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Iron Chef Caused State Street Pedestrian Death

Famous Chef Larry Forgione Charged with Misdemeanor for Driving Into Gilbert Ramirez

Famous Chef Larry Forgione charged with misdemeanor for driving into Gilbert Ramirez on February 24.

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Irish for the Day

This years St. Patrick Day Stroll is the pot o'gold at the end of the post-showers rainbow

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After Montecito, All the Ways Folks Lending a Helping Hand

Here's How the Community is Contributing and How You Can, Too

Here's how the community is contributing and how you can, too.

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Mission Possible: Thomas Fire and Flood Recovery

A Look at Post-Disaster Efforts So Far, from the Bucket Brigade to Jack Johnson’s Benefit

A look at post-disaster efforts so far, from the Bucket Brigade to Jack Johnson’s benefit show.

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Four Cannabis Companies to Watch

Entrepreneurs of Flowers, Edibles, Vapor Oils, Tinctures, and Homegrown Marijuana Options

Entrepreneurs of flowers, edibles, tinctures, and homegrown marijuana options.

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Welcome to Cannabis Camp

Inside the Medicine and Markets of the Modern Marijuana Industry

Inside the medicine and markets of the modern marijuana industry.

City Bed Tax Rebounds

Increase Attributed to Thomas Fire and Debris Flow Stays

Increase attributed to Thomas Fire and Debris Flow stays.

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Opioid Overdoses Avoided with Naloxone in Santa Barbara County

Victims in Buellton and Isla Vista revived by Sheriff's deputies.

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It’s Time for PuppetPalooza

Four-Day Festival Devoted to the Art of Puppetry Begins

Four-day festival devoted to the art of puppetry kicks off March 1.

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Rev It Up

John Rose picks 'em up, hot off the presses.

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Ciao, Nonna!

From Italy to Santa Barbara, Blaze Manzotti embraces the food, culture and more!

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What Is a Debris Flow?

County flood control engineer Jon Frye explains the rare geological event.

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An Eye on the Wild

Sally Isaacson Begins 'Backyard Wildlife' Column

Sally Isaacson begins 'Backyard Wildlife' column.

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Santa Barbara Filmmakers Take Center Stage

Homegrown Features, Shorts, Short Docs, and Reel Nature Films

Homegrown features, shorts, short docs, and Reel Nature films.

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Bring on the Amazons!

"I could have been looking at all this great art and reading these cool stories!"

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Baby Love

Introducing the newest, and youngest, member of the 'Indy' family!

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On the Menu at Pot Shops

What to Expect When You Walk Into Your First Cannabis Retailer 

What to expect when you walk into your first cannabis retailer. 

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Remembering the Victims of the Montecito Mudslides

Children, Students, Young Adults, Middle-Aged Executives, Landscapers, Well-to-Do Retirees, Immigrants from Near and Far

Children, students, young adults, middle-aged executives, landscapers, well-to-do retirees, immigrants from near and far

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Paper Envoy

Through hell or high-water (literally) father-son duo tackle paper deliveries for Santa Barbara county

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101 Through Santa Barbara to Remain Closed ’til Next Week

Caltrans revises Thursday projection.

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Security Video IDs Burglary Suspect

Three bars broken into early Tuesday morning.

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We ♥ Cats, Too

Cat lovers, rejoice!

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Man Arraigned in Isla Vista Rape

Pled not guilty to sexual assault of drugged victim and kidnap.

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No NYE Bash at Biltmore

Montecito’s Four Seasons Resort Won’t Re-Open Until Later in January

Montecito’s Four Seasons Resort won’t re-open until later in January.

Pre-New Year's DUI Enforcement Actions Planned

Sheriff's Office to conduct 'saturation' patrols.

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Carpinteria Marijuana 'Farm' Burgled

Fifty pounds of pot alleged to have been found on two suspects.

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'Santa Barbara News-Press' Apologizes for Offensive Byline

Holiday prank changed a writer's name and title.

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Always Bee Prepared

This week, we let the photos tell the full story.

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Our Year in Photos 2017

The Santa Barbara Independent’s Annual Visual Review of the Year That Was

The Santa Barbara Independent’s annual visual review of the year that was.

Lunch Will Be Served

Westside and Carpinteria Boys & Girls Clubs have lunch for all.

Carpinteria Post-Fire Meeting Scheduled for Friday

Local, state, and federal reps will answer questions on Thomas Fire losses, with Spanish translation available.

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On the Fire Line

Mike Eliason's close enough to touch it.

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Foodbank Distributions Continue This Week

Free food available to offset financial hardships of Thomas Fire.

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Thomas Fire Sales?

How Can We Help You During This Tough Time?

How can we help you during this tough time?

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Your Thomas Fire Stories

Send Us Personal Tales of Life Aside the Flames

Send us personal tales of life aside the flames.

Mandatory Evacuations for Parts of City of Santa Barbara

Orders Expanded Dramatically Saturday Morning

Saturday morning orders include areas east of Highway 154, north of APS, most of Montecito.

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Thomas Fire Pushes South and West into Montecito Foothills, Triggers Evacuations in Santa Barbara

Gusting Winds Kick up Flames, Voluntary Evacs Extend Through Downtown Santa Barbara

[UPDATE] Gusting winds are kicking up flames, voluntary evacuations are extended into downtown Santa Barbara.

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Trial by Fire

Don't ask our digital editor when the last time he slept was.

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How to Help & Get Help in the Wake of the Thomas Fire

Where You Can Donate to Aid Victims or Get Help Yourself

Where you can donate to aid victims or get help yourself.

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Kids Play Free at La Casa de la Raza

Eastside Institution Offering Indoor Activities and Food This Week

The Eastside institution is offering indoor activities and food this week.

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Evacuations Ordered for Parts of Montecito as Thomas Fire Rages West

Strong Overnight Winds Pushed the Blaze Further West; Carpinteria Buildings Threatened and Burned

UPDATE: 1:35 p.m.: Evac order extends into Montecito; warning extends to parts of Mission Canyon and the Riviera.

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Donations for Those Impacted by the Thomas Fire

Several sites accept and distribute food, clothes, and other goods; FEMA funding approved.

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Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Montecito, Goleta, and Cold Spring Schools All Closed

Thomas Fire threatens Carpinteria and shrouds South Coast in smoke.

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Parades and Pie

Terry and Matt bring the joy.

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A Woman for All Seasons

Gwendolyn Wu is not letting anything stop her pursuit for her future.

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‘Station Eleven’ Essay Winners

‘Indy’ and the Public Library Hold Contest for Santa Barbara Reads

‘Indy’ and the public library hold a writing contest for Santa Barbara Reads.

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Santa Barbara's Local Heroes of 2017

The 'Santa Barbara Independent' Presents Its Annual Ode to Amazing People

The 'Santa Barbara Independent' presents its annual ode to some of the amazing people who make up our community.

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Awesome Oils

The O.G., Laszlo Hodosy.

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Newsmakers | Election Results and the Search for a New Bank

Jerry Roberts, plus Guests Laura Capps, Dale Francisco, Josh Molina, and Kelsey Brugger, Takes on the Week’s News

Jerry Roberts, plus guests Laura Capps, Dale Francisco, Josh Molina, and Kelsey Brugger, takes on the week’s news.

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Thefts of Opportunity Alleged

Students at Santa Barbara Dance Arts targeted.