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Get Oil Out Founder and Dolphin Sculptor Bud Bottoms Dies

He Was a True Man-About-Town and Engaged Public Citizen

He was a true man-about-town and an engaged public citizen.

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County Half-Jokes It Wants Cannabis 'World Domination'

Government Exec Implores Growers to Get Legal Before Time Runs Out

A government executive implores growers to get legal before time runs out.

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Police Suspend Public Sleeping Laws

Non-Enforcement Comes in Response to Court Ruling

The non-enforcement comes in response to a new court ruling.

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Priest's Firing Raises Questions

What's the Real Reason Father Gavancho Was Terminated From Our Lady of Sorrows?

What's the real reason Father Gavancho was terminated from Our Lady of Sorrows?

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1/9 Repeat? 'Nobody Knows!'

UCSB Geologist Says Predictions Are Purely Guesswork

A UCSB geologist says predictions are purely guesswork.

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Why Won’t Santa Barbara City Council Progressives Fix Broken Housing Plan?

Planning Commissioner Forced to Beg Landlord from Dais

Santa Barbara City Council Progressives refuse to require affordable housing for middle-income residents.

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Ukulele Maven Victoria Vox

Virtuoso Gives Workshop, Plays Concert September 22

Virtuoso will give a workshop and play a concert September 22 at Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church.

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Missing Middle-Class Housing Is Still Missing

City Approves High-End Rental Project for Garden and Anapamu Streets

City approves a high-end rental project for Garden and Anapamu streets.

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Playing Craps with Sea-Level Rise in Santa Barbara

It Will Most Likely Be Between 3.3 Feet and 8.2 Feet By 2050

It will most likely be between 3.3 feet and 8.2 feet by 2050.

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Plains Pipeline Verdict: 50 Shades of Guilt

When Incompetence Bleeds into Malfeasance You Get an Oil Spill

The Plains pipeline verdicts were guilty on eight misdemeanors and one felony.

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Mental Illness and Criminal Justice in Santa Barbara County

Who Is Crazy and Who Is Insane in the Jails and Courts and on the Streets

Who is crazy and who is insane in the jails and courts and on the streets?

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Sol Linver Named New County Undersheriff

He Succeeds Barney ‘Yoda’ Melekian as Sheriff Brown’s Right-Hand Man

He succeeds Barney “Yoda” Melekian as Sheriff Brown’s right-hand man.

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Plains Pipeline Verdict: Clear as Spilled Oil

Jury Finds Oil Transport Company Guilty on Nine Counts, Hangs on Three

Jury finds oil transport company guilty on nine counts, hangs on three, in Refugio spill.

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Brett Kavanaugh: Mr. Nice Guy or a Right-Wing Water Boy?

Why We’ll Never See About Trump’s Critical Appointment to the Supreme Court

Why we’ll never see the true record of Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate confirmation hearings for a seat on the Supreme Court.

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Feds Consider Fracking in Santa Barbara County

Public Comment Window Closes September 7

September 7 is the deadline for public comment. 

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Miye Ota Is 100 Years Old and Still Kickin’ Butt

Martial Arts, Dance Students Help Celebrate Her Birthday

Her martial arts and dance students help celebrate her birthday.

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Election Tensions Heat Up Water Race

Santa Ynez District Challengers Need Not Own Property

Challengers for the Santa Ynez water district board don't need to own property.

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Live Oak Music Festival Moves to San Luis Obispo

Organizers Cite Wildfire Concerns, Pricing

Organizers cite wildfire concerns and pricing.

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Maldonado Cleared of Illegal Cannabis Cultivation

San Luis Obispo Investigators '100 Percent Wrong'

Investigators wrongly identified 30 acres of hemp.

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Santa Barbara Firefighters and Environmentalists Battle over Prevention Methods

Controlled Burns vs. Hard Houses: The Bickering Must Stop

Firefighters and Enviros Bicker over Control Burns and Hard Houses.

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Fires Trigger Lompoc Homeless Sweeps

Outreach Efforts Help River Squatters to Leave Voluntarily

Outreach efforts help river squatters to leave voluntarily, for now.

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Woman with Firearm Removed from Bradbury Dam

Woman is the attorney who represented slain boy's father, Aramazd Andressian.

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Holzer Sentenced to Four Lifetimes Behind Bars

Killed His Parents and Two Children

Sentence includes a lifetime for each person killed in 2014: Nicolas Holzer's parents and children.

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Modest Proposal for Santa Barbara’s State Street

What to Do and What Not to Do with the Homeless

What to do and what not to do with the homeless on State Street.

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Former I.V. Landlord to Plead Guilty

James Gelb's Homophobic Slurs Caught on Camera

James Gelb's homophobic slurs were caught on camera.

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Former Supervisor Toru Miyoshi Dies

Anti-Casmalia Crusader was 90

The anti-Casmalia Crusader was 90.

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Betty Jo Stephens: 1932-2018

Hope Ranch Resident was Democratic Heavy Hitter

Hope Ranch resident was heavy-hitting Democrat.

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Runner-Up Protests City Pot Pick

SGSB, Inc. Says Retail Selection 'Manifestly Unfair'

SGSB says retail selection result was "manifestly unfair."

City Loses Trip-and-Fall Verdict

Injured Woman Wins $105,000

The injured woman wins $105,000.

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Longtime Fiesta Soldados Given the Boot 

Marc Martinez: It's a Class Thing

Ousted Marc Martinez said Old Spanish Days has become "less inclusive." 

County Out $2M Annually on Recycled Paper

Changing World Market to Blame

A changing world market is to blame.

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Abel Maldonado Confronts Cannabis Questions

30 Acres Inspected in San Luis Obispo County

Inspectors visited 30 acres in San Luis Obispo County.

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Making State Street Great Again

Santa Barbara Wrangles with Downtown Retail

City Hall hosted a packed meeting on downtown woes.

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Downtown Bungalow Haven Wins Big Appeal

City Council Votes Against ‘Monolithic’ Fourplex

City councilmembers voted unanimously against the proposed “monolithic” fourplex.

Steven Seagal Named Special Envoy by Russia

Former Movie Star Once Lived in Santa Ynez

The former Santa Ynez resident is a Russian citizen.

Oil Industry Supports County Redistricting Effort

Ballot Initiative Funded by North County Interests

The November ballot initiative has been funded by North County interests.

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Current Regional Drought Worst in Recorded History

Planners Release Recharge Water from Cachuma

Planners started releasing water from Lake Cachuma

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Trump, Climate Change, and the California Fires

How Trickle-Down Policies Affect the New Abnormal

How Trump’s trickle-down policies are affecting climate change.

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Abel Maldonado Leasing Land to Pot Farmers

Former Lieutenant Governor: 'My Thinking Has Evolved'

'My thinking has evolved,' said former lieutenant governor.

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Agency Apologizes for Hard-Boiled Cascarón Tax Raid

List of Fiesta Booth Vendors Had Been Given to State

List of Fiesta booth vendors in Santa Barbara had been given to the state tax-compliance department.

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Housing Authority Breaks Ground on 90 Units

Project Designed for Low-Income Seniors

The project is designed for low-income seniors.

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Santa Barbara Is Ready for Its Close-Up, Mr. DeMille

Plastic Straw Bans, Fake News, and Me-Too Journalism

Plastic straw bans, fake news, and Me-Too journalism collide.

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Judge Fast-Tracks Brent Fox to State Psychiatric Hospital

Mentally Ill Santa Ynez Resident Charged with Assault on Officers

The mentally ill Santa Ynez resident was charged with assaulting officers.

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You Can’t Get There from Here, and It’s Not an Accident

Pop-Up Road Construction and Cellular Projects Plague Santa Barbara’s Downtown Streets

Pop-up road construction and cellular projects plague Santa Barbara’s downtown streets.

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Is High-Density Housing Project Too Big for the Neighborhood?

Son of ‘the Marc’ Comes Downtown to Anapamu Street

Son of ‘the Marc’ comes downtown; 52 apartments proposed for Anapamu Street.

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Banned in Santa Barbara

No More Plastic Straws or Styrofoam

City Council says no more plastic straws or Styrofoam.

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Judge Strikes Down La Casa de la Raza Bankruptcy

Nonprofit's Board Not Legally Constituted

The nonprofit's board of directors was not assembled properly.

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County Jail Grievances Drop

Response and Treatment Rates Rise

Response and medical treatment rates are on the rise.

County Redistricting Measures Head to Ballot

Voters Will Decide on Commission to Redraw Supervisor Districts

Voters will decide on a commission to change supervisor district boundaries.

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County Supes Don’t Just Talk About the Weather; They Actually Do Something!

UCSB Prof Gives Media Low Marks for Reporting on Climate Change

County supes consider buying green energy, and a UCSB prof wants more reporting on climate change.