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Defeating the Electoral College Flaws

A Vote Compromise That's Not Going Away

Those of us who want a Democratic president are going to have to do more than just cast our vote.

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Just Because It's Raining

Doesn't Mean Water Worries Are Over

Santa Barbara's water supply is dependent on two increasingly tenuous sources of imported water: the Sierra snowpack and the Colorado River.

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Can Media Save Us from Trump?

It's Worth a Try

Through the media Donald Trump created a persona that took him all the way to the White House.

Another American Genocide

Part 2, The Salmon

Part 2 is focused further south in Alaska in the Bristol Bay watershed where there is yet another potential Trump devastation of a First Nation's traditional culture and way of life.

Another American Genocide

Part One, The Caribou

In a past life I was fortunate enough to have two memorable professional encounters with Native Americans.

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Republicans, What Have You Got To Lose?

Impeachment Is a Certainty After Mueller's Report Is Issued

The release of Robert Mueller's report, a virtual certainty in the 2020 campaign season, will lead to impeachment.

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Too Many People Heating Up the Planet

We've Become Our Own Existential Threat

Population growth has been taboo in relation to discussions of global climate change.

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The Housed and the Homeless and the Commons: Part 2

Learning to Share Requires Leadership

Learning to share requires leadership from governments and funding.

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Life in the Commons with the Homeless Population: Part 1

Human Rights and Human Foibles Present a Challenge

Human rights and human foibles present a housing challenge.

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The Genie Escapes the Bottle

What's Really on the November 6 Ballot

Whether a check will be placed on the official use of hate for political gain by the White House will be decided on November 6

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