Nick Welsh

Nick Welsh is a cartoonist trapped in a writer's body. During his long career at The Santa Barbara Independent, he has yet to learn how to draw. Nor, in fact, has he ever learned to type. Even so, he manages to pound out a relentless stream of news articles every week on a wide range of subjects. In addition, he writes the Angry Poodle column.

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Get Oil Out Founder and Dolphin Sculptor Bud Bottoms Dies

He Was a True Man-About-Town and Engaged Public Citizen

He was a true man-about-town and an engaged public citizen.

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County Half-Jokes It Wants Cannabis 'World Domination'

Government Exec Implores Growers to Get Legal Before Time Runs Out

A government executive implores growers to get legal before time runs out.

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Police Suspend Public Sleeping Laws

Non-Enforcement Comes in Response to Court Ruling

The non-enforcement comes in response to a new court ruling.

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Priest's Firing Raises Questions

What's the Real Reason Father Gavancho Was Terminated From Our Lady of Sorrows?

What's the real reason Father Gavancho was terminated from Our Lady of Sorrows?

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1/9 Repeat? 'Nobody Knows!'

UCSB Geologist Says Predictions Are Purely Guesswork

A UCSB geologist says predictions are purely guesswork.

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Why Won’t Santa Barbara City Council Progressives Fix Broken Housing Plan?

Planning Commissioner Forced to Beg Landlord from Dais

Santa Barbara City Council Progressives refuse to require affordable housing for middle-income residents.

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Ukulele Maven Victoria Vox

Virtuoso Gives Workshop, Plays Concert September 22

Virtuoso will give a workshop and play a concert September 22 at Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church.

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Missing Middle-Class Housing Is Still Missing

City Approves High-End Rental Project for Garden and Anapamu Streets

City approves a high-end rental project for Garden and Anapamu streets.

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Playing Craps with Sea-Level Rise in Santa Barbara

It Will Most Likely Be Between 3.3 Feet and 8.2 Feet By 2050

It will most likely be between 3.3 feet and 8.2 feet by 2050.

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Mental Illness and Criminal Justice in Santa Barbara County

Who Is Crazy and Who Is Insane in the Jails and Courts and on the Streets

Who is crazy and who is insane in the jails and courts and on the streets?

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