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Santa Barbara County Fast-Tracks Rebuilding for Montecito

Supervisors Streamline Rules for Debris Flow Victims

Supervisors voted 5-0 to streamline permitting rules in wake of 1/9 Debris Flow

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Moving Back to a Montecito Danger Zone

Homeowner Plans to Rebuilt, Despite Risks

A homeowner who lost almost everything wants to rebuild in a neighborhood where 11 people died on 1/9.

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County Leaders Tackle the Hard Facts of Montecito’s Future

Unstable Mountains Remain Dangerous

A recent gathering of scientists and emergency personnel produced hard facts about the unstable mountains.

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Montecito Pushes Back on Streamlined Rebuild Process

Not So Fast with Fast-Track Rebuilding, Leaders Tell the County

Not so fast with fast-track rebuilding, leaders tell the county

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Remapping Montecito

FEMA Establishing New 'Hazard Zones' and 100-Year-Flood Elevations

FEMA is establishing new 'hazard zones' and 100-year-flood elevations.

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Next Debris Flow Could Take Different, Unknown Path

'I’ve Never Seen This Degree of Hazard,' Says Cal Fire Scientist

"I've never seen this degree of hazard," says Cal Fire scientist.

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'Good News' from First Batch of Goleta Beach DNA Tests

Very Low Evidence of Human Fecal Material in Surf Zone or Mud from Montecito

Very low to no evidence of human fecal material in the surf zone or the mud from Montecito, UCSB scientist says.

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Trucking Mud to the Beaches Means More Sand but Dirtier Waters

Cleanup Continues Following the Montecito Disaster

Cleanup continues following the Montecito disaster.

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Detective Work of Montecito Mud at Goleta Beach

UCSB Looks for Human Source of Ocean Bacteria

UCSB is looking for a human source of ocean bacteria.

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How Montecito Mud Winds Up at Goleta Beach

Environmental Planners Call it ‘Beach Nourishment’

Environmental planners call it “beach nourishment,” as the mud turns to sand.

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