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Direct Relief Pushed to the Max

Three Hurricanes, Two Earthquakes Mean All Hands on Deck

Three hurricanes and two earthquakes mean all hands on deck.

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7-Eleven Slurpees Invading State Street?

Big Changes Rock Santa Barbara's Central Business District

Big changes rock Santa Barbara's central business district.

Do You Wanna Arm Wrestle?

A Slew of Overqualified Municipal Candidates Overwhelms This Old Dog

A slew of overqualified municipal candidates overwhelms this old dog.

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Saks Off 5th to Shut State Street Store

What Happens Next Is a 47,000-Square-Foot Question Mark

What happens next is a 47,000-square-foot question mark.

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Nipomo Oil-by-Rail Plans Derailed

Phillips 66 abandoned the rail infrastructure expansion amid galvanized protest by environmentalists.

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City of Santa Barbara Desal Plant Still Not Fully Operational

Amid hiccups, water availability questions resurface as winter approaches.

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Santa Barbara Feels Effects of Sacramento Housing Legislation

Assembly Bill 1505 authorizes cities to impose affordability requirements.

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From the Chief’s Mouth

Luhnow Highlights Forced De-escalation, Homeless Strategies

Luhnow Highlights Forced De-escalation, Homeless Strategies

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Bigger Log Jam for Psych Patients

County-level negotiations have been holding up patient care at area psych units.

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Guns and Money in Mandalay

The Question Isn’t Why Stephen Paddock Did What He Did; It is How.

The question isn’t why Stephen Paddock did what he did; it is how.

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Two Santa Barbara Residents Wounded in Vegas

Santa Barbara couple wounded in mass shooting in Las Vegas.

American Indian Health Poised to Take Over Army Reserve

The Unused Building Adjoining MacKenzie Park Was Once Part of a Medical Campus

The unused building adjoining MacKenzie Park was once part of a WWII era medical campus.

Santa Barbara: A Tale of Two Counties

New Study Reinforces Perception of Sharp North-South Divide

A new study reinforces the perception of the sharp north-south divide.

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Santa Barbara's Granny Flat Avalanche

Showdown Between City and State over Housing Heats Up

Showdown between city and state over housing heats up.

Trump Gets Foot in Mouth over Football — Again

When the Knee Takes to the Field, the Nation Gets Amnesia

Why is kneeling less respectful than standing?

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Families of I.V. Shooting Victims Reportedly Receive $20 Million Settlement

They Alleged Capri Apartments Management Ignored Warnings About Elliot Rodger

They alleged Capri Apartments management ignored warnings about Elliot Rodger.

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Carrizo Plain Safe from Interior Secretary Zinke?

Leaked Memo Suggests National Monument Off List of Targets

A leaked memo suggests the national monument is off his list of targets.

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Judge's Ruling a Major Setback for Pini

City Lawsuit Against Notorious Landlord Continues

The city's lawsuit against the notorious landlord continues.

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There Will Be Bud: Santa Barbara Edition

County Supervisors Grapple with Pot Ordinance

The county supervisors grapple with a new pot ordinance.

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Mental Health Care Tops the List

Cottage, Neighborhood Clinics, Sanctuary Centers Focus on Filling Service Gaps

Cottage, Neighborhood Clinics, and Sanctuary Centers focus on filling service gaps.

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Santa Barbara Opens First Street Clinic

Integrated Care Clinic Serves Those With Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Issues

The Integrated Care Clinic serves those with mental illness and substance abuse issues.

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A Bigger, Better Cancer Center

Doors Open Next Week on New State-of-the-Art Facility

Doors open next week on the new state-of-the-art facility.

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Santa Barbara’s Open Season on Panhandlers

Candidates Attack Aggressive Homeless as Ending State Street Woes

Santa Barbara candidates attack the aggressive homeless as a way of ending State Street woes.

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DA Seeks Death Penalty in Triple Han Homicide

Accused Killer Wants to Represent Himself

Accused killer Pierre Haobsh wants to represent himself.

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Jail Health-Care Manager Has Shady Past

His Nursing License Was Revoked in Nebraska and Kansas

His nursing license was revoked in Nebraska and Kansas.

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Cappello Funds Trial Lawyering

Donates $1 Million to UCLA School of Law

He donates $1 million to his alma mater UCLA School of Law.

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City Ordinance Against Oversized Vehicles Takes Effect

Some RV Dwellers Feel Banned from Santa Barbara

Some RV dwellers feel like they've been banned from Santa Barbara.

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Dreamers are Among the Best of Our Best

Dreamers, who by definition work hard and stay out of trouble, are among the best of our best.

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First Responders Rescue 56 From Harbor After Brief Rainstorm

To date, no injuries have been reported.

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Chamber Backs Political Newcomer for Mayor

Angel Martinez Endorsed by Business Backers

Business group endorses Angel Martinez, surprisingly, instead of Frank Hotchkiss.

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Haobsh Death-Penalty Decision Delayed

It Would Be DA Dudley's First Death-Penalty Case

It would be DA Dudley's first death-penalty case.

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Becerra Has No Love for Donald

California Attorney General Visits Santa Barbara

The California Attorney General visited Santa Barbara last Saturday.

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Why the Arpaio Pardon Is Really Cause for Hope in Disguise

Trump Can Dismiss Federal Charges, but He Can’t Get Around State Law

Trump can dismiss federal charges, but he can’t get around state law.

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Judge Tosses Elder Abuse Case

At Age 91, Marcelle Martin Is Perhaps the Oldest Person in California to Be Charged with the Crime

At age 91, Marcelle Martin is perhaps the oldest person in California to be charged with the crime.

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Carbajal Enjoys Coffee with Political Foe

The freshman Democrat sat down with a national Republican Party strategist.

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David Lindley Plays the Lobero

Legendary Musical Imp Defied Gravity Saturday Night

The fret monster and legendary musical imp defied gravity Saturday night.

Overdoses Increased Nearly 300 Percent in Santa Barbara

Between 2005 and 2016, the number jumped from 25 to 96.

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City Hall Secures Restraining Order in Pini Enforcement Case

It bars property investors from selling or transferring their holdings.

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Pacific Pride Hosting Visibility March

Celebration will also feature an LGBTQ mariachi band.

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Fair Warning Before Rx Price Increases?

State Bill Would Require Pharmaceutical Companies to Give 60-Day Notice

A state bill would require pharmaceutical companies to give a 60-day notice.

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Sansum Negotiating with Blue Shield

Talks Promise to Be Long and Complicated

The talks promise to be long and complicated.

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Tiki Torches, Bedsheets, and ‘Very Fine People’ on Both Sides

UCSB Prof Pens Yale Letter Demanding Treasury Czar Resign

UCSB prof pens Yale letter demanding treasury czar resign.

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Santa Barbara Lagging in Solar Installations

California’s Green Index puts county at the bottom of the pack.

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Trump and Kim Jong Un Walk into a Bar …

Vandenberg at Center of U.S. and North Korea’s Game of Nuclear Chicken

Vandenberg is at the center of the U.S. and North Korea’s game of nuclear chicken.

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Ross Macdonald and Eudora Welty's Love Letters

Correspondences from Another Time

Two brilliant send correspondences from another time.

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Big Money Already Blowing in City Races

Angel Martinez and Gregg Hart Lead Their Packs

Angel Martinez and Gregg Hart lead their respective packs.

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Carbajal Joins Bipartisan 'Problem Solvers' Caucus

Members Addressing Issues with Affordable Care Act

Its 42 members are addressing issues with the Affordable Care Act.

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Santa Barbara’s Fiesta Egg Smash

Cascarón Folk Art: A Unique Celebration of Eggs and Confetti

The unique celebration of eggs and confetti and the folk artists who make it all happen

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Simmering Tensions Roil Old Spanish Days

Ain’t No Unity in the Community

There ain’t no unity in the community.

Elderly Man Commits Suicide in Motel 6 Parking Lot

The 82-year-old was reportedly resistant to entering a care facility.