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Investigators Say Edison Power Lines Sparked Thomas Fire

Utility Pushes Back, Claiming Officials Mishandled and Ignored Evidence

The utility is pushing back, claiming officials mishandled and ignored evidence.

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The Casual Elegance of the New Miramar Hotel

Rick Caruso’s Ritzy Rosewood Miramar Beach Opens in Montecito

Rick Caruso’s ritzy Rosewood Miramar Beach opens in Montecito.

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Guía de Preparación Para Desastres Naturales

Lo Mejor es Planear para lo Peor

Lo mejor es planear para lo peor.

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Drag Racing Returns to Its Santa Barbara Roots

Santa Barbara Drags Takes Over Cabrillo Boulevard This Weekend

Santa Barbara Drags takes over Cabrillo Boulevard this weekend, March 8-9.

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Lista de Verificación de Evacuación

Imprime Esta Pagina y Haz tu Plan

Lista de verificación de evacuación

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Involúcrate, Entrena

Recursos para las Capacitaciones en RCP y Primeros Auxilios, También Oportunidades de Voluntariado

Recursos para las capacitaciones en RCP y primeros auxilios, también oportunidades de voluntariado.

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Mental Wellness and Childcare

Signs of Trauma and Where to Get Help

Look for signs of trauma and find where to get help.

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The Go-Bag

Pack Enough to Survive On Your Own For at Least 72 Hours

Pack enough to survive on your own for at least 72 hours.

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Donde Obtener Buena Información

Desde Alertas de Mensajes de Texto a el Sistema de Radio Ready, Hay mas Opciones.

Desde alertas de mensajes de texto a el sistema de Radio Ready, hay mas opciones.

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¿Vives en una Zona Roja?

Y Sabes la Diferencia Entre un Aviso de Inundación y una Advertencia de Inundación?

Y sabes la diferencia entre un Aviso de Inundación y una Advertencia de Inundación?

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Bienestar Mental y Cuidado de Niños

Signos de Trauma Emocional y Encuentra Dónde Obtener Ayuda

Busca signos de trauma emocional y encuentra dónde obtener ayuda.

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Best Emergency Information Sources

From Text Alerts to the Radio Ready System, There Are Options

From text alerts to the Radio Ready system, there are plenty of options.

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Evacuation Checklist

Print Out This Page and Come Up with a Plan

Print out this page and come up with a plan.

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Evacuación de tus Mascotas

Preparar Suministros y Organizar el Transporte Puede Ahorrar Tiempo Crítico.

Preparar los suministros y organizar el transporte seguro de mascotas por adelantado puede ahorrar un tiempo crítico durante un desastre o la evacuación.

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Do You Live in a Red Zone?

And Do You Know the Difference Between a Flood Advisory and Flood Warning?

And do you know the difference between a Flood Advisory and a Flood Warning?

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Get Involved, Get Trained

Resources for CPR, First Aid Training and Volunteer Opportunities

Resources for CPR and First Aid training, as well as volunteer opportunities.

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The Santa Barbara Disaster Prep Guide

It’s Best to Plan Ahead for the Worst

It’s best to plan ahead for the worst.

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El Kit De Suministros

Empaque lo Suficiente para Sobrevivir por lo Menos 72 Horas

Empaque lo suficiente para sobrevivir al menos 72 horas.

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Evacuating Your Pets

Preparing Supplies and Arranging Transport Can Save Critical Time

Preparing supplies and arranging transport can save critical time.

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Amtrak Wins Subpoena in Train-Death Case

Medical Records of Decedent May Shed Light on Mental State, Judge Rules

Medical records of decedent may shed light on mental state, judge rules.

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Man Arrested in New Year’s Eve Rape Case

Jody Fairclough, 40, is a harbor regular and business owner.

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Plains Wishy-Washy on Pipeline Replacement?

Commitment Could Be Softened by Ongoing Lawsuit

Commitment could be softened by ongoing lawsuit.

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Sen. Jackson Shoots Down Fake Fox News Report

Addresses False Claim She Banned Use of He/She Gender Pronouns

Addresses false claim she banned use of he/she gender pronouns.

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Delta Air Lines Adds Santa Barbara to Its Destinations

Three daily nonstop flights to Utah begin in August.

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Overdose at Sober Living Facility Avoided

Deputies employ naloxone to revive a man.

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Sears Out at La Cumbre; Is Amazon In on State?

Loss of Sears Creates Another Gaping Hole in Santa Barbara's Porous Retail Scene

The loss of Sears creates yet another gaping hole in Santa Barbara’s porous retail scene.

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Westmont Photo Show Finds Beauty in People-Planet Tensions

The Exhibit Coincides with 1/9 Debris Flow, 1969 Oil Spill Anniversaries

The exhibit coincides with the 1/9 Debris Flow and 1969 Oil Spill anniversaries.

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Inside the Botanic Garden's Fort Knox of Pressed Plants

Flora Are the Foundation of All Habitats and Will Help Stave off Ecological Collapse

Flora are the foundation of all habitats and will help stave off ecological collapse.

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Cracking the Climate Change Brain Barrier

Media Psychologist Explains How Emotion, Not Data, Is the Key to Action

A media psychologist explains how emotion, not data, is the key to action.

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Couple Arrested After Infant Son Tests Positive for Methamphetamine

Patricia Fleckser, 30, and Nathan McBrayer, 34, were charged with felony child endangerment.

Airport Numbers Highest Since Recession

Passenger counts rise at Santa Barbara Municipal Airport.

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New Year Means No More Styrofoam

City of Santa Barbara ban of expanded polystyrene cups, plates, coolers, and more started January 1.

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Five Surfers Rescued from Isla Vista Area Beaches

They were all caught in a high tide and pounding surf.

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'Times' Report Dredges Up Debris Basin Issues

Records Show Catchments Were Clogged with Sediment Before the Debris Flow

Records show the catchments were clogged with sediment before the debris flow.

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Tyler Hayden’s Year in Review

Our Senior Editor Tyler Picks His Favorite Stories from 2018

Our Senior Editor Picks His Favorite Stories from 2018.

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El Encanto Parent Company Bought Up By LVMH

The luxury French corporation owns Louise Vuitton and Hennessy brands.

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Study: Debris Flow Warnings Were Confusing, Unconvincing

Victims' Families Furious at County Failures But Thwarted By Government Immunity

Victims' families outraged at county failures but thwarted from legal action by government immunity.

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ShelterBox Distributes Tents and Hope to the World’s Refugees

New Summerland Office Spreads Reach Even Further

A new Summerland office is spreading the relief organization’s reach even further.

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Santa Barbara Priests Named in New Abuse Reports

12 Men Accused of Child Molestation Served in Area Parishes

Twelve men accused of child molestation served in area parishes.

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Man Crushed in Construction Yard Accident

Santiago Perez Jr., 35, was killed by a falling 50-foot steel beam.

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Lander Makes It From Vandenberg to Mars

InSight touches down and unfurls Goleta-made solar array.

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Metro Entertainment Hosting Stan Lee Life Celebration

Store Will Have All-Day Sale and Marvel Comics Giveaway

The store will have an all-day sale and a Marvel Comics giveaway.

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One Dead, One Injured in Accident on Oil Tanker in S.B. Channel

The men fell into an empty tank.

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Montecito Explores Microgrid for Emergency Services

System Would Support Fire and Water Agencies During Power Outages

System would support fire and water agencies during power outages.

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Dick Wolf Drops Hints About Bellosguardo’s Future

References The Frick Collection Art Museum in New York

He referenced The Frick Collection art museum in New York.

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Downtown Cross-Section Focuses on State Street Fixes

A Streamlined Permit Process Is in the Works

A streamlined permit process is in the works.

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Seeing Santa Barbara’s Past with New Eyes

Santa Barbara Public Library Digitizes More than 2,500 Historic Images

Santa Barbara Public Library digitizes more than 2,500 historic images.

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Here’s How Santa Barbara Police Train the Public to Survive a Shooting

Regular Trainings Provided by Department and Private Companies

Regular trainings are provided by the department and private companies.

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Nonunion Contractors Applaud Committee's Thumbs-Down Vote

Union-Only Construction-Bid Issue Goes to City Council

Union-only construction-bid issue, proposed by Councilmember Gregg Hart, goes next to City Council.

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Few Countywide Are Emergency-Ready

Officials Urge Residents to Sign Up for 'Aware & Prepare'

Official urge residents to sign up for 'Aware & Prepare.'