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Volunteer with the Family Service Agency

Agency Partners with The Village of Santa Barbara to Launch 'Volunteer 4 Seniors' Campaign

Agency partners with The Village of Santa Barbara to launch 'Volunteer 4 Seniors' campaign.

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Meet Santa Barbara’s Trampoline Man

86-Year-Old Lawrence Ortiz Jumps on His Trampoline Every Day

86-year-old Lawrence Ortiz jumps on his trampoline every day.

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Community Action Commission Provides Free Meals, Home Repairs for Seniors

Hot Meals Five Days a Week for 14,000 People in Santa Barbara County

Hot meals five days a week for 14,000 people in Santa Barbara County.

How to Avoid Phone Scams

They’re Rampant in Santa Barbara, Often Costing Victims Thousands

They’re rampant in Santa Barbara, often costing victims thousands.

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Road Scholar Offers Enriching Travel Experiences

Educational Trips Are Geared Toward Older Adults

These educational trips are geared toward older adults.

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Proper Planning for Retirement

Financial Literacy Becomes Increasingly Important as We Age

Financial literacy becomes increasingly important as we age.

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SBCC School of Extended Learning Celebrates 100 Years

Take Affordable Classes for All Ages in Various Fields

Take affordable classes for all ages in various fields.

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Recognizing the Signs of Elder Abuse

Why This Crime, Which Can Lead to Death, Often Goes Unreported

Why this crime, which can lead to death, often goes unreported.

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Nutrition for Longevity

Sansum Clinic’s Gerri French Offers Tips on Eating Right

Sansum Clinic’s Gerri French offers tips on eating right.

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Meeting Your Fitness Needs

Santa Barbara Offers a Range of Fitness Activities for Seniors

Santa Barbara offers a range of fitness activities for seniors.

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Anti-Ageism: The Emerging Social Movement

Discrimination Against Seniors Is a Growing Concern

Discrimination against seniors is a growing concern.

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Active Aging in 2018

A Guide to Making Your Golden Years Shine in Santa Barbara

A guide to making your golden years shine in Santa Barbara.

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Volunteer Opportunities with Family Service Agency

How to Become an Ombuds for Senior Living Facilities

How to become an ombuds for senior living facilities.

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Blissful Boutique Celebrates One-Year Anniversary at Paseo Nuevo

Lisa Green Hosts Makers Market Every First and Third Saturday of the Month

Lisa Green hosts Makers Market every first and third Saturday of the month.

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The Tiny Home Education Revolution

How Santa Barbara High Schoolers Are Learning Trades and Constructing Their Futures

How Santa Barbara high schoolers are learning trades and constructing their futures.

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Who’s Hiring? Tech Topia

Santa Barbara’s Tech Mini-Boom Is Still Thriving

Santa Barbara’s tech mini-boom, aka Tech Topia, continues. Here’s where it might go.

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Educational Opportunities

Should You Go Back to School to Find Better Work?

Many people are going back to school. Should you?

What Job Is Right for You?

Use Your Personality to Find Your Career

Figure out your personality type to find your career calling.

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Who’s Hiring? Food Service and Hospitality

It’s Easy to Find Good Work in This Popular Industry

It’s not hard to find work in this industry, which has the third most employees in the county.

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Good Gigs: Employee-Owned Businesses

How to Work for Equity in This Business Model

Don’t just work for cash, work for equity. Here’s how the employee-owned business model works.

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Who’s Hiring? The Nonprofit Option

Breaking into Santa Barbara’s Large Nonprofit Sector

Santa Barbara boasts more nonprofits per capita than most places on the planet.

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Who’s Hiring? Big Employers

Santa Barbara County’s Top Two Employers

Take a look at Santa Barbara County’s top two employers.

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Resume & Interview Dos and Don’ts

Nail These Critical Steps for Your Next Job

How to nail these critical steps to getting your next job.

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Workin’ It

The Santa Barbara Independent’s Special Section on Careers

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Good Gigs: Working for Yourself

Hate the Office? Work from Home, or a Shared Space

Hate the office? Work from home, or at least from a more mellow shared space.

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Kay Cheon’s Coffee Mastery

French Press Barista Takes Third Place in National Competition

French Press barista takes third place in national competition.

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Hungry for Hungry Planet’s Vegan Burger

Santa Barbara Schoolkids and Foodies Alike Are Opting for Meat-Free Food

Santa Barbara schoolkids and foodies alike are opting for meat-free food.

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Ghost Flower Sews In Self-Healing

New Active-Wear Clothing Line Inspired by Yoga Teachings

This new active-wear clothing line is inspired by yoga teachings.

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Taco Tuyo’s Plant-Based Mexican Food

Steven Sysum’s Vegan Takeout Restaurant Opens on East Haley Street

Steven Sysum’s vegan takeout restaurant opens on East Haley Street.

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Project Recovery Helps Addicted Mothers 

Substance Abuse Program Treats Parents, Reunites Families

Substance abuse program treats parents, reunites families. 

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Ride Vintage Train, Benefit Gaviota Coast

Cruise the shoreline in style while raising cash for conservation.

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Santa Barbara’s First Ever Argentine Festival

Yerba Mate, Empanadas, and Cumbia Down on Cabrillo Boulevard

Yerba mate, empanadas, and cumbia down on Cabrillo Boulevard at Plaza del Mar on July 11.

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Santa Barbara Wellness Professionals Integrate Innovative Holistic Practices

New Center Combines Relaxation, Detoxification, Lifestyle Coaching, and Alternative Therapies

New center combines relaxation, detoxification, lifestyle coaching, and alternative therapies.

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Occupy Beauty’s Real Feeling of Community

Women Gather to Find Beauty and Love at Pacifica Graduate Institute on June 6

Report from women’s gathering at Pacifica Graduate Institute on June 6.

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Interview with Melanie Elkin of Occupy Beauty

Yoga’licious Founder Helps Women Find Self-Love and Express Themselves

Yoga’licious founder helps women find self-love and express themselves.