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Unions Win Big in City Construction Showdown

Contractors Accuse Councilmembers of Being Bought and Paid For

Contractors accuse councilmembers of being bought and paid for.

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News Commentary: Death Penalty Shouts and Whispers

Governor's Reprieve Has Little Effect in Santa Barbara

Governor's reprieve has little effect in Santa Barbara, except in the Han case.

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Affordable Housing Proposal Rejected

Planning Commission Votes Against Below-Market Rate Requirements

Planning Commission votes against below-market rate requirements.

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City Removing State Street Fountains

Officials Say They Attract Homeless People and Nuisance Crime

Officials say they attract homeless people and nuisance crime.

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Three-Strike Lifer Gets Early Release for 'Meritorious Conduct'

Brenda Ross Was Originally Sentenced for Trying to Stab a Pregnant Woman In the Stomach

Brenda Ross was originally sentenced for trying to stab a pregnant woman in the stomach.

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In Battle of Hoop Houses, Cannabis Wins

Tensions Between Wine and Weed Bubble Over in Santa Ynez Valley

Tensions between wine and weed bubble over in Santa Ynez Valley.

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Farmer's Market Not Happy Yet

De la Guerra Plaza May Not Work As a New Home, Leaders Say

De la Guerra Plaza may not work as a new home, leaders say.

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What Do You Want De la Guerra Plaza to Look Like?

Special planning workshop this Saturday afternoon.

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Progress Made in 'Scooter Summit'

Mobility Experts Convene at Faulkner Gallery

Mobility experts convene at Faulkner Gallery.

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Plug Pulled on Highly Effective Mental-Health Program

Staffing Shortage Dooms Pilot Program that Found Weapons Cache

Staffing shortage dooms pilot program that found weapons cache.

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Latest Homeless Death Figures Released

Between 2014 and 2017, 160 Homeless People Dies Prematurely

Between 2014 and 2017, 160 homeless individuals died prematurely in Santa Barbara County.

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Sears Replaced with Housing?

Owns List Property For Sale and Say It Could Be Developed with 546 Units

Owners list property for sale and say it could be developed with 546 units.

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Billionaires Bezos and Barrack Sighted in Santa Barbara?

All Roads Lead Downtown, Creating Huge Traffic Problems

All roads lead downtown, creating huge traffic problems.

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Pop-Up Shelters Get More Funding

Cold Weather Strains Homeless Services

Cold weather and rains strain homeless services.

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Judge Affirms Public Right to Know in Dirty Cop Cases

Challenge to New State Law Rejected by Judge Thomas Anderle

Deputies' challenge to new state law rejected by Judge Thomas Anderle.

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Emergency Management Director to Retire

County OEM Director Rob Lewin to Leave Post in May

County OEM Director Rob Lewin to leave post in May.

Weapons Cache Found by Mental Health Law Enforcement Team

A potentially suicidal 27-year-old Santa Barbara city resident had a collection of 16 weapons.

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Santa Barbara County Joins Fray in Suing Big Opioid

Purdue and Other Pharmaceutical Companies Sued, but Not by Donald Trump

Santa Barbara County joins 1,500 other lawsuits against opioid manufacturing companies, but the United States stays out of the fray.

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The Glorious DKG Comes to Santa Barbara

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin Talks Trump, ‘Leadership: In Turbulent Times,’ and Dead Presidents

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin talks Trump, “Leadership: In Turbulent Times,” and dead presidents.

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Are We Out of the Drought?

Lake Cachuma Now Almost 60 Percent Full

With the recent rains, Lake Cachuma is now almost 60 percent full.

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Regional Control in Crosshairs in State Housing Crisis

Key Reform Would Require 'Objective Design Review' Standards

Key reform would require "objective design review" standards.

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County Crude Report Highlights Greka, Plains, and Other Spills

Three Major Onshore Projects Are Now Up for Consideration

Three major onshore projects are now up for consideration.

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Carbajal Joins Bill Protecting National Monuments

It would give Congress, not the president, the power to redraw boundaries.

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$20 Million Makeover for Paseo Nuevo Mall

Owners Pledge to Install Fire Pits, Bocce Ball Court

The owners pledge to install fire pits and a bocce ball court.

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Scooters Threaten Santa Barbara’s Civic Tranquility with Too Much Fun

A Fad, a Craze, or the Future?

Are e-scooters a fad, a craze, or the future?

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Council Appoints Meagan Harmon to District 6 Seat

Political Newcomer Beats Out Crowded Field

The political newcomer beat out a crowded field of veterans and hopefuls.

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Cannabis Cops Raid Carpinteria Grow Operation

It was located right near Carpinteria High School

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Attacking Death with Vision Zero and Cans of Paint

City of Santa Barbara restripes road to increase safety by reducing speeds.

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Santa Barbara City Council Applicants Vie for One Empty Seat

District 6 Appointment Will Be Made February 12

Appointment of one from among 10 for District 6 will be made February 12.

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Tempers Flare at County Cannabis Confab

Growers Clash with Concerned Carpinterians Group and Wine-Industry Reps

Growers clash with Concerned Carpinterians group and wine-industry reps.

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Cannabis and Its Discontents in Santa Barbara County

The Battle of the Buzz: Pot Industry Under Fire in Carpinteria and Santa Ynez

The Battle of the Buzz sets the pot industry against Carpinteria and Santa Ynez residents.

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'Dude, Where's My Water,' Montecito Asks

Montecito and City of Santa Barbara Close to Desal Contract

Montecito close to contract with City of Santa Barbara for desalinated water.

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A Dozen Contend for Hart's Seat

District 6 post on Santa Barbara City Council will be won by appointment.

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American Crossroads Trio at the Lobero

David Hidalgo, David Bromberg, and Larry Campbell Electrify Audience

David Hidalgo, David Bromberg, and Larry Campbell electrified the audience with their acoustic songs.

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Sears Out at La Cumbre; Is Amazon In on State?

Loss of Sears Creates Another Gaping Hole in Santa Barbara's Porous Retail Scene

The loss of Sears creates yet another gaping hole in Santa Barbara’s porous retail scene.

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Lost & Found: The Tale of a Light-Blue Road Bike

Author Reflects on Stolen Bicycle, Small Miracle of Its Return

Author reflects on stolen bicycle and the small miracle of its return.

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Man Convicted of Kidnapping and Rape

Khalil Byers faces 51 years to life in prison.

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Major Changes for Bohnett Park, Mission Canyon Bridge?

Two Big Proposals Are Working Through City Hall

Two big proposals are working their way through City Hall.

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Despite Bankruptcy Threat, PG&E Progressing with Diablo Shutdown

Utility Insists It Has the Necessary $3.2 Billion in Funds

The utility insists it has the necessary $3.2 billion in funds.

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Santa Barbara’s 1969 Oil Spill Reverberates Today

Fifty Years after the Platform A Blowout, Activists Are Still in the Fight

The catastrophic oil spill of 1969 still reverberates over environmental battles today.

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Plains Pipeline Tries to Dodge Felony Conviction for 2015 Oil Spill

Oil Industry Tries to Insinuate Self Back into Santa Barbara’s Good Books

Fifty years after Santa Barbara’s worst oil spill, Plains Pipeline tries to escape the first felony conviction for an oil spill off the Refugio coast.

Eric Nickel Sworn In as City Fire Chief

He's already working on a wildland fire management plan.

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Santa Barbara Struggles to Adapt to Sea-Level Rise

Can City Hall Find a Way to Save Beaches and Property Before It’s Too Late?

The City of Santa Barbara struggles to adapt to rising sea levels and save beaches and property.

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City Takes on Cannabis Kings and Red Tag Bandits

Will Elected Officials Allow Developers to Do Whatever They Want for a Small Fee?

Cannabis kings face city councilmembers for ignoring red tags and allegedly lying on applications.

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Jackson Blisters PG&E over Bankruptcy Threat

She has little desire to save the utility from 'falling into the abyss.'

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Will the Saturday Farmers Market Move to De la Guerra Plaza?

City Council Votes to Gauge Public Interest

The City Council votes to gauge public interest in the idea.

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Saving Downtown Santa Barbara with Consultants

City Hires Private Firm to Craft Strategic Plan

City Hall hires a private firm to craft a strategic plan.

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Orcutt Killing Autopsy Results: Grim and Grimmer

Coroner's report states three victims stabbed and beaten with a sledgehammer.

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The Marc Sells for $56 Million

Development Catered to Upper Middle Class

First density development in Santa Barbara in decades catered to upper middle class.

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Pot Busts: Booking Them Softly

'Very Nice People' Charged with Falsifying Cannabis Grow Dates

'Very nice people' falsified cannabis grow dates, prosecutor Lee Carter charges.