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Selling Points

Our sales administrator, Madison Chackel, reveals the fuel that runs the Indy.

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Down to a Fine Art

Our creative director, Caitlin Fitch, reflects on her creative process.

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Firefighters Rescue Woman Trapped in Quicksand at East Beach

Hurricane Fabio's High Surf Created Sand Slurry at Santa Barbara Creek Mouth

Hurricane Fabio's high surf created sand slurry at the mouth of Mission Creek.

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Spot Fires Merge into an Acre on Highway 154

Roadside fires extinguished by crews and helicopter water drops.

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Credit Card Skimmers Stopped in Goleta

Two men apprehended after citizen observation at Valero gas station.

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Where’s the Beef?

Our Marketing & Promotions Manager, Emily, tells us about her favorite burger for Burger Week.

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Here Are Santa Barbara's Four Best Meat-Free Burger Options

Plant-Based, Beef-Like Burgers to Find in Santa Barbara

Plant-based, beef-like burgers to find in Santa Barbara.

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Burger Week 2018 Begins

Our Second Annual Celebration of America’s Favorite Food

It’s our second annual celebration of America’s favorite food.

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Police Nab Alleged Solstice Thieves

Two men spotted wearing clothing they reportedly stole the night before.

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County Now Offering Sand-Friendly Wheelchairs for Beach Visits

Reservations are free and made on a first-come, first-served basis.

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D.F. to S.B.

Indy vet returns from her time in Mexico City and adjusts to life in SB once again.

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Alleged Butane Honey Oil Dealer Arrested

Dylan Sulit-Swalley was paroled from Pelican Bay State Prison last year.

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Alleged Apple Thief Pursued

Man Accused of Using a Stolen Credit Card to Buy Thousands of Dollars' Worth of Computer Goods.

Man accused of using a stolen credit card to buy thousands of dollars' worth of computer goods.

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Roll ’Em

Indy intern takes her talents and skills abroad.

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Go Blue & Green in 2018

'Santa Barbara Independent’ Annual Adventure Guide to the Great Outdoors

The “Santa Barbara Independent” annual adventure guide to the great outdoors.

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Armed Robbery of Carpinteria Marijuana Facility

Detectives describe four suspects holding a guard at gunpoint.

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After the Black Dahlia

Meet the author of this week's cover story.

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Santa Barbara's Primary Night Winners: Brown, Gutierrez, Schaffer, Pot Tax, and Measure R

As Expected, Carbajal and Fareed Will Meet Again, in November

Incumbent Salud Carbajal will face off against Justin Fareed (again) in November.

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Live Election Results: Santa Barbara Votes in California's 2018 Primary

Here Are the Latest Election-Night Results and Reactions

[UPDATE: 2:01 p.m.] All county and state precincts have reported their results; final numbers are now available.

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Woman Wanted on Charges of Check Forgery, Elder Abuse

Deanna Lynne Ramirez, 55, wrote bad checks at Home Improvement Center.

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Watch This Live Stream of Some Condor Chicks

Live video of the baby condors is streaming from Hopper Mountain in Ventura County.

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Santa Barbara Fights Hunger with Nutrition, School Lunch Programs

More Than 60,000 County Residents Live in Poverty and Struggle for Their Next Meal

More than 60,000 county residents live in poverty and struggle for their next meal.

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A Story in the Making

Intern Menaka Wilhelm stays busy, whether working on stories or making stained glass and pottery.

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Drop Your Stitches Here

Meet the latest addition to our production team.

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UC Santa Barbara Student Injured in Fall from Roof

Injured while taking photo of friends in Isla Vista.

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Man with Knife Arrested after Lurking in Granada Garage Elevator

Kenneth Riley Jr., 35, was hiding in the elevator and peering outside.

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What We Talk About

Copy intern by day, normalizing sex education by night.

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Attention District 3 Voters

Catch all four candidates in a candid discussion of city issues and personal quirks.

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The Job of Our Jobs Issue

'Indy' veteran reminisces about her many odd jobs just in time for this week's "Workin' It" edition.

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Santa Barbara's District 3 Candidates to Discuss Westside Issues

Oscar Gutierrez, Elizabeth Hunter, Ken Rivas, and Michael Vidal will join the Independent's Tyler Hayden for the Wednesday evening event.

Three Stabbed in Isla Vista Fight

Sheriff's officials asking for public's help to investigate the incident.

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Star Bright

Indy's resident physicist delves into the local art scene.

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Breaking News

Disaster after disaster, our Indy team never relents!

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Celebrating Santa Barbara's Environmental Victories and Anticipating New Challenges

Our Annual Ode to the State of Our Planet

Our annual ode to the state of our planet.

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Driving Dutch

Frank Holguin goes way, way back.

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5.3-Magnitude Earthquake Reported Near Santa Cruz Island

[Update: 2:48 p.m.] Thursday's quake comes 2 days after seismic activity was also recorded near Point Conception

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Storytelling Surfer Girl

Surfer by day, foodie by night, this Indy intern does it all.

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‘J’ Is for Journalism

Indy intern Julia Lee talks representation.

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At the Ready

Graphic design, photography, and videography, what can this viodro

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Iron Chef Caused State Street Pedestrian Death

Famous Chef Larry Forgione Charged with Misdemeanor for Driving Into Gilbert Ramirez

Famous Chef Larry Forgione charged with misdemeanor for driving into Gilbert Ramirez on February 24.

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Irish for the Day

This years St. Patrick Day Stroll is the pot o'gold at the end of the post-showers rainbow

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After Montecito, All the Ways Folks Lending a Helping Hand

Here's How the Community is Contributing and How You Can, Too

Here's how the community is contributing and how you can, too.

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Mission Possible: Thomas Fire and Flood Recovery

A Look at Post-Disaster Efforts So Far, from the Bucket Brigade to Jack Johnson’s Benefit

A look at post-disaster efforts so far, from the Bucket Brigade to Jack Johnson’s benefit show.

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Welcome to Cannabis Camp

Inside the Medicine and Markets of the Modern Marijuana Industry

Inside the medicine and markets of the modern marijuana industry.

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Four Cannabis Companies to Watch

Entrepreneurs of Flowers, Edibles, Vapor Oils, Tinctures, and Homegrown Marijuana Options

Entrepreneurs of flowers, edibles, tinctures, and homegrown marijuana options.

City Bed Tax Rebounds

Increase Attributed to Thomas Fire and Debris Flow Stays

Increase attributed to Thomas Fire and Debris Flow stays.

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Opioid Overdoses Avoided with Naloxone in Santa Barbara County

Victims in Buellton and Isla Vista revived by Sheriff's deputies.

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Rev It Up

John Rose picks 'em up, hot off the presses.

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It’s Time for PuppetPalooza

Four-Day Festival Devoted to the Art of Puppetry Begins

Four-day festival devoted to the art of puppetry kicks off March 1.

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Ciao, Nonna!

From Italy to Santa Barbara, Blaze Manzotti embraces the food, culture and more!