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Nick Welsh is a cartoonist trapped in a writer's body. During his long career at The Santa Barbara Independent, he has yet to learn how to draw. Nor, in fact, has he ever learned to type. Even so, he manages to pound out a relentless stream of news articles every week on a wide range of subjects. In addition, he writes the Angry Poodle column.

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Death Toll Approaches 23 for the Worst Disaster in Santa Barbara's History

Tracing the History and Coping with the Reality of 20 Lost and Three Still Missing

Tracing the history and coping with the reality of 20 lost and three still missing.

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Montecito Water District Sued for Mudslides

Downtown Biz Owner Sues Edison for Thomas Fire

Downtown business owner sues Edison for Thomas Fire.

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Emergency Doctor Urges Patience after Montecito Disaster

Cottage Medical Director Dr. Brett Wilson Warns Impacts Will Be Significant and Long-Lasting

Cottage medical director Dr. Brett Wilson warns impacts will be significant and long-lasting.

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Search Dogs Comb Hills of Montecito for Survivors and Remains

With at Least Three People Still Unaccounted for, 13 More Canines Assigned to Mudslide Rescue and Recovery Efforts

With at least three people still unaccounted for, 13 more canines have been assigned to mudslide rescue and recovery efforts in the past two days.

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Amid Unprecedented Emergency Response, Future Remains Uncertain After Montecito Mudslides

Death Toll Climbs to 18

The death toll climbs to 18.

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Stories of Heroism, Heartbreak Emerge from Montecito Mudslides

17 People Killed and 100 Homes Destroyed in Post-Thomas Fire Disaster

Seventeen people were killed and 100 homes were destroyed in the post-Thomas Fire disaster.

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Climate Change According to Al Gore

Al Gore Talks Climate Change in Santa Barbara

Al Gore talks climate change in Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara County Sues Plains Pipeline Over Refugio Oil Spill

Claim Cites $13 Million in Lost Property Values

The claim cites $13 million in lost property values.

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Death Total in Montecito Mudslides Climbs to 17

Agencies Statewide Send Searchers for Survivers

Help in search for survivors arrives from Ventura, San Luis Obispo, and Los Angeles counties and National Guard.

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Murillo Sworn In as Santa Barbara Mayor

New Council Starts Sweet Then Veers Sour

The new council started sweet, but then veered sour.

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