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Matt Kettmann started at The Independent in 1999, working as a proofreader, news reporter, and pop culture editor before becoming senior editor in 2006.

In addition to covering Santa Barbara affairs for 15-plus years and overseeing, the San Jose native and UCSB grad has tracked down stories in such places as Bolivia, Belize, Costa Rica, Uganda, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, France, Spain, Mexico, and the wartorn, officially unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

He is also a contributing editor for Wine Enthusiast, reviewing the wines and covering the culture of the Central Coast, and has written about a variety of topics for the New York Times, TIME Magazine, Smithsonian, Wine Spectator, Sunset, and other publications large and small.

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Carlitos Celebrates 40 Years

Leslie and Carlos Lopez Opened Their Ever-Popular Mexican Restaurant in 1978

Leslie and Carlos Lopez opened their ever-popular Mexican restaurant on State Street in 1978.

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Chef’s Corner: Brendan Collins @ After Hours Pop-Up

Loquita’s Sous Chef Hosting Later-Night, Multicourse Dinners Around Town

Loquita’s sous chef is hosting later-night, multicourse dinners around town.

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Day-by-Day at the Live Oak Café

The Always Exhausting, Occasionally Rewarding Life of Running Your Own Restaurant

Inside the always exhausting, occasionally rewarding life of running your own restaurant.

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BYOB! Hosts Learn to Home Brew Day

Supply Shop on Upper State Street Teaches How to Brew Beer and More on November 3

Supply shop on Upper State Street teaches you how to brew beer and more on November 3.

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Zachary Rosen Hosts ‘Biegrnette: Light, Life, & Death’ @ SBCAST

Certified Cicerone Pairs Beer and Food with Mixed Media, Written Word, and Performance Art

Certified Cicerone pairs beer and food with mixed media, written word, and performance art.

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Ridge Vineyards’ Classic California Wines

Santa Cruz Mountains Icon Pouring at El Encanto and Wine + Beer in November

The iconic Santa Cruz Mountains winery is pouring at El Encanto and Wine + Beer in November.

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Brave & Maiden’s Elevated Tasting Experience

Direct-to-Consumer Evolution Hits the Santa Ynez Valley

Direct-to-consumer evolution hits the Santa Ynez Valley.

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Epicurean S.B. Goes Big for Anniversary

“Pure Imagination” on November 4 Features Food, Wine, Song, Dance, and More at Hotel Californian

“Pure Imagination” on November 4 features food, wine, song, dance, and more at Hotel Californian.

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A CBD Smorgasbord

Mini-Reviews of Vape Pens, Balms, and Capsules That Promote Healing, Not Highs

Mini-reviews of the latest vape pens, balms, and capsules that promote healing, not highs.

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How to Make Food Your Medicine

Nutrition, Healing, Herbs, and More Coming to Plant Food and Medicine Conference

Nutrition, healing, herbs, and more coming to Plant Food and Medicine Conference on October 27.

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