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Trump and Kim Jong Un Walk into a Bar …

Vandenberg at Center of U.S. and North Korea’s Game of Nuclear Chicken

Vandenberg is at the center of the U.S. and North Korea’s game of nuclear chicken.

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Ross Macdonald and Eudora Welty's Love Letters

Correspondences from Another Time

Two brilliant send correspondences from another time.

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Big Money Already Blowing in City Races

Angel Martinez and Gregg Hart Lead Their Packs

Angel Martinez and Gregg Hart lead their respective packs.

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Carbajal Joins Bipartisan 'Problem Solvers' Caucus

Members Addressing Issues with Affordable Care Act

Its 42 members are addressing issues with the Affordable Care Act.

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Santa Barbara’s Fiesta Egg Smash

Cascarón Folk Art: A Unique Celebration of Eggs and Confetti

The unique celebration of eggs and confetti and the folk artists who make it all happen

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Simmering Tensions Roil Old Spanish Days

Ain’t No Unity in the Community

There ain’t no unity in the community.

Elderly Man Commits Suicide in Motel 6 Parking Lot

The 82-year-old was reportedly resistant to entering a care facility.

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City Approves Two Big Redevelopments

Projects are part of the high-density housing program.

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Bendy White Joins Mayoral Race

Just Hours After Announcing, He Leads Anti-Oil Resolution

Just hours after announcing, he led an anti-oil resolution at the council.

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Mass Evictions Anticipated Because of Trump Cuts

Section 8 Housing Vouchers at Risk in Trump Budget

Section 8 housing vouchers at risk in trump budget.

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Police Chief Gives, Receives Glowing Reports

Crime Is Down, Hiring Is Up

Crime is down and hiring is up.

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Granny Flat Applications Explode

The Number Has Tripled Since May

The number has tripled since May.

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Melchiori Fraud and Embezzlement Trial Begins

He Faces a Maximum of 47 Years in Prison

He faces a maximum of 47 years in prison.

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EDC, Channelkeeper Win Key Decision Against Feds on Fracking

Groups Demanding More Environmental Review

The groups are demanding more environmental review before permits are issued.

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Jackson, Limón on Opposite Sides of Cap-and-Trade Vote

Governor Gets Landmark Emissions Bill Passed

Governor Jerry Brown gets his landmark emissions bill passed.

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Tic-Tac-Toe Cleavage

Female Body Parts, Health Repeal, and Republican Death Wish

Female body parts, health repeal, and the Republican death wish.

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Whittier Fire Grows Modestly Saturday Night

Sundowner Winds a Nonevent

Dry high heat forecast for Sunday.

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Saturday Night on Whittier Fire Line

1,900 on Hand for Fire Fight; Bump of 300 from Earlier in Day

Fire-fight personnel number 1,900; bump of 300 from earlier in the day.

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Circle V Evacuation and Rescue Details Released

Whittier Fire Stranded 82 at Children's Away Camp

Whittier Fire stranded 82 at children's away campsite.

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Whittier Fire Grows by 3,300 Acres Friday Night

Containment Drops from 52 to 38 Percent

Containment drops from 52 to 38 percent.

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Firefighters Launch Night Attack on Whittier Fire

Sundowners Winds, 30 mph, Predicted

Will try to hold Whittier at bay despite 30mph Sundowners winds predicted.

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Whittier Fire Expected to Move Downslope Tonight

Evacuation Orders Go Out to Avoid Conflicts

Evacuation orders go out now to avoid conflicts on the roads later.

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Running for Mayor?

Let Us Count the Ways

Five declared in Santa Barbara mayor's race; council districts each have a pair of contestants.

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‘Sprinters’ Caught in Cross Fire of City RV Crackdown

Chamber of Commerce and Homeless Advocate Find Selves on Same Side of Issue

Chamber of Commerce and homeless advocate find selves on same side of issue.

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The New Normal: California Forest Fires Have Doubled in Size

This Year 3,449 Wildfires Have Already Consumed 92,439 Acres

This year 3,449 wildfires have already consumed 92,439 acres in the state.

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Carrizo Plain on Chopping Block?

Western Caucus 17 Have Plans for 'Rich Fossil Fuel Basins'

Western Caucus 17 have plans for 'rich fossil fuel basins.'

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Sailboat Capsizes, Owner Dies

Sunday incident off Santa Barbara Harbor brings waterfront deaths to three.

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Downtown Shuttle Demand Drops

Street Congestion Contributing to Lagging Ridership

Street congestion is contributing to lagging ridership.

Bronx Hospital Shooter Has Santa Barbara Ties

He declared bankruptcy here in 2006.

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‘The Exception’

Even Christopher Plummer Can’t Save this Film

Even Christopher Plummer can’t save this film; check out reruns of Hogan’s Heroes instead.

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County Sees Cash in Booming Pot Trade

But Some Neighbors See Big Trouble

But some neighbors see big trouble.

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Tony Romasanta, Santa Barbara Developer, Bows Out

Longtime Mover and Shaker Moves On

Longtime mover and shaker moves on.

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Body of Missing Boy Found Near Lake Cachuma

His father, Aramazd Andressian, has been charged with murder.

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Limón Feeling Serious Heat Over Single-Payer Vote

She Sided with Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon to Pull the Bill

She sided with Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon to pull the bill.

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Montecito Mansion Opposed

Montecito Neighbor Objects the Planned 12,000-Square-Foot Estate Will Block His Views

A Montecito neighbor objects the planned 12,000-square-foot estate will block his views.

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Grand Jury Quietly Lauds Jail Improvements

Progress Has Been Made to Better Treat the Mentally Ill

Progress has been made to better treat the mentally ill.

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Tanning Salons and Four-Hour Erections

Poodle Makes (Some) Sense of GOP Health Care Non-Vote

The Poodle makes (some) sense of the GOP health-care non-vote.

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Was the McDonald’s Logo Made in Santa Barbara?

Sculptor and Illustrator Bud Bottoms Recalls His Quick Contract with Brothers Dick and Mac McDonald

Sculptor and illustrator Bud Bottoms recalls his quick contract with brothers Dick and Mac McDonald.

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Iraq War Veteran Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

Eddie Van Tassel Accused of Binding Puppy's Muzzle and Legs with Rubber Bands

Eddie Van Tassel is accused of binding his puppy's muzzle and legs with rubber bands.

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UCSB Leads Charge for Santa Barbara Bike-Sharing

New Study Says Program Could Be Launched Within the Year

A new study says the program could be launched within the year.

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Electric Bikes Let You Zoom Uphill

They Don’t Defy Gravity, but They Definitely Fight Back

I cackled with disbelief as I zoomed up the steep Flora Vista Drive at a blistering 17 miles an hour.

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Triple Homicide Collides with Second Amendment

Riffing on Silencers, Baseball, Congress, and Rage-a-holics with Guns

The Poodle riffs on silencers, baseball, Congress, and rage-a-holics with guns.

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News Commentary: Is That a Silencer in Your Pocket?

Or Are You Just Glad to See Me? Reflecting on Baseball, Congress, and Rage-a-holics with Guns

Or are you just glad to see me? Reflecting on baseball, Congress, and rage-a-holics with guns.

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Trash Wars Flare Up

City Balks at Pending Rate Increase as Landfill Expansion Plan Stalls

City balks at a pending rate increase as the landfill expansion plan stalls.

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Blue and Green 2017

Our Annual Ode to the Great Outdoors

Our annual ode to the great outdoors.

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Carrizo Plain: The American Serengeti

National Monument Is Small but Significant Remnant of Great Grasslands

National Monument qualifies as a small but significant remnant of what was once one of the world’s great grasslands.

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State Street Vacancy Solutions Sought

Retail Consultants Say Downtown Corridor Caters Too Much to Tourists

Retail consultants say the downtown corridor caters too much to tourists.

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The Rooskies Are Coming

Poodle Riffs on Jeff Sessions, Oliver Stone, and Visiting Russians

The Poodle riffs on Jeff Sessions, Oliver Stone, and visiting Russians.

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Carbajal Tells Zinke to Respect Carrizo Plain

Worries abound over the fate of nature preserves across the country.

Low-Income Housing Grows

Turner Foundation Cuts Ribbon on Seven New Units

Turner Foundation cuts ribbon on seven new units.