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Repeal and Replace Vote Put on Ice

Carbajal Celebrates Republican Retreat on Health-Care Bill

Carbajal celebrates Republican retreat on health-care bill.

Rickie Lee Jones, Madeleine Peyroux Prove Small Is Beautiful

Singing Duo Commands Arlington Theatre by Way of New Orleans on March 17

The singing duo commanded the Arlington Theatre by way of New Orleans on March 17.

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ACLU Mounts a Comeback

Santa Barbara Is Resurrecting its Chapter

Santa Barbara is resurrecting its chapter.

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Meet the New Crop of Santa Barbara Resisters

Tough and Energized, They're Swinging High and Hitting Hard

Tough and energized, they're swinging high and hitting hard.

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Trump Making Social Darwinism Sexy Again

Republican’s Repeal-and-Replace Health-Care Bill Benefits Young, Healthy, and Rich

Republican’s repeal-and-replace health-care bill benefits the young, healthy, and rich.

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Lawn Watering Ban Lifted

But Officials Caution Drought Is Far from Over

But officials caution the drought is far from over.

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Orcutt Rapper Not Guilty of Making Threats

Case Pits First Amendment Against Rights of Sexual Assault Victims

Case pits First Amendment against rights of sexual assault victims.

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Carbajal Votes 'No'

Republican Repeal Bill Passes Budget Committee

Republican bill to repeal Affordable Care Act passes House Budget Committee.

County Homeless Count Tallies 1,489 People

City of Santa Barbara has most with 790 individuals.

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S.B. Health-Care Experts Deliver Grim Trumpcare News

And Carbajal Drops Mic on Republican Repeal Bill

And Carbajal drops the mic on the Republican repeal bill.

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Slicing, Dicing, or Icing RV Ordinance?

As Pushback Mounts, Enforcement Won't Begin for Another Six Weeks

As pushback mounts, enforcement won't begin for another six weeks.

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Marian Planning to Add 26 Psych Beds

Medical Center Additions Would Go Long Way in Filling Pressing County Need

The medical center additions would go a long way in filling a pressing county need.

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Rooskies Leave Giant Footprints in Santa Barbara

Russian Influence Exerted From City's Founding to 2009 Mayor's Race

Russian influence exerted from city's founding to 2009 mayor's race.

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Santa Barbara City Council Loses 0-to-0

Affordable-Housing Program Survives Attempted Moratorium

Affordable-housing program survives attempted moratorium.

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Court Rules Slippery Rock Water Is Saleable

But How Much Remains to be Determined

But how much remains to be determined.

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Laura's Law Means New Rules of Engagement

Major Progress Made, but Money Problems Brewing

Major progress has been made, but money problems are brewing.

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Lompoc 'Man of Year' Gets Life for Child Molestation

Anthony Durham Repeatedly Abused Two Granddaughters Over Four-Year Period

Anthony Durham repeatedly abused two granddaughters over a four-year period.

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District Elections Coming to Santa Maria

City Makes Major Voting Change in Face of Lawsuit

The city makes the major change in the face of a looming lawsuit.

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Mass Deportations Echo Ellwood Attack and Prison Camps

Santa Barbara DA Accelerated Japanese Roundup

Santa Barbara DA accelerated the Japanese roundup.

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Santa Barbara Surfing Museum Is Closing

The decision came shortly after investor Ray Mahboob bought the building.

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Folk Orchestra of Santa Barbara's Big Sound (and Big Dreams)

‘Go Big or Go Home’ is Motto for 27-Musician Ensemble

“Go big or go home” is the motto for this 27-musician ensemble.

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Santa Barbara Stands with Planned Parenthood

Hundreds Oppose Trump's Vow to Cut Funding

Hundreds oppose the Trump Administration's vow to cut funding.

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City Attorney Demands $8.1 Million in Penalties from Dario Pini

Says Landlord Exposed Tenants to 'Hazardous, Horrific, and Unconscionable Living Conditions'

Says landlord exposed tenants to 'hazardous, horrific, and unconscionable living conditions.'

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Much-Needed Psych Beds Looming

County Approves $4 Million to Convert Old Juvy Hall

County approves $4 million to convert the old juvenile hall.

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Indivisible Santa Barbara Borrows Tea Party Tactics

Members Mimic the Take-No-Prisoners, In-Your-Face Style of Right Wing Populists

Members are mimicking the take-no-prisoners, in-your-face style of right wing populists.

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City Hall Between Rock and Hard Place Over RVs

Santa Barbara's ‘Oversized Vehicle’ Ordinance Incurs Wrath of RV Dwellers, Mercedes Sprinter Owners

‘Oversized vehicle’ ordinance incurs wrath of RV dwellers and Mercedes Sprinter owners alike.

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Pini Faces Thousands of Violations

Receives 3,200 Notices of Code Violations at 13 Properties

He received 3,200 notices of code violations at 13 properties.

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Ex-Montecitan Andrew Puzder Backs Off Labor Post

Scandals Cost Puzder Republican Votes on Senate Committee

The mounting scandals cost Republican votes on Senate committee for Puzder.

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DUI Attorney Darryl Genis Sentenced to 24 Months for Tax Violations

He Blamed His Gambling Addiction and Deceased Accountant

Blamed gambling addiction and deceased accountant.

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Housing: A Conversation with Rob Pearson

Retiring City Housing Director Reflects on Density, Investors, and Home Ownership

Retiring city housing director reflects on density, investors, and home ownership.

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S.B. Hotel Room Rates Among Highest in CA

New Report Details How Expensive It's Become for State Residents to Visit the Coast

New report details how expensive it's become for state residents to visit the coast.

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The Mesa Bookstore’s New Owners

Writer D.J. Palladino and Diane Arnold Buy Cliff Drive Business

Writer D.J. Palladino and Diane Arnold buy Cliff Drive business.

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Montecito Trump Pick Might Not Make Cabinet Cut

Fast-Food Mogul Andy Puzder Tripped-Up by Nanny-gate ‘Scandal’

Fast-food mogul Andy Puzder gets tripped-up by nanny-gate “scandal.”

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Revolt of the Sprinters

City Attorney Will Meet with Unhappy RV Owners

The city attorney will meet with unhappy RV owners.

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Venoco's Expansion Plans Dead in the Water?

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom Appears to Have Sunk the Company's Proposal

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom appears to have sunk the company's proposal.

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Wetter and Better, but Drought’s Far from Over

Gibraltar Reservoir Poses Serious Water Quality Problems

Gibraltar Reservoir, choked full of dirt and ash, poses serious water quality problems.

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Hey, Where’s the Train?

Frustration Spills Over About Lack of Commuter Rail

Frustration spills over about lack of commuter rail.

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City Has Spent $90 Million on Drought

Most of that paid to refurbish the desal plant.

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Homeless Count Completed

Nearly 400 Volunteers Help Gather Critical Data

Nearly 400 volunteers helped gather critical data.

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Abandoned Juvy Hall Turning into Mental Health Facility?

Relief in Sight for County's Chronic Shortage of Psych Beds

There is relief in sight for the county's chronic shortage of psych beds.

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Jackson Backs Three Immigration Protection Bills

'This Is a Matter of Principal,' She Said

"This is a matter of principle," she said.

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State Lands Commissioner Opposes Venoco Application

Controller Betty Yee Says She Will Vote Against New Drilling Request

Controller Betty Yee says she will vote against new drilling request.

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Carbajal to Introduce No-Drill Oil Bill

48th Anniversary of SB Oil Spill ‘Celebrated’

Environmentalists and anti-Trump marchers "celebrated" the 48th anniversary of the infamous Santa Barbara spill.

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Real Estate Investor Playing Funk Zone Monopoly

Ray Mahboob Buys Former El Torito Restaurant for $7.2 Million

Ray Mahboob buys the former El Torito restaurant for $7.2 million.

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Trump Watch: Attacking Facts, Bludgeoning Truth

‘Alternative Facts,’ Media Black-Outs, Rogue Tweets, Women’s March, and More

The Angry Poodle examines ‘alternative facts,’ media black-outs, rogue tweets, Women’s March, and more.

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Breaking Point

Filmmakers Mark Jonathan Harris & Paul Wolonsky

Documentary about the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

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Chasing Trane

Director John Scheinfeld

Tracing the musical quest of this tenor saxophone-toting sonic astronaut.

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Caltrans Slammed for 101 Widening Report

City Officials Say Agency Grossly Minimized Project's Negative Impacts

City officials say the agency grossly minimized the project's negative impacts.

City Extends Settlement Agreement Over Sewage Spills

Environmental group says there are still too many spills.

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With Federal Approval, Chumash Officially Annex Camp 4

A Long Legal Battle Ends, but Others Are Just Beginning

A long legal battle ends, but others are just beginning.