where Eric Friedman and Warner McGrew Stand on Key Election Issues

See where Eric Friedman and Warner McGrew stand on key election issues.

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Two Injured in Helicopter Crash at Santa Barbara Airport

The chopper went down Sunday morning.

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In First Forum, Candidates Tackle Housing

Discussion Centers on Density, Downtown, and Millennials

The discussion centered on density, downtown, and millennials.

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Alcox Awarded $1.3 Million for Losing Half His Life

State Attorney General, Victim Compensation Board Grant His Claim for Wrongful Imprisonment

The state attorney general and Victim Compensation Board grant his claim for wrongful imprisonment.

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Martinez Relinquishes Deckers Chair to Focus on Mayoral Campaign

He’ll remain on the board as a director.

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Downtown Office Tenants Flee as Rents Skyrocket

El Centro's New Owner Says Spiking Rates Simply Meet Fair Market Value

El Centro's new owner says the spiking rates simply meet fair market value.

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Conservative Frank Hotchkiss Has Path to Mayor's Seat

Low Turnout and Split Democratic Field Could Pave Him the Way to Victory

A low turnout and a split Democratic field could pave him the way to victory.

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Deckers' Investors Worry Over Martinez's Mayoral Run

Stockholders Share Concern the Company Lacks Leadership and Focus

Multiple stockholders share concerns that the company lacks leadership and focus.

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Meet Your 2017 City Council Candidates

Eight Hopefuls Are Skirmishing Across Three Districts

Eight hopefuls are skirmishing across three districts.

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VICE Captures Charlottesville

Web News Outlet Shows Fascinating, Disturbing White Supremacy

Web news outlet shows fascinating and disturbing trip through the inner sanctum of white supremacy.

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Swastika, "Trump" Graffitied Near Goleta

Separate spray paint in same area has "local Hispanic gang connotation," authorities say.

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Council Caps High-Density Housing

Votes to Put Brakes on Successful and Controversial City Program

Votes to put brakes on successful and controversial city program.

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Vitamin Angels Bring New Hope to Forgotten People

How Distributing Vitamin A to Small Mexican Villages Changed Lives

How distributing Vitamin A to small Mexican villages changed lives.

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Vacation Rental Conversion Denied

Council shoots down third appeal in four weeks.

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Twelve-Unit Housing Project Approved for Westside

Developer Ed St. George building five duplexes and two single-family homes.

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Skids Greased for State Street Tenants

City Improves, Streamlines Permit and Review Process

The city is improving and streamlining its permit and review process.

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The Great Vacancy Rate Debate

Landlords Ask: What Housing Crisis?

Landlords ask: What housing crisis?

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Former Deckers CEO Angel Martinez Running for Mayor

He Has Big Plans for State Street, Santa Barbara Business

He has big plans for State Street and Santa Barbara business.

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Santa Barbara’s Bee Whisperer

Nick Wigle Saves Hidden Hives with Love and Kindness

Nick Wigle saves hidden hives with love and kindness.

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One UCSB Student Sexually Assaulted, Another Fatally Overdoses at Same 4th of July Party

Incidents Appear Unrelated

The incidents appear to be unrelated.

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Home-to-Hotel Conversion Shot Down

Council Denies Proposal to Turn Condo into Short-Term Rental

Council denies a proposal to turn a condominium into a short-term rental.

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Resistance Grows Against Vacation-Rental Conversions

'We Have Enough Hotel Rooms and Not Enough Housing' in Santa Barbara

'We have enough hotel rooms and not enough housing,” said Bill Mahan, Santa Barbara Historic Landmarks commissioner.

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More Money for Rocky Roads?

Sales Tax Increase Goes to a Vote

Voters will decide on a sales tax increase to fund street repairs.

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Flight of the Santa Barbara Food Trucks

Mobile Vendors Fold and Flee Before Pending Regulations

Mobile vendors fold and flee before pending regulations.

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The Habit’s Secret Sauce

What Makes the Santa Barbara–Grown Burger Chain So Darn Successful?

What Makes the Santa Barbara–Grown Burger Chain So Darn Successful

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Copper in Water Conundrum Continues

New Tests Suggest Health Scare Is Isolated to Four Downtown Developments

New tests suggest the health scare is isolated to four downtown developments.

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Gavin for Governor?

Newsom Covers Lots of Ground in La Casa De La Raza Visit

Newsom covers lots of ground in La Casa De La Raza visit.

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Goodbye, East Beach Grill

After 33 Years, Owner Francisco Aguilera Is Leaving with a Twisted Arm and a Broken Heart

After 33 years, owner Francisco Aguilera is leaving with a twisted arm and a broken heart.

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Ancient Chumash Artifacts Found on Santa Rosa Island

This Week’s Discovery Supports New Theories on Chumash Ancestry

This week’s discovery support new theories on Chumash ancestry.

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Backyard ‘Black Gold’

The Why and How of Composting in Santa Barbara

The why and how of composting in Santa Barbara.

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Santa Barbara Votes for 100 Percent Renewable Energy

The Goal Is to Go Completely Clean by 2030

The goal is to go completely clean by 2030.

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Nukes of Hazard: Vandenberg, Star Wars, and North Korea

Is Vandenberg Air Force Base Our Best Defense or Our Greatest Risk?

Will the Star Wars program at Vandenberg Air Force Base make us a North Korean target?

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Cold Spring Barrier Five-Year Checkup

Cited as a 'Big Success'

The barrier is being cited as a 'big success.'

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Bomb Scare at UCSB

Abandoned backpack prompts student evacuation on I.V. killings anniversary.

“Alien: Covenant’

Prequel Has Nothing Left to Hide

This prequel has nothing left to hide, but does offer legitimate spookiness.

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Dog Mauling Victim Speaks Out

Rema Rainsford-Hunt Is On the Mend and On a Mission

Rema Rainsford-Hunt is on the mend and on a mission.

City Expands Smoking Ban

15-Year-Old Ordinance Overhauled With More Restrictions

Beaches, parks, sports fields, Stearns Wharf and other areas now off-limits.

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Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Profiles of Cool Careers, and the Latest Employment Trends in Santa Barbara County

Profiles of cool careers and the latest employment trends in Santa Barbara County.

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Hotchkiss Hops into Mayor's Race

The Republican Currently Stands Alone Against Two Democrats

The Republican currently stands alone against two Democrats.

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Carbajal, Schneider Resist Trump CDBG Cuts

Are Joined By Large Group of Nonprofit Leaders and Service Providers

They're joined by a large group of nonprofit leaders and service providers.

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Sales Tax Proves Popular

Poll Reveals Voters Mostly Support a One-Cent Increase

A poll revealed voters mostly support a one-cent increase.

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High Copper Levels Detected in Drinking Water

Four Properties Test Far Above Health Standards

At least four properties have tested far above state and federal health standards.

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Santa Barbara, Goleta Go Toe-to-Toe over Airport Development

Cities Can't Agree on Who Should Pay for Traffic Impacts

The cities can't agree on who should pay for traffic impacts.

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Police Pressured Over State Street Homeless

Pushing Back, Chief Luhnow Says Department Will Not 'Promote a Culture of Bullying' Among Officers

Pushing back, Chief Luhnow says her department will not "promote a culture of bullying" among officers.

‘Ghost In the Shell’ Fails Beloved Japanese Franchise

Scarlett Johansson’s Stilted Delivery of Dumb Dialogue Never Rings True

Scarlett Johansson’s stilted delivery of mostly dumb dialogue never rings true.

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Zipcar Coming to a Corner Near You

City Orders Ten Cars to Be Placed In and Around Downtown

The city orders ten cars that'll be placed in and around the downtown corridor.

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Driver's Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants Make Roads Safer

Stanford Study Details Benefits of State Law AB 60

Stanford study details benefits of state law AB 60.