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Ready for Recycled Water?

It's 'Where the Future Lies,' South Coast Officials Say

It's "where the future lies," South Coast officials say.

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Can Giant Kelp Be Restored Off Goleta Beach?

A Surfer-Engineer Is Diving to Find Out

A surfer-engineer is diving to find out.

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Latino Businesses Struggling Under Trump

Across the Board, Owners Report Sales Are Way Down

Across the board, owners report sales are way down.

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Goleta Beach vs. Winter Swells

Boulders Protect Picnic Grounds, but What About the Beach?

Boulders protect the picnic grounds, but what about the beach?

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Post-Obamacare Jitters

What Would the Affordable Care Act's Repeal Mean for Santa Barbara?

What would the Affordable Care Act's repeal mean for Santa Barbara?

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As Isla Vista Bluffs Retreat, So Do Del Playa Apartments

Latest Cliff Collapse Will Force Removal of Four Units

Latest cliff collapse will force removal of four units, owner says

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Fifty More Inches of Rain Needed to Fill Cachuma

Santa Barbara's Main Reservoir Remains Driest in State

Santa Barbara's main reservoir remains the driest in the state.

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From FBI Boss to Death Penalty Foe

Tom Parker's Quest to Free a Convicted Murderer

Tom Parker's quest to free a convicted murderer.

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Santa Ynez Water Agency Quits Cachuma Operations Board

Says Board is Spending too Much Money and Water on Fish Passage Projects

Says the board is spending too much money and water on fish passage projects.

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Lake Cachuma Hits All-Time Low

‘Driest Five Years on Record’ Force Move of Emergency Pumping Barge

The “driest five years on record” force emergency pumping barge to move.

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