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Volunteer with the Family Service Agency

Agency Partners with The Village of Santa Barbara to Launch 'Volunteer 4 Seniors' Campaign

Agency partners with The Village of Santa Barbara to launch 'Volunteer 4 Seniors' campaign.

How to Avoid Phone Scams

They’re Rampant in Santa Barbara, Often Costing Victims Thousands

They’re rampant in Santa Barbara, often costing victims thousands.

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Nutrition for Longevity

Sansum Clinic’s Gerri French Offers Tips on Eating Right

Sansum Clinic’s Gerri French offers tips on eating right.

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Meeting Your Fitness Needs

Santa Barbara Offers a Range of Fitness Activities for Seniors

Santa Barbara offers a range of fitness activities for seniors.

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Community Action Commission Provides Free Meals, Home Repairs for Seniors

Hot Meals Five Days a Week for 14,000 People in Santa Barbara County

Hot meals five days a week for 14,000 people in Santa Barbara County.

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Recognizing the Signs of Elder Abuse

Why This Crime, Which Can Lead to Death, Often Goes Unreported

Why this crime, which can lead to death, often goes unreported.

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Meet Santa Barbara’s Trampoline Man

86-Year-Old Lawrence Ortiz Jumps on His Trampoline Every Day

86-year-old Lawrence Ortiz jumps on his trampoline every day.

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Anti-Ageism: The Emerging Social Movement

Discrimination Against Seniors Is a Growing Concern

Discrimination against seniors is a growing concern.

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SBCC School of Extended Learning Celebrates 100 Years

Take Affordable Classes for All Ages in Various Fields

Take affordable classes for all ages in various fields.

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Proper Planning for Retirement

Financial Literacy Becomes Increasingly Important as We Age

Financial literacy becomes increasingly important as we age.

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