Nick Welsh

Nick Welsh is a cartoonist trapped in a writer's body. During his long career at The Santa Barbara Independent, he has yet to learn how to draw. Nor, in fact, has he ever learned to type. Even so, he manages to pound out a relentless stream of news articles every week on a wide range of subjects. In addition, he writes the Angry Poodle column.

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Cannabis Taxes Generate $1.8 Million

Santa Barbara County Releases First Quarterly Report

Santa Barbara County releases first quarterly report.

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City Closes In on New Police Station Location

Saturday Farmers Market May Lose Its Longtime Site

Santa Barbara's Saturday Farmers Market may lose its 35-year site.

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Homeless Could Get 'Tiny Box' Homes Downtown

Neighbors Complain as City Hall Fast-Tracks Grant Application

Neighbors complain as City Hall fast-tracks grant application.

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Cops' Shop Moving to Farmers Market Spot?

Planning Commission Finds Cota Street Lot Best Location for New Police Station

Planning Commission finds Cota Street Lot best location for new police station.

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Democrats Sweep Countywide Races and Secure House

Democrats Celebrate a Very Blue Tuesday

Democrats sweep countywide races and secure House of Representatives.

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Sheriffs Weed-Whack 400,000 Pot Plants

It was possibly the largest bust in state history.

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UCSB Prof Talks New Ruth Bader Ginsburg Book

Jane Sherron De Hart Demystifies the Notorious RBG

Jane Sherron De Hart demystifies the Notorious RBG.

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What You Don’t Know About Wilbur Ross Will Hurt You

Commerce Secretary Sets Out to Screw Santa Barbara by Undercounting Residents

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross sets out to screw Santa Barbara by undercounting residents.

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Court Rules to Protect Sleeping in Public

Santa Barbara City Parks Subject of Ongoing Debate

Santa Barbara city parks subject of ongoing debate.

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Santa Barbara’s Connections to Grisly Khashoggi Killing

Victim’s Uncle Lived Here

Jamal Khashoggi’s Uncle lived in Santa Barbara.

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