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Las Fuentes’ Citrusy History

Montecito’s Birnam Wood Golf Course Community Once Home to One of California’s Largest Lemon Ranches

Montecito’s Birnam Wood golf course community was once home to one of California’s largest lemon ranches.

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Santa Barbara’s Adobe Construction History

How Mud Came to Be the Cornerstone of Early Construction in California

How mud came to be the cornerstone of early construction in California.

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Plaza de la Guerra: Santa Barbara’s Social Center

Home to City Hall, This Plaza Has Been Focal Point of City's Social Life Since 1820s

Home to City Hall, this plaza has been a focal point of the city's social life since the 1820s.

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The St. Francis Dam Collapse of 1928

Disaster Left More Than 400 Dead and Some 1,400 Structures Destroyed

This disaster left more than 400 dead and some 1,400 structures destroyed.

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Royalty Visits Santa Barbara

Beauty of the South Coast Entrances Royals

The first royal visit to Santa Barbara was in 1882.

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Santa Barbara’s Bygone Beauty Contests for Gas Stations

Pearl Chase Spearheaded Countywide Competitions to Encourage Beautification of Service Stations

Pearl Chase spearheaded countywide competitions to encourage the beautification of service stations.

Santa Barbara Girls School

A Day and Boarding School

A day and boarding school

The Fithian Family

Prominent South Coast Family Built the Fithian Building

The prominent South Coast family Built the Fithian Building

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The History of Lake Cachuma

Twenty Years in the Making

Cachuma was 20 years in the making.

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The San Ysidro Ranch

The San Ysidro Was Originally a Working Ranch

The exclusive resort was originally a working ranch.

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