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Malia B.’s Santa Barbara–Made Scents

Sharon Bolton’s Eco-Friendly Perfumes Capture Area’s Natural Aromas

Sharon Bolton’s new, eco-friendly perfumes capture the area’s natural aromas.

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Tone-Up Celebrates 20 Years of Exercise

Suesan Pawlitski’s De la Vina Street Studio Is a Staple of Santa Barbara Fitness

Suesan Pawlitski’s De la Vina Street studio is a staple of Santa Barbara fitness.

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Spinning Creator Brings In-Trinity to Santa Barbara

New Workout Combines Yoga, Martial Arts, and Pilates.

The new workout combines yoga, martial arts, and Pilates.

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Bug Expert Says Don’t Get Stung

David Chang Lecture “Lions, Tigers, and Ticks, Oh My!” on June 5

David Chang lectures about “Lions, Tigers, and Ticks, Oh My!” on June 5 at Cachuma Lake Nature Center.

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Santa Barbara Humane Society Hosts Open House

Free, Family-Friendly Event Will Feature Activities, $5 Vaccinations, and Adoptable Pets

This free, family-friendly event will feature activities, $5 vaccinations, and adoptable pets.

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Women’s Economic Ventures Turns 25

Santa Barbara County Client Business Expo Honors Quarter-Century of WEV.

The Santa Barbara County Client Business Expo honors a quarter-century of WEV.

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Fighting Childbirth Deaths

Arlene Samen Speaks to Girls Inc. About the Plight of Mothers and Newborns on April 4

Arlene Samen speaks to Girls Inc. about the plight of mothers and newborns on April 4.

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Make April Random Acts of Kindness Month

Franklin Elementary Teacher Leon Lewandowski Sparks Grassroots Movement

Franklin Elementary teacher Leon Lewandowski sparks a grassroots movement.

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Slumber Sleeper Lets Families Rest Easy

S.B. Brand Swanling Helps Babies and Parents Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The S.B. brand Swanling is helping babies and parents get a good night’s sleep.

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Vitamin Angels Photographer Talks ‘Dreams for Our Children’

Matt Dayka Discusses Nonprofit’s New Book and Its Goal of Going Out of Business

Matt Dayka discusses nonprofit’s new book and its goal of going out of business.

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