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Glorifying Sex and Tolerating Assault in Isla Vista

A Personal Investigation into Hookup Culture and its Gruesome Consequences

A personal investigation into hookup culture and its gruesome consequences.

Isla Vista Special District Talks Trash

Board Shoots Down Proposal to Take Over the Service

The majority of the board said they first needed to figure out the district's funding sources.

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Experts Opine on Trump’s Impact to Environment

'Don't Be Complacent,' Das Williams Advises

The panel spoke at UCSB about Trump's first 100 days in office.

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Mellow Deltopia Again This Year

Thousands Swarm Del Playa

Thousands swarm Del Playa, with slightly higher citations and injuries, and fewer arrests, compared to 2016.

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New I.V. District Board Snarled in Procedure

Funding, Interns, and Structure Debated Toward Midnight

Funding, interns, and structure debated toward midnight.

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Judge Orders Accused UCSB Student to Return to Campus

University Taking Too Long to Investigate Case in Which Complainant Dropped Charges

University taking too long to investigate case in which complainant dropped charges.

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Protest Over Cottage Hospital's VBAC Ban

Protesters rallied out front of Cottage Hospital on Saturday to argue against the VBAC ban.

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Santa Barbara Ranks Twelfth in Wellness Study

Santa Cruz came in 3rd, and San Luis Obispo ranked 7th in the recent national wellness study.

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Women Speak Out

Over 100 Women, Young and Old, Get Vocal

Over 100 women, young and old, get vocal with the women's commission.

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Bed Bugs on the Rise?

Isla Vista's Habit of Trading Used Furniture Puts It at Greater Risk

Isla Vista's habit of trading used furniture puts it at greater risk.

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