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News editor Tyler Hayden started at The Santa Barbara Independent as an intern in the spring of 2009 while studying English and editing at UCSB. He was hired as an associate editor that fall and became the newsroom majordomo soon after. Since then, he's spent his days editing and writing stories, wrangling interns, and helping manage independent.com.

Tyler regularly contributes to a number of Santa Barbara and national news organizations, and he and the Independent's other writers have received multiple awards from Editor & Publisher, the California Newspaper Publishers Association, and the Association of Alternative Newsmedia, most recently for their coverage of the 2014 Isla Vista murders and the 2015 Refugio Oil Spill.

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Why Did Highway 192 Separate Montecito’s Mandatory and Voluntary Evac Zones?

County Emergency Managers Start to Explain Their Much-Dissected Decision

County emergency managers start to explain their much-dissected decision.

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In a Move Personal and Political, Dominguez Stripped of SBCAG Appointment

Santa Barbara City Council Continues Early Tradition of Deep Dysfunction

The Santa Barbara City Council continues its early tradition of deep dysfunction.

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DUI Driver Kills Montecito Evacuee

Nicholas Hart was allegedly speeding on a suspended license after two prior DUIs.

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Fatal Shooting of Bryan Carreño Deemed Justified by District Attorney’s Office

Carreño Was Shot 20 Times by Five Deputies

Carreño was shot 20 times by five deputies.

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Climate Change Hits Home in Montecito Disaster

The Cumulative Effects of Drought, Fire, and Flood Reflect the Planet’s New Extreme Weather Regime

The cumulative effects of drought, fire, and flood reflect the planet’s new extreme weather regime.

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County Emergency Managers Issued Contradictory Warnings Before Montecito Mudslides

Evacuation Map and Written Notice Outlined Different Neighborhoods

The evacuation map and written notice outlined different neighborhoods.

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Majority of Montecito Mudslide Victims Were Not Under Mandatory Evacuation Orders

17 of 21 Victims Lived in Areas Only Under Warning

Seventeen of the 21 victims lived in areas only under warning.

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La Casa de Maria Retreat Center Vows to Rebuild After Montecito Disaster

“We will rebuild, and we will be renewed,” said director Steve Jacobsen.

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Satellite Imagery Reveals Overwhelming Extent of Montecito Damage

Before and After Looks at San Ysidro Creek, Knowlwood Tennis Club Neighborhood, and Fernald Point

Before and after looks at San Ysidro Creek, the Knowlwood Tennis Club neighborhood, and Fernald Point.

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Why Did So Few in Montecito Evacuate?

Communicating Danger Before, During Disasters Is a Delicate, Difficult Business

Communicating danger before and during disasters is a delicate and difficult business.

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