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Talya Meyers

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Urban Gardening

South Coast Urban Gardeners Bring Farming Practices to the City

How South Coast urban gardeners bring farming practices to the city.

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What's Happening in the Middle East

A Talk by Saba Soomekh on May 21

Saba Soomekh talks about Saudi Arabia and Iran at Harry's Plaza Café on May 21.

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Scores of Birds, Sea Lions Suffering Likely Domoic Acid Poisoning

Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network Inundated with 216 Sick Birds in April Alone

The Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network has been inundated with 216 sick birds in April alone.

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Santa Barbara Marches for Science

Five Thousand Demonstrators Politely Fight for Facts Under a Post-Truth Administration

Five thousand demonstrators politely fight for facts under a post-truth administration.

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Santa Barbara Prepares to March for Science

Organizers Focusing on Two Pieces of California Legislation

Organizers are focused on supporting two specific pieces of California legislation.