Richie DeMaria

Richie DeMaria is a Santa Barbara native who feels very fortunate to be working for the Santa Barbara Independent. He is grateful for the opportunity to write about music, movies, food, the outdoors, and interesting people. He enjoys spending his slim amounts of spare time with family and friends, practicing yoga, hanging at the beach, making music of his own, and escaping to the wilderness. With crownlike appendages, red fins, and a greatly elongated, undulating body, he is also believed to be the origin of many sea serpent tales.

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Dannsair Releases New Album

Also: Shows by Con Brio, Mdou Moctar, Jan Smith

Also: shows by Con Brio, Mdou Moctar, and Jan Smith

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American Sons: Johnny Irion and Jay Farrar

S.B.’s Irion Plays New Material at Lobero with Son Volt Leader

S.B.’s Irion will play new material at the Lobero with the Son Volt leader.

Todd O’Keefe Releases ‘Salvador’

S.B. Alt-Rocker Explores New Song Avenues

The S.B. alt-rocker explores new song avenues on his second release.

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Jamey Geston, Erisy Watt on Welcoming Change

Geston Says,‘Hello, Summer!’; Watt Returns with Hanna Haas and Cheyenne Skye

Geston Says, ‘Hello, Summer!’; Watt returns with Hanna Haas and Cheyenne Skye.

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Meet Mira, S.B.’s Rising R&B Singer

Sweden-Born ‘Shark Whisperer’ Taps into Inner Beast

Sweden-born ‘Shark Whisperer’ taps into her ‘inner beast.’

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Christina Apostolopoulos Hosts Album-Release Show

Daniel Zimmerman Trio, Lukas Nelson Round Out Lovable Show List

Daniel Zimmerman Trio and Lukas Nelson round out a lovable show list.

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Teens Give Gift of Song with Sing It Out

AHA! Concert Features Tina Schlieske and the Graceland Exiles

The AHA! concert features Tina Schlieske and the Graceland Exiles

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Peter Harper's Cycles of Song and Soul

Songwriter/Sculptor/Teacher Preaches Peace at SOhO

The songwriter/sculptor/teacher preaches peace at SOhO.

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Chef's Corner: Sandra Adu Zelli and Brian Dodero

The Chefs Behind the Culinary Creations at Handlebar on De la Vina Street

Meet the chefs behind the culinary creations at Handlebar on De la Vina Street.

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Pvris, The Drums Shake Up State Street

Outer Spaces, Killer Kaya Rock Up Goleta

Outer Spaces and Killer Kaya rock up Goleta.

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