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Iraq War Veteran Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

Eddie Van Tassel Accused of Binding Puppy's Muzzle and Legs with Rubber Bands

Eddie Van Tassel is accused of binding his puppy's muzzle and legs with rubber bands.

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UCSB Leads Charge for Santa Barbara Bike-Sharing

New Study Says Program Could Be Launched Within the Year

A new study says the program could be launched within the year.

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Triple Homicide Collides with Second Amendment

Riffing on Silencers, Baseball, Congress, and Rage-a-holics with Guns

The Poodle riffs on silencers, baseball, Congress, and rage-a-holics with guns.

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Electric Bikes Let You Zoom Uphill

They Don’t Defy Gravity, but They Definitely Fight Back

I cackled with disbelief as I zoomed up the steep Flora Vista Drive at a blistering 17 miles an hour.

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News Commentary: Is That a Silencer in Your Pocket?

Or Are You Just Glad to See Me? Reflecting on Baseball, Congress, and Rage-a-holics with Guns

Or are you just glad to see me? Reflecting on baseball, Congress, and rage-a-holics with guns.

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Trash Wars Flare Up

City Balks at Pending Rate Increase as Landfill Expansion Plan Stalls

City balks at a pending rate increase as the landfill expansion plan stalls.

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Carrizo Plain: The American Serengeti

National Monument Is Small but Significant Remnant of Great Grasslands

National Monument qualifies as a small but significant remnant of what was once one of the world’s great grasslands.

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State Street Vacancy Solutions Sought

Retail Consultants Say Downtown Corridor Caters Too Much to Tourists

Retail consultants say the downtown corridor caters too much to tourists.

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The Rooskies Are Coming

Poodle Riffs on Jeff Sessions, Oliver Stone, and Visiting Russians

The Poodle riffs on Jeff Sessions, Oliver Stone, and visiting Russians.

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Blue and Green 2017

Our Annual Ode to the Great Outdoors

Our annual ode to the great outdoors.

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Carbajal Tells Zinke to Respect Carrizo Plain

Worries abound over the fate of nature preserves across the country.

Low-Income Housing Grows

Turner Foundation Cuts Ribbon on Seven New Units

Turner Foundation cuts ribbon on seven new units.

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Who Murdered Henry Han and His Family?

Prosecutors Present Evidence at the Preliminary Hearing

Prosecutors present evidence against Pierre Haobsh at the preliminary hearing.

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‘Chuck’ Ain’t Requiem for a Heavyweight

Film Captures Naturalistic Gritty Graininess of ’70s Movies

Film captures wonderfully naturalistic gritty graininess of ’70s movies.

Hotel Californian to Hold Job Fair

Up to 200 positions are waiting to be filled on June 5.

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Larimore-Hall Elected Number Two in State Democratic Party

Santa Barbara County Progressive Leader Rises During Bruising Convention

A Santa Barbara County progressive leader rises during bruising convention.

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Desal Goes Online, Sort Of

Soft Opening for New Plant Reveals Softer Water

The new plant must pass the 14-day test.

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Will Santa Barbara’s Matriarchal Circle Be Unbroken?

Wonder Woman and the Race for Mayor

Wonder Woman and the race for mayor.

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Han Murder Trial Gets Off to Sordid Start

Crime Details Emerge During Preliminary Hearing

Crime details emerge during questioning for preliminary hearing.

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News Commentary: Banjo Player in a Nudist Colony

The Body Slam Heard Round the World

The body slam heard round the world.

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City Plonks Down $5 Million for Toilet to Tap

Future Water Recycle Property Considered

Property near waste-water plant eyed for future water recycling.

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Trump’s Budget, Bums, and State Street

All Dressed Up with No Place to Shop in Santa Barbara

All dressed up with no place to shop in Santa Barbara.

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Towbes Tribute Raises the House

Governor Brown Praises Developer-Banker-Philanthropist

Governor Brown praises developer-banker-philanthropist.

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The Case Against Dario Pini Proceeds

City Alleges Violations Constitute 'Unfair Competition'

The city of Santa Barbara alleges a quantity of violations constitute 'unfair competition.'

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Welcome to the Madhouse

Looking for Mental-Health Help in All the Wrong Places

The Hickey family looks for mental-health help in all the wrong places.

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Laura's Law Lives to Fight Another Day

Supes Back Mental Health Program Despite Budget Woes

Supervisors backed the mental health program despite budget woes.

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Cottage, Sansum Pull Plug on Merger Application

Health Care Organizations Waited Four Years for FTC Decision

The health care organizations waited for years for an FTC decision.

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Bovine Canine

Trump Sucks Oxygen out of Mayor’s Race

Trump sucks the oxygen out of the mayor’s race.

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An Inside Look At Physician-Assisted Suicide

Dr. Kass Reflects: “It Was Extraordinarily Difficult”

Prominent Santa Barbara doctor reflects; “It was extraordinarily difficult.”

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Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Profiles of Cool Careers, and the Latest Employment Trends in Santa Barbara County

Profiles of cool careers and the latest employment trends in Santa Barbara County.

Mental-Health Czars Contract Private Treatment Professionals

County Attempts to Fill Voids of National Shortage

The county is attempting to compensate for the nation-wide shortage.

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Decorated Police Detective Retires After 31 Years

Sgt. Mike McGrew Ponders Run for City Council

Sgt. Mike McGrew ponders run for City Council.

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A Dog Agog

Yin and Yank of Trump in S.B.

Firestone gives Trump $250k; HBJ gives him hell

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Santa Barbara County Vies for Better Water Reliability as Drought Subsides

Water Agency’s Tom Fayram Considers Cachuma Contract Renewal

Water Agency’s Tom Fayram considers Cachuma contract renewal.

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Solar Hillside Powers Sunny Santa Barbara County Campus

Project an 'Epic Loser,' Says Supervisor Adam

Project an "epic loser," says Supervisor Peter Adam.

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Firestone Beer Maker Donates $250,000 to Trump

Family trust which Adam Firestone sits on wrote a $250,000 check to the inauguration committee.

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Tajiguas Landfill's $110 Million Oops

Coastal Zone Boundary Mix-Up Renders Permits Null and Void

The Coastal Zone Boundary mix-up renders permits null and void.

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Drought Watch: 'Far from Over'

City, County Water Agencies Spar Over Cachuma Contract

City and county water agencies are sparring over their Lake Cachuma contracts.

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From Isla Vista to Trump’s Ear

How Santa Barbara Propelled Sean Hannity to Fame and Fortune in Just 28 Short Years

How Santa Barbara propelled Sean Hannity to fame and fortune in just 28 short years.

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Battle to Save Santa Barbara’s Mission Creek

How Blind Cabinetmaker Bruce Munson Fought the Army Corps of Engineers and Won—Almost

How the blind cabinetmaker Bruce Munson fought the Army Corps of Engineers and won—almost.

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Laura's Law on Chopping Block

The Pilot Program is Only Four Months Old

The pilot program is only four months old.

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Venoco Ditches Platform Holly

State Takes Over Lease, Begins Process of Decommissioning Oil Rig

The state takes over the lease and begins the process of decommission the oil rig.

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Retail Apocalypse Hits Santa Barbara

Downtown Vacancies Mean It’s Time to Round Up the Usual Suspects

Downtown vacancies mean it’s time to round up the usual suspects.

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Ideological Throw Down as County Supes Discuss Health Care

Political Rifts Underlined During Budget Discussion

Political rifts underlined during budget discussion.

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Cottage-Sansum Merger Mystery

Four Years In, All Parties Mum

Four years in, all involved parties are still mum.

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Mixed Reactions to Single-Payer Bill

Jackson Unsure if She Supports

Jackson is unsure if she supports the proposed legislation.

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Stage Set for Steelhead Fight

Downstream Communities May Lose More Water to Fish

Downstream communities may lose even more water to the fish.

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Trump’s Russian Connection Starts Right Here

Santa Barbara Wine Mogul Key Go-Between for Putin Influence Peddler

Santa Barbara wine mogul key go-between for Putin influence peddler.

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Déjà Vu for Hal Conklin?

Once and Future Mayor Dogged by Term-Limit Questions

Once and future mayor dogged by term-limit questions.

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DA Rules Suicide-by-Cop Justified

Family Contends Shooting Was Unecessary

Javier Gaona's family still contends the shooting was unnecessary.