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Saturday Morning Brings Greater Containment and Fewer Evacuations Around the Thomas Fire

Some Evacuations Lifted in Carpinteria; Containment Climbs to 15 Percent

Some evacuations have been lifted in Carpinteria; containment is up to 15 percent.

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Santa Barbara County Darkens

More Than 3,500 Fire Personnel Deployed to the Thomas Fire

More than 3,500 fire personnel have been deployed to the Thomas Fire.

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‘Unhealthy’ Air-Quality Warnings Remain in Effect

Thomas Fire Fashion Statement: The Face Mask

Santa Barbara’s Air Pollution Control District announced the air quality in the City of Santa Barbara remains “unhealthy.”

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Friday Morning Update: Thomas Fire Grows to 132,000 Acres

Future Remains Unknown

The fire has grown to 132,000 acres. It is 10 percent contained.

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One of Two Psych Patients Who Escaped During Thomas Fire Back at Cottage

Marina McKenzie’s 23-Year-Old Son Reportedly Jumped Out of a Transport Van While the Driver Was Distracted Taking Pictures

Marina McKenzie’s 23-year-old son reportedly jumped out of a transport van while the driver was distracted taking pictures.

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Santa Barbara Hits Its Seventh Year of Drought

With Little Left in Cachuma and Less Precipitation Forecasted, Things Aren't Looking Up

With little left in Cachuma and less precipitation forecasted, things aren't looking up.

Westside Kids Get Mayoral Love

Mayor Helene Schneider Approaches the End of her Term

Mayor Helene Schneider is approaching the end of her term.

Tax Cuts for Christmas: Who Needs the Grinch?

Justin Fareed Stays Silent While the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Choke on Bones

The strange, shocking silence of Justin Fareed on the Republican Congress’s feed-the-rich tax bill.

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Challenges Continue as City Council Undertakes State Street Blueprinting

We Don't Need No Stinking Task Force, or Do We?

We don't need no stinking task force ... or do we?

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Evacuations Ordered for Parts of Carpinteria as Thomas Fire Swells to 96,000 Acres

Active Fire Throughout Ojai Valley as Western and Northern Flanks Grow ‘Very Rapidly’

With active fire throughout the Ojai Valley, concern rises that fire could move into Santa Barbara County as the western and northern flanks grow ‘very rapidly.’

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Santa Barbara Vista del Mar Psych Patients Relocated After Hospital Destroyed in Thomas Fire

One Patient Remains AWOL After Wandering Away from the Ventura County Fairgrounds

One patient remains AWOL after wandering away from the Ventura County Fairgrounds.

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Santa Barbara City Fire Chief Pat McElroy Announces Retirement

He’s Stepping Down in March After 36 Years With the Department

He’s stepping down in March after 36 years with the department.

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Inmate Mental-Health Needs More Acute Than Expected

Study Reveals More Than Half Have Been Enrolled in County's Behavioral Wellness Department

A study reveals more than half have been enrolled in the county's Behavioral Wellness department.

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Santa Barbara Health-Care Winners and Losers

Sansum Signs Deal with Blue Shield; Cottage Settles Info-Breach Case for $2 Million

Sansum signs deal with Blue Shield; Cottage settles info-breach case for $2 million.

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Former Santa Barbara County Supervisor Joni Gray's Death and Legacy

She Was a Staunch Supporter of Oil Development and a Sports Nut Famous for Her Rodeo Parties

She was a staunch supporter of oil development and a sports nut famous for her rodeo parties.

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Hotel Californian Buffalos Santa Barbara’s Council

Will Astroturf Save Brides in High Heels or Just Poison the Ocean?

Will Hotel Californian’s Astroturf save brides in high heels or just poison the ocean?

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Sansum and Blue Shield Work Out Deal to Cover Santa Barbara County

7,000 Affordable Care Act patients across the county breathe a sigh of relief.

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Less Jailing Results in Fewer Psych Hospitalizations

Nine Months In, Laura's Law Program Showing Success

Nine months in, the Laura's Law program is showing success.

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Santa Barbara Squeezing In Affordable Housing

Officials Recommend at Least 10 Percent of High-Density Developments Target ‘Moderate’-Income Renters

Officials recommend that at least 10 percent of high-density developments target “moderate”-income renters.

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Santa Barbara Landlords, Tenants Reach Hard-Fought Compromise

Task Force Recommends Mandatory Leases, but Stops Short of Just-Cause Eviction

Task force recommends mandatory leases, but stops short of just-cause eviction.

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'Food Fight' over Dario Pini

Banks Dragged into Crackdown on Embattled Landlord

Banks dragged into crackdown on embattled landlord.

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Reporter's Notebook | Fixing the Underpass, How Low Can You Go?

Lower State Street's Art Ambitions, and Others Surrounding the Empty 2nd District Seat

Lower State Street's art ambitions, and others surrounding the empty 2nd District seat.

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Barney Brantingham Retires

After 60 Years in Journalism, Santa Barbara’s On the Beat Columnist Hangs Up His Typewriter

After 60 years in journalism, Santa Barbara’s On the Beat columnist hangs up his typewriter.

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Police Are Looking for a Fire-Starting Fisher

He's accused of trying to shoot his ex-wife and setting relatives' homes on fire.

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Santa Barbara Homeless Shelter in Hot Water over Cold Weather

Upset by Surprise Announcement, County Reducing PATH's Reimbursement

Upset by a surprise announcement, the county is reducing PATH's reimbursement for services.

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Santa Barbara Voters to Choose Between Odd- or Even-Year Elections

New State Law Requires Cities to Make Switch if Turnout Would Increase

New state law requires cities to make the switch if turnout would increase.

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Mystery and History Behind Mayoral Race

Digging into Cathy Murillo’s Victory, Red Hats, Edmund O. Hanson, and the Jerry Roberts Poll

Digging into Cathy Murillo’s victory, red hats, Edmund O. Hanson, and the Jerry Roberts poll

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Samantha Bee Keeps It Light

Comedian More Subdued Than Expected

Comedian was more subdued than the four-alarm WTF fire drills we’ve come to expect.

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Carbajal Bill Seeks to Clear Housing Obstacle for Disabled Vets

Vets Receiving Disability Benefits Often Don’t Qualify for Federal Housing Assistance

Vets receiving disability benefits often don’t qualify for federal housing assistance.

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State Seeks to Shut Down San Ysidro Pharmacy

Steven Hoyt Accused of Negligently Filling Fatal Candyman Prescriptions

Steven Hoyt is accused of negligently filling fatal prescriptions ordered by Dr. Julio "Candyman" Diaz.

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Cathy Murillo Will Be Santa Barbara's Next Mayor

In a Progressive Sweep, Kristen Sneddon, Eric Friedman, Gregg Hart, and 'Yes' on Measure C All Claim Victory

In a progressive sweep, Kristen Sneddon, Eric Friedman, Gregg Hart, and 'Yes' on Measure C all claim victory.

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Peter Lee Takes Covered California Show on the Road

Enrollment Period Began November 1

The enrollment period began November 1.

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State Street Underpass Getting an Artistic Infusion

Improvement Meant to Encourage Foot Traffic from Funk Zone to Downtown

The improvement is meant to encourage foot traffic from the Funk Zone to

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Santa Barbara Health Professionals Underwhelmed By Trump's Opioid Declaration

Little Difference Will Be Made without Accompanying Financial Support

Little difference will be made without accompanying financial support.

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7,000 Sansum Patients Still High and Dry

Negotiations with Blue Shield Remain Ongoing

Negotiations with Blue Shield remain ongoing.

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Santa Barbara Mayoral Watch: The Russian Connection

All There in Black and White … Sort Of …

The Russians are coming to the Santa Barbara mayoral race.

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Redrawing the Future of State Street

Architects Team Up to Brainstorm a New Downtown Corridor

Architects team up to brainstorm a new downtown corridor.

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Saving Santa Barbara from Its Saviors Yet Again

Is Angel Martinez the Right Straitjacket for Santa Barbara Retail Madness?

Is Angel Martinez the right straitjacket for Santa Barbara retail madness?

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Is a Homeless Shelter 'Disaster' Brewing?

Williams Fumes Over Sudden Loss of 150 Winter Beds

Supervisor Das Williams is fuming over the sudden loss of 150 winter beds.

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Funds Yanked on Kids' Insurance Programs

As Many as 30,000 Santa Barbara and SLO Youth Could Be Affected

As many as 30,000 Santa Barbara and SLO youth could be affected.

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Pianos Depart State Street

At Two Weeks, It Was the Longest Installation to Date

At two weeks, it was the longest installation to date.

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Sexual Predator Weinstein Faces No Charges in Santa Barbara

At Least Not Yet, But Thomas J. Barrack Jr. Is Picking Up the Pieces

Santa Barbara winery owner Thomas J. Barrack Jr. is in negotiations to buy sexual predator Harvey Weinstein’s business empire.

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Yes on Measure C's One Percent

Whether it's One Cent or One Percent, We Need Measure C

Whether it's one cent or one percent, we need Measure C.

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Direct Relief Pushed to the Max

Three Hurricanes, Two Earthquakes Mean All Hands on Deck

Three hurricanes and two earthquakes mean all hands on deck.

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7-Eleven Slurpees Invading State Street?

Big Changes Rock Santa Barbara's Central Business District

Big changes rock Santa Barbara's central business district.

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Do You Wanna Arm Wrestle?

A Slew of Overqualified Municipal Candidates Overwhelms This Old Dog

A slew of overqualified municipal candidates overwhelms this old dog.

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Saks Off 5th to Shut State Street Store

What Happens Next Is a 47,000-Square-Foot Question Mark

What happens next is a 47,000-square-foot question mark.

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Nipomo Oil-by-Rail Plans Derailed

Phillips 66 abandoned the rail infrastructure expansion amid galvanized protest by environmentalists.

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City of Santa Barbara Desal Plant Still Not Fully Operational

Amid hiccups, water availability questions resurface as winter approaches.

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Santa Barbara Feels Effects of Sacramento Housing Legislation

Assembly Bill 1505 authorizes cities to impose affordability requirements.