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Saving Downtown Santa Barbara with Consultants

City Hires Private Firm to Craft Strategic Plan

City Hall hires a private firm to craft a strategic plan.

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Orcutt Killing Autopsy Results: Grim and Grimmer

Coroner's report states three victims stabbed and beaten with a sledgehammer.

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The Marc Sells for $56 Million

Development Catered to Upper Middle Class

First density development in Santa Barbara in decades catered to upper middle class.

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Pot Busts: Booking Them Softly

'Very Nice People' Charged with Falsifying Cannabis Grow Dates

'Very nice people' falsified cannabis grow dates, prosecutor Lee Carter charges.

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Trump Is the National Emergency

Is that $5.7 Billion in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Donald Trump as our national emergency is costing a lot more than $5.7 billion.

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New Restaurant Chosen for Cabrillo Pavilion

Of the two applicants, city selects Newport Beach restaurateur.

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Big Changes for Ortega Park

New Pools, Waterslide, Skate Park, Artificial Turf, and Fence Envisioned

City envisions new pools, waterslide, skate park, artificial turf, and fence.

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Direct Relief Delivering Medical Aid to Yemen's Nightmare Zone

22 Million of Yemen’s Population of 28 Million are Experiencing Food Insecurity

22 million of Yemen’s population of 28 million are experiencing food insecurity.

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Deep Santa Barbara Connections to Trumpville

From A to Zinke: The Fall of Western Civilization

The Santa Barbara connection to Trumpville and the fall of Western Civilization

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Governor Orders New Tests for Death Row Inmate

Kevin Cooper Was Arrested in Santa Barbara in 1983

Kevin Cooper was arrested in Santa Barbara in 1983.

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Year in Review: Nick Welsh Chooses a Handful of Stories

Executive Editor Picks Some Favorites from 2018

Our executive editor picks some favorite stories from 2018.

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Lucidity Wins Family Friendly Award

The festival made it a point to create safe spaces for kids and teens.

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Housing Authority Unveils Plan to Rescue Casa de la Raza

Proposes Loan to Pay Debts, Continue Community Hub, and Build Housing

Proposes loan to pay debts and both continue La Casa's community hub and build low-income housing.

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A Christmas Story, Sort Of

In Solitary and Off His Meds

Parents come to Santa Barbara for a conservatorship for their son, in solitary and refusing his meds.

Affordable Care Repeal a Long Way Off

Carbajal Pledges to Fight to Uphold the Bill

Carbajal pledges to fight to uphold the bill.

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Intrigue Already Growing Over District 6 Vacancy

Appointment Will Fill Hart's Empty Seat

An appointment will fill Hart's empty seat.

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Stinky Zinke Forced Out

Saying Goodbye to Bad Rubbish, But He’s Not the Problem

Saying goodbye to bad rubbish, but he’s not the problem.

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Trial Determining if Man Accused of Rape Spends Ten Years or Life in Prison

Kahlill Byers is accused of savagely beating and sodomizing a homeless woman.

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City Outlines New Homeless Plan After Scrapping 'Tiny Home' Idea

$2 Million in State Funds Will Now Go to Cottage, Police, and Street Outreach Team

Two million dollars in state funds will now go to Cottage, police, and a street outreach team.

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Sometime S.B. Resident Ryan Zinke to Step Down

All Roads to Lead to Santa Barbara — Even Trump’s

All roads to lead to Santa Barbara — even Trump’s.

Pot Dispensary Hit with Stop-Work Order

City claims construction was done without proper permits.

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Toasts and Roasts for Wolf and Hart

Changing of Guard for Second Supervisorial District

There will be a changing of the guard for the second supervisorial district.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Far Higher than Projected

County Misses Its Target By a Whopping 29 Points

The county misses its target by a whopping 29 percentage points.

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Police Dispatch Whistleblower Claims Wrongful Termination

Bridget Bryden says she was fired after voicing concerns over lowered qualification standards for new hires.

Santa Barbara Suicides Drop

Meanwhile, national rates continue to spike.

County Reports 27 New HIV Cases This Year

The figures were released to mark World AIDS Day.

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So Long to Jerry Beaver

Poodle Gets Misty over a Cordial Developer

Poodle gets misty for the death of a cordial developer.

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Big Union Win for City Public Works Contracts

Vote Could Leave Major Political Scar Tissue

The vote could leave major political scar tissue for years to come.

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Trial Starts in Homeless Woman Rape Case

Khalil Byers, 24, could be sentenced to 59 years to life.

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Council Votes to Tweak Highly Debated Housing Program

Proposed Rules Would Make More Units More Affordable

The proposed rules would make more units more affordable.

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Tiny House Controversy Just Got Smaller

Grant for Homeless Relief Project Much Less than Expected

Grant for homeless relief project much less than expected.

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County Fills Huge Hole in Addiction Treatment Services

Nearly 100 Residential Treatment Beds Will Soon Be Available

Nearly 100 residential treatment beds will soon be available.

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S.B. Leads Way in Gun Violence Prevention

Another Day, Another Mass Shooting

Another day, another mass shooting.

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On Pot, Lompoc and Carp Go Opposite Ways

One Says Yes Please, the Other No Thank You

One says yes please, the other no thank you.

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When Will Sea Level Rise Swallow Santa Barbara's Beaches?

A Lot Sooner Than You Might Think

A lot sooner than you might think.

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$6.5 Million Homeless Plan Had the Best Intention, the Worst Execution

Neighbors Are Shocked and Riled over the City’s ‘Tiny Homes’ Proposal

Neighbors are shocked and riled over the city’s “tiny homes” proposal.

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City of Santa Barbara Hires New Fire Chief

Eric Nickel Comes From Palo Alto, Has Big Shoes to Fill

Eric Nickel comes from Palo Alto and has big shoes to fill.

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Cannabis Taxes Generate $1.8 Million

Santa Barbara County Releases First Quarterly Report

Santa Barbara County releases first quarterly report.

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City Closes In on New Police Station Location

Saturday Farmers Market May Lose Its Longtime Site

Santa Barbara's Saturday Farmers Market may lose its 35-year site.

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Homeless Could Get 'Tiny Box' Homes Downtown

Neighbors Complain as City Hall Fast-Tracks Grant Application

Neighbors complain as City Hall fast-tracks grant application.

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Cops' Shop Moving to Farmers Market Spot?

Planning Commission Finds Cota Street Lot Best Location for New Police Station

Planning Commission finds Cota Street Lot best location for new police station.

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Democrats Sweep Countywide Races and Secure House

Democrats Celebrate a Very Blue Tuesday

Democrats sweep countywide races and secure House of Representatives.

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Sheriffs Weed-Whack 400,000 Pot Plants

It was possibly the largest bust in state history.

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UCSB Prof Talks New Ruth Bader Ginsburg Book

Jane Sherron De Hart Demystifies the Notorious RBG

Jane Sherron De Hart demystifies the Notorious RBG.

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What You Don’t Know About Wilbur Ross Will Hurt You

Commerce Secretary Sets Out to Screw Santa Barbara by Undercounting Residents

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross sets out to screw Santa Barbara by undercounting residents.

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Court Rules to Protect Sleeping in Public

Santa Barbara City Parks Subject of Ongoing Debate

Santa Barbara city parks subject of ongoing debate.

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Santa Barbara’s Connections to Grisly Khashoggi Killing

Victim’s Uncle Lived Here

Jamal Khashoggi’s Uncle lived in Santa Barbara.

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Montecito Wastewater Wars Escalate

Sewer District Told ‘Cease and Desist’

Sewer district issued ‘cease and desist’ letter.

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Mass Eviction Ordinance Unveiled at Santa Barbara City Hall

Ongoing Fine-Tuning Needed as Basic Facts Under Dispute

Ongoing fine-tuning is needed as basic facts of rental market are under dispute.

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Mental Health Experts Consider More Psychiatric Beds

Hospital CEOs in Talks with Behavioral Wellness, Sheriff's Office

Hospital leaders are in talks with county Behavioral Wellness and Sheriff's Office.