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State Rejects Montecito Sanitary District Conflict Complaint

District Anonymously Accused of Misusing Public Funds

District anonymously accused of misusing public funds.

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County Eyeing Private Montecito Land to Build New Debris Basin

Supervisors Start Negotiating with Randall Road Owners

Supervisors have started the negotiation process with Randall Road parcel owners.

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Water Managers, County Wrangle Over Lake Cachuma Supply

In Some Ways, the South Coast Is In a Worse Drought Fix Than in 2014

In some ways, the South Coast is in a worse drought fix than in 2014.

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The $120,000 Campaign for Montecito’s Water Future

Wealthy Donors Bankroll a Five-Member Slate for Water, Sanitary Boards

Wealthy donors bankroll a five-member slate for the community's water and sanitary boards.

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Saving Mountain Dwellers from Wildfire

Will More Fuel Breaks on San Marcos Pass Protect Them?

Will more fuel breaks on San Marcos Pass protect them?

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More Than Devotion Needed to Rebuild La Casa de María

Mending a 'Sacred Space' Will Cost $30 Million

Mending Montecito's 'sacred space' will cost $30 million.

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Santa Barbara County Town Hall Meets About Fire

Fuel Break, Wildfire Funding, and Drought Topics of Discussion

Fuel break, wildfire funding, and drought are the topics of discussion.

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Montecito Residents Piece Apart New Flood Map

Despite Objections, Officials Say Map Stands

Despite objections for individual parcels, officials say map will stand.

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County Fire Chief Calls for More Fuel Breaks

Peterson Wants to Create a Continuous Front-Country Line from Montecito to Goleta

Peterson wants to create a continuous front-country line from Montecito to Goleta.

Insurance Tips Post-1/9 Debris Flow

Montecito Residents Gather for Practical Advice

A nonprofit advocacy group offered advice to Montecito residents.

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Supervisors Adopt New FEMA Flood Map for Montecito and Carpinteria

It's Not Perfect, They Say, but It Will Help People Build More Safely

It’s not perfect, they say, but it will help people rebuild more safely.

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FEMA Reveals New Map for Montecito, Carpinteria Valley

Provides Guidance on Rebuilding in 1/9 Debris Flow Floodplains

Property owners wishing to rebuild must avoid flooding from 100-year storms.

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Montecito’s History of Violence

Past and Present Disasters Force Residents to Reconsider Rebuilding

Residents are second-guessing rebuild efforts as disasters past and present haunt the psyche.

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After the Debris Flow, Scientists and Survivors Are Looking at Montecito's Worst-Hit Neighborhood

Dispatches from a Disaster: Part 2

Dispatches from a Disaster: Part 2

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UCSB Scientists Scour Montecito Creeks for Clues to the 1/9 Debris Flow

Dispatches from a Disaster: Part I

Dispatches from a Disaster: Part I

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Santa Barbara County Fast-Tracks Rebuilding for Montecito

Supervisors Streamline Rules for Debris Flow Victims

Supervisors voted 5-0 to streamline permitting rules in wake of 1/9 Debris Flow

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Moving Back to a Montecito Danger Zone

Homeowner Plans to Rebuilt, Despite Risks

A homeowner who lost almost everything wants to rebuild in a neighborhood where 11 people died on 1/9.

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County Leaders Tackle the Hard Facts of Montecito’s Future

Unstable Mountains Remain Dangerous

A recent gathering of scientists and emergency personnel produced hard facts about the unstable mountains.

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Montecito Pushes Back on Streamlined Rebuild Process

Not So Fast with Fast-Track Rebuilding, Leaders Tell the County

Not so fast with fast-track rebuilding, leaders tell the county

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Remapping Montecito

FEMA Establishing New 'Hazard Zones' and 100-Year-Flood Elevations

FEMA is establishing new 'hazard zones' and 100-year-flood elevations.

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Next Debris Flow Could Take Different, Unknown Path

'I’ve Never Seen This Degree of Hazard,' Says Cal Fire Scientist

"I've never seen this degree of hazard," says Cal Fire scientist.

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'Good News' from First Batch of Goleta Beach DNA Tests

Very Low Evidence of Human Fecal Material in Surf Zone or Mud from Montecito

Very low to no evidence of human fecal material in the surf zone or the mud from Montecito, UCSB scientist says.

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Trucking Mud to the Beaches Means More Sand but Dirtier Waters

Cleanup Continues Following the Montecito Disaster

Cleanup continues following the Montecito disaster.

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Detective Work of Montecito Mud at Goleta Beach

UCSB Looks for Human Source of Ocean Bacteria

UCSB is looking for a human source of ocean bacteria.

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How Montecito Mud Winds Up at Goleta Beach

Environmental Planners Call it ‘Beach Nourishment’

Environmental planners call it “beach nourishment,” as the mud turns to sand.

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Deadly Montecito Debris Flow Was Rare Event, But Could Happen Again

UCSB Geologist: “These Areas Are Very Vulnerable in the Next Two Years"

“These areas are very vulnerable in the next two years," says UCSB geologist.

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Home for Good Comes to Santa Barbara

United Way Taking Over Key Homeless Services from County's C3H Program

United Way is taking over key homeless services from the county's C3H program.

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Trump Effect: The Surge to Citizenship

Immigration Crackdown Drives Many Santa Barbarans to Become Americans

Immigration crackdown drives many Santa Barbarans to become Americans.

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Ready for Recycled Water?

It's 'Where the Future Lies,' South Coast Officials Say

It's "where the future lies," South Coast officials say.

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Can Giant Kelp Be Restored Off Goleta Beach?

A Surfer-Engineer Is Diving to Find Out

A surfer-engineer is diving to find out.

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Latino Businesses Struggling Under Trump

Across the Board, Owners Report Sales Are Way Down

Across the board, owners report sales are way down.

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Goleta Beach vs. Winter Swells

Boulders Protect Picnic Grounds, but What About the Beach?

Boulders protect the picnic grounds, but what about the beach?

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Post-Obamacare Jitters

What Would the Affordable Care Act's Repeal Mean for Santa Barbara?

What would the Affordable Care Act's repeal mean for Santa Barbara?

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As Isla Vista Bluffs Retreat, So Do Del Playa Apartments

Latest Cliff Collapse Will Force Removal of Four Units

Latest cliff collapse will force removal of four units, owner says

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Fifty More Inches of Rain Needed to Fill Cachuma

Santa Barbara's Main Reservoir Remains Driest in State

Santa Barbara's main reservoir remains the driest in the state.

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From FBI Boss to Death Penalty Foe

Tom Parker's Quest to Free a Convicted Murderer

Tom Parker's quest to free a convicted murderer.

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Santa Ynez Water Agency Quits Cachuma Operations Board

Says Board is Spending too Much Money and Water on Fish Passage Projects

Says the board is spending too much money and water on fish passage projects.

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Lake Cachuma Hits All-Time Low

‘Driest Five Years on Record’ Force Move of Emergency Pumping Barge

The “driest five years on record” force emergency pumping barge to move.

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The 'Third Age' of Water: Stretching Every Drop

Efficiency Plus Conservation is Smarter, Cheaper than Dams and Desal, Experts Say

Efficiency plus conservation is smarter, cheaper than dams and desal, experts say.

Can’t Buy Water in Goleta? Try Carpinteria

Two Developers Propose Water-Wheeling in the Drought

Two developers propose water-wheeling in the drought.

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The San Ysidro Ranch, a Water Guzzler, Gets Break on Penalties

Montecito Water District votes to forgive $16,000.

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Isla Vista Conference Looks to the Past to Shape the Future

Revisiting the Years from Riot to Mass Murder

“We have not allowed ourselves to become victims,” sociologist says.

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Goleta Agencies Throw Cold Water on Shelby Housing Project

Review of farmland rezone is in limbo because of long-forgotten water initiative.

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‘Stealth’ Water Demand Fuels Goleta Growth During Drought

Ban on New Hookups Doesn't Apply to Developers with Historical Credit, Water District Says

Ban on new hookups doesn’t apply to developers with historical credit, water district says.

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San Ysidro Ranch Racks Up Penalties for High Water Use

Exceeds Allocation 19 Times in 24 Months

The hotel has exceeded its allocation 19 times in 24 months.

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Is Isla Vista Growing Up?

With a Mixture of Optimism and Unease, Residents Feel Somewhat Safer

With a mixture of optimism and unease, residents feel somewhat safer.

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Major Restructure at Ag Commissioner’s Office

Entomologist Becomes Staff Biologist; Plant Pathologist Becomes Pest Management Specialist

Entomologist becomes staff biologist; plant pathologist becomes pest management specialist.

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Montecito Waives Water Moratorium for Miramar

Developer Gets Larger Service Line, Water Meters

Developer gets larger service line, water meters.

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Montecito Water Moratorium Stalls Miramar

Developer Wants Bigger Service Lines and Larger Meters

Developer Rick Caruso wants bigger service lines and larger meters.

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County Waives Graywater Permits in Goleta Valley

'Very Significant' Step May Be a First for California, Conservations Say

“Very significant” step may be a first for California, conservationists say.