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State Bill Would Kill Restart of Platform Holly, Rincon Island

Both Installations Had Been Shut Down in Recent Years

Both installations had been shut down in recent years.

Southern California Is Losing Its Clouds

New Study Reveals a Significant Decline Since the 1970s

New study reveals a significant decline since the 1970s.

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Ventura County Warns Residents of Debris Flow Risks

But 'Don't Wait For Us,' Says Sheriff's Official — 'Save Yourself'

But 'don't wait for us,' says Sheriff's official — 'save yourself.'

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Thomas Fire Had Two Origins

Fresh Revelation Comes as Residents Sue Edison for Allegedly Starting the Massive Wildfire

The fresh revelation comes as residents sue Edison for allegedly starting the massive wildfire.

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King Tides Give Glimpse of Future Sea Level Rise

County Planners Keeping Close Tabs on Accelerating Bluff Erosion

County planners are keeping close tabs on accelerating bluff erosion.

Oil Company Sued for Ventura Discharges

EDC alleges California Resources Company didn't properly monitor runoff.

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Island Fox Back from the Brink

Likely the Fastest Revival of Any Endangered Species

It was likely the fastest revival of any endangered species.

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UCSB’s Young Forest Ecologist

Park Williams On Cloud Forests, Global Warming, and His Career Path

Park Williams on cloud forests, global warming, and his career path.

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NASA Blasts CO2 Monitoring Satellite into Space

Successful Launch Comes Four Years After Expensive Failure

Successful launch comes four years after expensive failure.

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