Nick Welsh

Nick Welsh is a cartoonist trapped in a writer's body. During his long career at The Santa Barbara Independent, he has yet to learn how to draw. Nor, in fact, has he ever learned to type. Even so, he manages to pound out a relentless stream of news articles every week on a wide range of subjects. In addition, he writes the Angry Poodle column.

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Granny Flat Applications Explode

The Number Has Tripled Since May

The number has tripled since May.

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Melchiori Fraud and Embezzlement Trial Begins

He Faces a Maximum of 47 Years in Prison

He faces a maximum of 47 years in prison.

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EDC, Channelkeeper Win Key Decision Against Feds on Fracking

Groups Demanding More Environmental Review

The groups are demanding more environmental review before permits are issued.

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Jackson, Limón on Opposite Sides of Cap-and-Trade Vote

Governor Gets Landmark Emissions Bill Passed

Governor Jerry Brown gets his landmark emissions bill passed.

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Tic-Tac-Toe Cleavage

Female Body Parts, Health Repeal, and Republican Death Wish

Female body parts, health repeal, and the Republican death wish.

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Whittier Fire Grows Modestly Saturday Night

Sundowner Winds a Nonevent

Dry high heat forecast for Sunday.

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Saturday Night on Whittier Fire Line

1,900 on Hand for Fire Fight; Bump of 300 from Earlier in Day

Fire-fight personnel number 1,900; bump of 300 from earlier in the day.

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Circle V Evacuation and Rescue Details Released

Whittier Fire Stranded 82 at Children's Away Camp

Whittier Fire stranded 82 at children's away campsite.

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Whittier Fire Grows by 3,300 Acres Friday Night

Containment Drops from 52 to 38 Percent

Containment drops from 52 to 38 percent.

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Firefighters Launch Night Attack on Whittier Fire

Sundowners Winds, 30 mph, Predicted

Will try to hold Whittier at bay despite 30mph Sundowners winds predicted.

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