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Santa Barbara's Drought Upgraded from ‘Moderate’ to ‘Severe’

The County Is Among the Driest Statewide

Southern California is recording yet another one of its hottest, driest winters ever.

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What’s to Become of Macy’s on Lower State Street?

Paseo Nuevo Owners Purchase Downtown Santa Barbara Building

Rents for retail spaces downtown are reportedly dropping.

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Santa Barbara Police Department Proposes Mental Health Detail

Medical Professionals Would Engage the Chronically Homeless

Medical professionals would engage the chronically homeless.

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Trump, Zinke Seek to Foul Santa Barbara’s Nest

President, Secretary of the Interior, and Santa Barbara’s Late, Great Oil Spill

The president, Secretary of the Interior, and Santa Barbara’s late, great oil spill of 1969.

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Hospice of Santa Barbara Steps Up Intake and Counselors

Grief and Stress Still Very Much Present, Weeks After Disaster

It takes much longer than a few weeks to overcome grief and stress in the wake of disaster.

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California Insurance Commissioner Promises Action for Fire and Flood Victims

Elected Official Dave Jones’ Office Provides Advocates and Mediation

Homeowners having troubles with insurance companies can get free help from state officials.

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New Bike Lane Runs Along Cota Street

Connects Milpas to Chapala

Lauded for safety features and wideness, the new route connects Milpas to Chapala.

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Dario Pini’s Lawyer Questions Validity of Inspections

Court Case Continues, Attorneys Dispute Number of Infractions

Attorneys for the embattled landlord dispute the number of infractions in city’s report.

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A Professor Explains the Geology Behind the Montecito Disaster

Ed Keller Walks Us Through What Caused the Violent Mudslides in Santa Barbara County

Ed Keller walks us through what caused the violent mudslides in Santa Barbara County.

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Allan Ghitterman Dies

The tough but approachable attorney was 93.

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Santa Barbara's Drought Never Left

When Bad News Is Good News

When bad news is good news.

Los Angeles Philharmonic Delivers the Goods

Joseph Pereira Stole Show with Semi-Improvisational Percussion Piece

Joseph Pereira, the in-house percussionist for the L.A. Philharmonic, stole the show with semi-improvisational piece.

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Cooked, Steamed, and Half-Baked: Trump’s Speech Regurgitated

President’s One-Handed Salute and Other Adventures in Onanism

The president’s one-handed salute and other adventures in onanism.

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Major Shake-Up at the ‘News-Press’

Editor Don Katich steps down; writer Scott Steepleton now reportedly in charge.

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Director Casey McGarry and Producer Chris Price

Short doc on the Santa Barbara business of making confetti-filled eggs for Fiesta.

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Montecito Repopulates This Weekend

Bucket Brigade of Volunteers Poised to Dig Community Out of Mud

Bucket brigade of volunteers poised to dig community out of mud.

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After Explosive Encounters with Councilmembers, Downtown Organization Director Resigns

Maggie Campbell's Relationship with City Hall Was Tense for Much of Her Four Years

Maggie Campbell's relationship with City Hall was tense for much of her four years in Santa Barbara.

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City and County Talk Pot Taxes

Set at 6 Percent Retail in City; County Goes to a Vote

Set at 6 percent retail in city; county goes to a vote.

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Santa Barbara's Westside Council Seat Will Go to Voters in June

In the Meantime, 3-3 Deadlocks are Guaranteed

In the meantime, 3-3 deadlocks are guaranteed.

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Dog Bites Council; Council Bites Self

With Tuesday’s Decision to Fill 3rd District Seat by District Election, Expect a Whole Lot of Nothing Getting Done Until June

With Tuesday’s decision to fill the 3rd District seat by district election, expect a whole lot of nothing getting done until June.

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Highway 101 Reopens as Army Corps of Engineers Clears Creek Channels

Storm Debris Hauled Away at a Rate of 500 Truckloads a Day

Storm debris is being hauled away at a rate of 500 truckloads a day.

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Latest Victim Highlights Uneven Flood Impact on Montecito Immigrant Families

Help Offered to Undocumented Residents; Governor Orders Flags at Half-Mast

Help is being offered to undocumented residents as the governor orders flags at half-mast.

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‘The Post’ Defends the Fourth Estate in Heroic Thriller

Fascinating Story Even Steven Spielberg Can’t Ruin

The story is so interesting that not even Steven Spielberg can ruin it.

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FEMA Approves Individual Assistance for Thomas Fire, Montecito Mudslide Victims

Carbajal Successfully Appeals a Previous Decision to Deny It

Carbajal successfully appealed a previous decision to dent it.

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Epstein Gets Key Endorsement from Wolf in Race for 2nd District

Outgoing Supervisor Endorses in What Is Still a Single-Horse Race

Outgoing supervisor endorses in what is still a single-horse race.

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Death Toll Approaches 23 in the Worst Disaster in Santa Barbara History

Tracing the History and Coping with the Reality of 20 Lost and Three Still Missing

Tracing the history and coping with the reality of 20 lost and three still missing.

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Montecito Water District Sued for Mudslides

Downtown Biz Owner Sues Edison for Thomas Fire

Downtown business owner sues Edison for Thomas Fire.

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Emergency Doctor Urges Patience after Montecito Disaster

Cottage Medical Director Dr. Brett Wilson Warns Impacts Will Be Significant and Long-Lasting

Cottage medical director Dr. Brett Wilson warns impacts will be significant and long-lasting.

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Search Dogs Comb Hills of Montecito for Survivors and Remains

With at Least Three People Still Unaccounted for, 13 More Canines Assigned to Mudslide Rescue and Recovery Efforts

With at least three people still unaccounted for, 13 more canines have been assigned to mudslide rescue and recovery efforts in the past two days.

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Amid Unprecedented Emergency Response, Future Remains Uncertain After Montecito Mudslides

Death Toll Climbs to 18

The death toll climbs to 18.

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Stories of Heroism, Heartbreak Emerge from Montecito Mudslides

17 People Killed and 100 Homes Destroyed in Post-Thomas Fire Disaster

Seventeen people were killed and 100 homes were destroyed in the post-Thomas Fire disaster.

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Climate Change According to Al Gore

Al Gore Talks Climate Change in Santa Barbara

Al Gore talks climate change in Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara County Sues Plains Pipeline Over Refugio Oil Spill

Claim Cites $13 Million in Lost Property Values

The claim cites $13 million in lost property values.

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Death Total in Montecito Mudslides Climbs to 17

Agencies Statewide Send Searchers for Survivers

Help in search for survivors arrives from Ventura, San Luis Obispo, and Los Angeles counties and National Guard.

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Murillo Sworn In as Santa Barbara Mayor

New Council Starts Sweet Then Veers Sour

The new council started sweet, but then veered sour.

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Officials Double Down on Rescue Efforts in Wake of Montecito Mudslide

'Public Safety Exclusion Zone' Declared to Reduce Rescue-Area Congestion; Corrected Death Toll Stands at 15

A 'Public Safety Exclusion Zone' has been declared to reduce rescue-area congestion; the corrected death toll stands at 15.

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13 Deaths Now Confirmed After Tuesday-Morning Mudslides

[UPDATE, Jan. 9, 6:11 p.m.] “Very bad” damage reported to main water pipeline supplying Montecito and Carpinteria.

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Dozens Remain Trapped by Montecito Mudslides

Bodies Recovered from Butterfly Beach, Olive Mill Road, Channel Drive Off-Ramp

Bodies have been recovered from Butterfly Beach, Olive Mill Road, and the Channel Drive off-ramp.

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Five Fatalities Confirmed After Mudslides Engulf Montecito, Carpinteria, Shut Down Highway 101

[UPDATE, 10:50 a.m.] More heavy rain imminent. Violent rainfall overnight let loose a giant milkshake of mud and rocks beyond evacuation zones.

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Flu Kills Eight Santa Barbara Residents in Two Weeks

Numbers 'Unprecedented' for Past Ten Years, Says Public Health Director

The numbers are "unprecedented" for the past ten years, says the county's public health director.

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'Cash Mob' to Descend on State Street

First of 8 Pop-Up Events Will Gather Saturday Afternoon for Serious Retail Therapy

First of eight pop-up events will gather Saturday afternoon for serious retail therapy.

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Trump Proposes New Offshore Oil Development

Santa Barbara Channel in Play for First Time Since 1984

Santa Barbara Channel in play for first time since 1984.

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A Squandered Opportunity with Ryan Zinke

Poodle Has Chance to Confront Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Blows It

Poodle has a chance to confront Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and blows it.

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Year in Review: Nick Welsh’s Favorite Stories of 2017

Executive Editor Nick Welsh Picks ‘Just a Few’ of His Favorite Articles from the Past Year

Executive Editor Nick Welsh picks “just a few” of his favorite articles from the past year.

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‘G’ is for Sue Grafton

Send Us Your Favorite Kinsey Millhone Passages About Santa Barbara

Send us your favorite Kinsey Millhone passages about Santa Barbara.

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Cottage Fined $100,000 for Failing to Stop Suicide

Lack of Space for Psych Patients, Failure in Communication Contributed to Death of 93-Year-Old Minister

A lack of space for psych patients and a failure in communication contributed to the death of the 93-year-old minister.

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California's Largest Fire Cooling Down

Thomas Fire Surpassed Cedar Fire in Size and Grew Some More

Thomas Fire surpassed Cedar Fire in size and grew some more.

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Riding Along with Chief Pat McElroy, Surveying the Thomas Fire Damage

Retiring City of Santa Barbara Fire Chief Takes Us for a Ride

The retiring City of Santa Barbara fire chief takes us for a ride.

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Yule Dogs Roasting on the Thomas Fire

To All You Ash Kickers, Many Thanks

The Poodle thanks all the firefighters who worked to contain the Thomas Fire.

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The Thomas Fire and the Rise of Massive Wildfires

Thomas Fire Is Just Latest Megafire, Which Spark Renewed Interest in Prescribed Burns

The Thomas Fire is just the latest megafire, which spark renewed interest in prescribed burns.