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Hundreds Gather to Remember Winemaker Seth Kunin

'Seth was sustenance,' said one speaker.

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Last Butcher Standing

Country Meat Market & Catering Keeps the Cuts Coming on Calle Real in Goleta

Country Meat Market & Catering keeps the cuts coming on Calle Real in Goleta.

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The Avocado Tea Company’s Leafy Dreams

Founder Andrew Quine Finds Use for Otherwise Overlooked Avocado Leaves

Founder Andrew Quine finds use for otherwise overlooked avocado leaves.

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Kopu Water’s Sparkling Sustainability

Founders Justin and Mindy Mahy Bring New Zealand Water Stateside in Reusable Bottles

Founders Justin and Mindy Mahy bring New Zealand water stateside in reusable bottles.

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First-Ever Pioneers of Santa Barbara County Wine Tasting

Morgan Clendenen Organizing 20-Plus Wineries to Pour on November 11

Morgan Clendenen organizing 20-plus wineries to pour on November 11 in Solvang.

Bevy of Brand-New Beverages

Introducing Avocado Leaf Tea, Caffeine Water, and Sustainable-Minded Sparkles from New Zealand

Introducing avocado leaf tea, caffeine water, and sustainable-minded sparkles from New Zealand.

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Sparrow Caffeine Water

Cole McKussic Combines Health Consciousness with Caffeine Buzz into Sparkling Beverage

Cole McKussic combines health consciousness with caffeine buzz into sparking beverage.

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Ramenfest Wisdom from Japan

Chef James Siao Shares Secrets in Time for The Goodland’s Third Annual Noodle Battle

Chef James Siao shares secrets in time for The Goodland’s third annual noodle battle.

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Day of the Dead Lingo

From Cempasúchil to Mictecacihuatl, Six Día de los Muertos Terms Every Gringo Should Know

From cempasúchil to Mictecacihuatl, here are six Día de Los Muertos terms every gringo should know.

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Hard Frescos’ Hoppy Tamarindo

Review of New Flavor Aimed for Día de los Muertos

Review of this new flavor aimed for Día de los Muertos.

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Renowned Winemaker Seth Kunin Passes Away

Kunin’s Sudden Death Leaves Santa Barbara Wine Country Grieving

Kunin’s sudden death leaves Santa Barbara wine country grieving.

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Feasting on a Trio of Tasty Titles

New Food Books About a Singing Chef, Unique Eateries, and Tiny Kitchens

New food books about a singing chef, unique eateries, and tiny kitchens.  

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‘The Tiny Mess’ of Great Food from Small Kitchens

Mary Gonzalez and Maddie and Trevor Gordon Publish Colorful, Creative Recipe Book

Mary Gonzalez and Maddie and Trevor Gordon publish colorful, creative recipe book.

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Exploring ‘Unique Eats and Eateries of Santa Barbara’

Geneva Ives Pens Book About Both Popular and Hidden Restaurants

Geneva Ives pens book about both popular and hidden restaurants in town.  

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New Version of ‘Sing & Cook with Andy LoRusso The Singing Chef’

25th Anniversary Edition Includes Recipes Old and New, Songs to Sing, and More

His 25th anniversary edition includes recipes old and new, songs to sing, and more.

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Introducing Santa Barbara County Craft Beer Week

Buckles ’n’ Brews, Bus Rides, and More Highlights from Inaugural Suds Celebration

Buckles ’n’ Brews, bus rides, and more highlights from inaugural suds celebration

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Somerset to Close

High-End Anapamu Street Restaurant Will Remodel Toward More Casual Concept

High-end Anapamu Street restaurant will remodel toward more casual concept.

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New Produce-Protective Coating Promises to Double Food's Shelf Life

Santa Barbara-Based Ag-Tech Firm Unveils Edipeel for Organic and Conventional Growers

Santa Barbara–based ag-tech firm unveils Edipeel for organic and conventional growers.

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Spirit of Lotusland Cocktail Contest Returns

Famous Garden Hosts Top Mixologists Using Unique Ingredients Amid Exotic Plants

Famous garden hosts top mixologists using unique ingredients amid exotic plants.

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Santa Barbara Vintners Start NorCal Wildfire Fund

Winemakers Partnering with Direct Relief to Raise Money for Sonoma/Napa Victims

Winemakers partnering with Direct Relief to raise money for Sonoma/Napa victims.

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Cider Flows in Old Town Goleta

Santa Barbara Cider Company Offers Diverse Alternatives to Beer and Wine Tastings

Santa Barbara Cider Company offers diverse alternatives to beer and wine tastings.

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Okamoto Kitchen Comes to Presidio

Video-Game Wizard Brings Anime Food Truck to Asian American Neighborhood Festival

Video-game wizard brings anime food truck to Asian American Neighborhood Festival.

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Foodie Awards 2017

The ‘Santa Barbara Independent’ Presents Its Eighth Annual Ode to Eating Out

The 'Santa Barbara Independent' presents its eighth annual ode to eating out.

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Booze & Bites

Pairing Cocktails with Cuisine Around Santa Barbara

Pairing cocktails with cuisine around Santa Barbara

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Make Smith Leather Co. Finds Home

Third-Generation Craftsperson Steven Soria Opens Shop on De la Guerra Street

Third-generation craftsperson Steven Soria opens shop on De la Guerra Street.

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Wandering Dog Enters Craft Vinegar Game

Seminal Solvang Wine Bar Finds Home for Broken Clock Vinegar Works

The seminal Solvang wine bar finds a home for Broken Clock Vinegar Works.

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Nico Azios Decodes Syrah

Santa Barbara Winemaker Studying One Grape Variety, Vintage by Vintage

Santa Barbara winemaker studying one grape variety, vintage by vintage.

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Hard Frescos Hit Surf ’n’ Suds Beer Festival

Update on the Fermented Aguas Frescas with Santa Barbara Roots

Update on the fermented aguas frescas with Santa Barbara roots

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Introducing Ila & Cherry Newton Syrahs

Two Wines Backed by Wine-Industry Heavyweights Who Aren’t Winemakers

These two wines are backed by wine-industry heavyweights who aren’t winemakers.

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Hidden Terroir at JCR Vineyard

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Thrive in Bucolic Canyon off Jalama Road

Pinot noir and chardonnay thrive in bucolic canyon off Jalama Road.

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Santa Barbara Wine Country Leader Leaving for Oregon

Morgen McLaughlin Reflects on Four Years of Directing the County’s Vintners Association

Morgen McLaughlin reflects on four years of directing the county’s Vintners Association.

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Trio of Santa Barbara County Tasting Trails

Sip Funk Zone Bubbles, Explore Buellton, and Trolley into the Santa Maria Valley

Sip Funk Zone bubbles, explore Buellton, and trolley into the Santa Maria Valley.

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Fine Dining and DIY Wine at Bottlest

Buellton’s Terravant Facility Reenvisions Restaurant, Creates Make-Your-Own Bottle Program

Buellton’s Terravant facility reenvisions its restaurant and creates a make-your-own bottle program.

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Introducing the Improved Santa Barbara Wine + Food Festival

Annual Fundraiser for Museum of Natural History Evolves in Its 30th Year

The annual fundraiser for the Museum of Natural History evolves in its 30th year.

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VitaJuwel Vino Vial’s Surprising Effects

Can Crystals Make Your Wine Smoother?

Can these crystals make your wine smoother?

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Capturing the Mojave Desert

Painters, Photographers, Poets, and More Invited to Artist-in-Residence Program

Painters, photographers, poets, and more can learn about the artist-in-residence program on May 21.

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Achieving Authenticity at The Bear and Star  

Fess Parker Family Launches Groundbreaking Ranch-to-Restaurant Concept in Los Olivos.

The Fess Parker family launches a groundbreaking ranch-to-restaurant concept in their Los Olivos hotel.

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Isla Vista Rockers Reunite

UCSB Alumni Weekend Brings Del Playa’s former finest to Campbell Hall

UCSB Alumni Weekend brings Del Playa’s former finest to Campbell Hall.

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Epic Views and Vines Atop Grimm’s Bluff

Growing Quality Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc High Above the Santa Ynez River

They’re growing quality cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc high above the Santa Ynez River.

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Gardening Guru Pens Kids’ Book

Randy Arnowitz Spreads His Passion Through Rhymes in ‘Noah’s Alphabet Garden’

Randy Arnowitz spreads his passion through rhymes in ‘Noah’s Alphabet Garden.’

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Take a Trip on the S.B. Ale Trail

New App and Map Guides Craft Brew Lovers Around Town and Beyond

The new app and map guides craft brew lovers around town and beyond.

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Savoy Wines Coming to Anapamu Street

Bob Wesley Partners with Paul Shields of Savoy Cafe to Open New Wine Shop

Bob Wesley partners with Paul Shields of Savoy Cafe to open new wine shop downtown.

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The Triple Play @ East Beach Tacos

Though No Longer a Package Deal with Free Pitches, This Taco Trio Still Rocks

Though not longer a package deal with free pitches, this taco trio still rocks.

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Moscow Mule Extravaganza at Goodland Hotel

J.J. Resnick Publishes Recipe Book, Releases Copper Cleaning Product

J.J. Resnick publishes a recipe book and releases a copper cleaning product.

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Pairing Top Chefs with Star Winemakers

Inside Wine Santa Barbara Hosts Food-and-Wine-Pairing Extravaganza

Chef Mossin Sugich and Winemaker Coby Parker-Garcia discuss Inside Wine S.B.’s pairing extravaganza.

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Scallop Crudo @ The Black Sheep

Shellfish Goes Sweet and Succulent at This East Ortega Street Gastropub

Shellfish goes sweet and succulent at this East Ortega Street gastropub.

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Fire Roasted Chili Burger @ Padaro Beach Grill

Green Kick and Soft Bun Make for Good Outdoor Eats

Green kick and soft bun make for good outdoor eats.

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Garagiste Fest Goes Grenache

Annual Showcase of Boutique Winemakers Shines Spotlight on Versatile Grape

The annual Solvang showcase of boutique winemakers shines spotlight on this versatile grape.

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Somerset Restaurant Brings Swank to Anapamu Street

Superhero Staff Combines Seasonal Cuisine, Creative Cocktails, and Glitzy Vibe

Superhero staff combines seasonal cuisine, creative cocktails, and glitzy vibe.

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Orchid Fest Insight with Wayne Ferrell

Mystique, Obsession, Sex, and More on Display at 72nd Santa Barbara International Orchid Show

Mystique, obsession, sex, and more are on display at the 72nd Santa Barbara International Orchid Show.