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Saving Mountain Dwellers from Wildfire

Will More Fuel Breaks on San Marcos Pass Protect Them?

Will more fuel breaks on San Marcos Pass protect them?

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More Than Devotion Needed to Rebuild La Casa de María

Mending a 'Sacred Space' Will Cost $30 Million

Mending Montecito's 'sacred space' will cost $30 million.

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Santa Barbara County Town Hall Meets About Fire

Fuel Break, Wildfire Funding, and Drought Topics of Discussion

Fuel break, wildfire funding, and drought are the topics of discussion.

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Montecito Residents Piece Apart New Flood Map

Despite Objections, Officials Say Map Stands

Despite objections for individual parcels, officials say map will stand.

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County Fire Chief Calls for More Fuel Breaks

Peterson Wants to Create a Continuous Front-Country Line from Montecito to Goleta

Peterson wants to create a continuous front-country line from Montecito to Goleta.

Insurance Tips Post-1/9 Debris Flow

Montecito Residents Gather for Practical Advice

A nonprofit advocacy group offered advice to Montecito residents.

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Supervisors Adopt New FEMA Flood Map for Montecito and Carpinteria

It's Not Perfect, They Say, but It Will Help People Build More Safely

It’s not perfect, they say, but it will help people rebuild more safely.

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FEMA Reveals New Map for Montecito, Carpinteria Valley

Provides Guidance on Rebuilding in 1/9 Debris Flow Floodplains

Property owners wishing to rebuild must avoid flooding from 100-year storms.

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Montecito’s History of Violence

Past and Present Disasters Force Residents to Reconsider Rebuilding

Residents are second-guessing rebuild efforts as disasters past and present haunt the psyche.

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After the Debris Flow, Scientists and Survivors Are Looking at Montecito's Worst-Hit Neighborhood

Dispatches from a Disaster: Part 2

Dispatches from a Disaster: Part 2

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