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News Commentary: Ribbon Cutting Is Not As Easy As It Looks

New Eastside Bridge Culminates Years of Struggle

Grand opening for new Eastside bridge conveys a tingle of progress.

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Santa Barbara Rental Prices Have Skyrocketed Over the Last Five Years

Average Monthly Rent for a Studio Is Up $400 Since 2013

The average rent for a South Coast studio is $1,553.

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City Water Use Hits 1958 Levels

Revenue Close to Falling Short of Expenses

Population was twice today's; revenue close to falling short of expenses.

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City Hall Raises the Stakes Against Landlord Dario Pini

Council Approves Additional $375K in Protracted Enforcement

The City Council has approved upward of $375,000 for additional enforcement.

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Is Nicolas Holzer Sane Enough to Be Found Guilty of Murder?

Trial Starts May 30 in Santa Barbara Superior Court

The trial starts May 30 in Judge Brian Hill’s courtroom.

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Stoker to Be Sworn In to EPA Job

Former Santa Barbara County supervisor confirms his appointment as regional head of Environmental Protection Agency.

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Governor Brown Announces Property-Tax Backfill for Counties Impacted by Disaster

Initial Reports Indicate $11M Between Four Counties

Early reports indicate that four Southern California counties may share $11 million.

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Temporary Psychiatrists Fill Mental Health Void

County Responds to Nationwide Shortage

Santa Barbara Country is feeling effects of nationwide shortage.

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Cannabis Grower Appointed to County Ag Board

Santa Barbara Weed Industry Awash in Political Connections and Too Much Product

Cannabis grower John Sherman De Friel has been appointed to the county’s Agricultural Advisory Commission.

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Refugio Oil Spill Focus of Criminal Trial

Courtroom Showdown Over Plains Pipeline Rupture Gets Underway

Open arguments were presented Monday on the pipeline rupture.

Student Found Dead near Harbor

High school teenager victim of apparent suicide.

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News Commentary: Lamentations for a Latte

Peet’s Getting Ready to Close Doors on State Street Digs

Peet’s getting ready to close its doors on lower State Street digs.

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City of Santa Barbara Approves Historic Granny Flat Ordinance

Council Votes Before State Law Forces Hand

Council green-lights auxiliary dwelling units citywide, except in extreme-fire-hazard zones.

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Spike in Valley Fever Not Related to Disasters

County Health Officials Rule Out Thomas Fire and Floods

County health official said recent uptick came before this winter's fire and floods.

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John Perlin Rediscovers Feminist Crusader Who Discovered Climate Change

Who the Hell Is Eunice Foote and Why Should We Care?

John Perlin reveals how scientist and feminist crusader Eunice Foote first discovered the causes of climate change and how another scientist, John Tyndall, stole her work.

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Cannabis Tax Faces Little Formal Opposition in Santa Barbara County

Measure T Could Bring in Upward of $25 Million

Revenue from Measure T could be used to enforce against the illegal market.

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Cannabis Grows Allowed on Santa Barbara's Protected Ag Land

Santa Barbara County Supervisors Vote 3-2

Santa Barbara County Supervisors vote 3-2 in favor.

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Mental Illness and Jail Diversion in Santa Barbara

Sheriff Brown Makes His Case as Supervisors Face Budget Crunch

Will Sheriff Brown’s $135-million intervention program survive budget cuts?

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County Leaders Tackle the Hard Facts of Montecito’s Future

Unstable Mountains Remain Dangerous

A recent gathering of scientists and emergency personnel produced hard facts about the unstable mountains.

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La Casa de la Raza’s Death Rattle Continues

Attorneys Discuss Sale with Community Activists

Attorneys met with activists as the matter returns to bankruptcy court.

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Mike Stoker About to Be Appointed West Coast Czar of EPA

Anti-Environmental Crusader Slated to Get High-Ranking Federal Post

The anti-environmental crusader is slated to get the high-ranking federal post.

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Fareed Opts for No Candidate Statement in Congressional Race

Operatives Say the $8,000 Better Spent Microtargeting Voters

Political operative have advised the candidate to micro-target potential voters.

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Will the Lights Go Out at La Casa de la Raza? 

Bankrupt Community Center Up for Sale, or Not

As boardmembers move to sell the building, its owner says no way.

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Searching for Ryan Zinke and the Giant Kangaroo Rat on the Carrizo Plain

Interior Secretary Approves First New Oil Well on a National Monument

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke approves the first new oil well ever allowed at any national monument on the Carrizo Plain.

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Judge Rules Pini Tenants ‘Substantially Endangered’

Seven Downtown Santa Barbara Properties Ordered into Receivership

A court-ordered receiver will oversee rehabilitation of seven substandard downtown properties.

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Push Comes to Shove Between Law Enforcement and Mental Health

County Supes Confront Too Many Needs with Not Enough Money

County supervisors confront too many needs with not enough money.

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County Accountant Pleads Guilty to Embezzling $2 Million

Forensic Audit Discovers Almost 300 False Invoices Filed over Nine Years

Forensic audit discovers almost 300 false invoices filed over nine years.

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Sheriff Brown Wins Endorsement from Governor, Feinstein

Incumbent Faces Challenges from Two Lieutenants

The incumbent is facing challenges from two of his lieutenants.

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The Cost of Santa Barbara Superior Court's ‘Culture of Delay’

Supervisors Taking Hard Look at the County Budget

The supervisors are in the middle of complex budgetary talks.

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Ambassador Joe Wilson on Trump’s Pardoning of Scooter Libby

Bush Lied, Cheney Lied, Libby Lied, and the War Goes On and On

Ambassador Joe Wilson talks about Trump’s pardoning of Scooter Libby and the lies

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Casmalia Superfund Site Draws Renewed EPA Focus

Toxic Waste Site Closed in 1989

The toxic waste site was closed in 1989.

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Arts Festivals Still Reeling from Fire and Flood

PuppetPalooza Struggles to Pay Vendors and Creditors

PuppetPalooza is struggling to pay its vendors and creditors.

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School Chief Plays Poker with Sacramento Over Armory

State, Santa Barbara Can't Agree on the Property's Price Tag

The state and Santa Barbara can't agree on the property's price tag.

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A Convicted Fraudster Was Released and Then Un-Released from Soledad Prison

The Story of David Lack and Proposition 57

This is the story of David Lack and Proposition 57.

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Nearly Three Years After Refugio Oil Spill, Plains All American Trial Begins

Pipeline Company Faces 15 Criminal Counts from the 2015 Spill

Pipeline company faces 15 criminal counts from the 2015 spill.

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Invasion of Privacy Lawsuit Against Sheriff's Deputy Moves Forward

Judge Rules For Access to Deputy's Personnel Records

Judge Geck will allow plaintiff to access deputy's personnel records.

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Funding Sought for Expanded Mental Health Training

Advocates Seek Full-Time Position and "Co-Response" Team

$350,000 from county coffers could fund a more robust program.

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Scott Pruitt Declares War on California; California Declares War Back

EPA Administrator Faces Extreme Events, from Condos to Conflicts of Interest Most Odiferous

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt faces extreme events, from condos to conflicts of interest most odiferous.

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Montecito Water District Responds to Lawsuit Allegations

District Contends Ruptured Lines Did Not Contribute Meaningfully to 1/9 Flooding

The water district contends its ruptured waterlines did not contribute meaningfully to 1/9 flooding.

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Assemblymember Limón Gets Emergency Psychiatric Measure Signed

Ventura’s Vista del Mar Psychiatric Hospital Can Operate in Temporary Location

Destroyed by the Thomas Fire, Ventura’s Vista del Mar psychiatric hospital to open temporary location.

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Cottage Health Offers Natural-Disaster Therapy Sessions

Free Program Open to Anybody Traumatized by Recent Fire, Flood

The free 90-minute group sessions are open to anybody traumatized by recent wildfire and mudslides.

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Family Sues Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office for Wrongful Death

Bryan Carreño Was Shot 20 Times by Five Deputies

Five deputies shot Bryan Carreño 20 times.

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Gun Restraining Order Used 20 Times in Santa Barbara County

Only Los Angeles County Used Order More Frequently

Only Los Angeles County used the order more frequently.

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Jane Gore Burns Up the Pavement with Authority and Abandon

Meet One of Santa Barbara's Last Remaining Pedicab Drivers

Meet one of Santa Barbara's last remaining pedicab drivers.

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Both Sides Draw Blood in Dario Pini Trial

City Hall Clashes with Landlord Attorneys over Receivership

The courtroom drama opened with questions about who should have control over how many properties.

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Commuter Train from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara Is Really Coming

Alt Transportation Experts Flummoxed as Sanity Strikes

Commuter train arriving in Santa Barbara surprises everyone with unexpected sanity.

Defying the Odds, Book Den Celebrates 85th Anniversary

Downtown Store Has Survived the Depression, Chain Bookstores, and the Internet

The downtown store has survived the Depression, chain bookstores, and the Internet

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Mandatory Evacuation Called for Fire Zones in Santa Barbara County

Heavy rains expected Tuesday-Thursday; debris flows feared.

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Santa Barbara Real Estate’s New Gold Rush

Head Scratching Over Granny Flats Begins to Draw Blood

The city’s Ordinance Committee deliberated full-blown granny flats and “Junior ADUs.”

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Justin Fareed Retracts Nazi-Collaborator Charges

Fundraising Material Focused on Son of George Soros

The congressional candidate’s fundraising against incumbent Salud Carbajal linked Soros family unfavorably to the Holocaust.