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Does Montecito Really Need Ring Nets?

What Chaparral Regrowth Means for Debris Flow Risk

What chaparral regrowth means for debris flow risk.

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Offshore Oil: The Long Goodbye

In the Santa Barbara Channel, the 2020s Will Be a Decade of Decommissioning

In the Santa Barbara Channel, the 2020s will be a decade of decommissioning.

State Rejects Montecito Sanitary District Conflict Complaint

District Anonymously Accused of Misusing Public Funds

District anonymously accused of misusing public funds.

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County Eyeing Private Montecito Land to Build New Debris Basin

Supervisors Start Negotiating with Randall Road Owners

Supervisors have started the negotiation process with Randall Road parcel owners.

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Water Managers, County Wrangle Over Lake Cachuma Supply

In Some Ways, the South Coast Is In a Worse Drought Fix Than in 2014

In some ways, the South Coast is in a worse drought fix than in 2014.

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The $120,000 Campaign for Montecito’s Water Future

Wealthy Donors Bankroll a Five-Member Slate for Water, Sanitary Boards

Wealthy donors bankroll a five-member slate for the community's water and sanitary boards.

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Saving Mountain Dwellers from Wildfire

Will More Fuel Breaks on San Marcos Pass Protect Them?

Will more fuel breaks on San Marcos Pass protect them?

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More Than Devotion Needed to Rebuild La Casa de María

Mending a 'Sacred Space' Will Cost $30 Million

Mending Montecito's 'sacred space' will cost $30 million.

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Santa Barbara County Town Hall Meets About Fire

Fuel Break, Wildfire Funding, and Drought Topics of Discussion

Fuel break, wildfire funding, and drought are the topics of discussion.

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Montecito Residents Piece Apart New Flood Map

Despite Objections, Officials Say Map Stands

Despite objections for individual parcels, officials say map will stand.

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