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Medical Professionals Brace for Cannabis

Preparing for Public Effects of Legal Recreational Pot

With recreational legalization three months off, treatment needs are anticipated as law enforcement and medical personnel meet behind closed doors.

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Will Janet Wolf Run for Reelection?

The county supervisor remains coy about her plans.

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The Doobie Brothers Talk Regulations

Supervisors Williams, Lavagnino and County Move Closer to Finalizing Commercial Cannabis Rules

Supervisors Williams and Lavagnino and the county move closer to finalizing commercial cannabis rules.

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Sheriff Brown on the Hot Seat

Defends Immigration Cooperation at Public Forum

Defends immigration cooperation at public forum.

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The Cannabis Carnival Comes to Santa Barbara

The Industry Explodes, Leaving Everyone in It Wondering What’s Next

As the industry’s underground culture explodes, everyone from pot trimmers to tomato farmers wonders where it will go.

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Future Uncertain for Santa Barbara Dreamers

Trump's DACA Decision Affects 4,800 County Residents

Trump's DACA decision affects 4,800 county residents.

City Revokes State Street Dispensary Permit

Issues Arise Between Applicant and Partners

There appear to be issues between the applicant and his partners.

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County Rejects Rancho La Laguna Development Proposal

Applicant Wanted 13 Residential Parcels on Ag Land

Applicant wanted to carve 13 residential parcels out of 4,000 acres of agriculture land.

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Santa Barbara Native Beats Trump in Trademark Battle

Tom Scharfeld Refused to Change Name of His iTrump Trumpet App

Tom Scharfeld refused to change the name of his iTrump trumpet app.

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Gang Rape Suspect Will Be Sentenced to 36 Years

Daniel Chen, 22, Accepted a Plea Bargain

Daniel Chen, 22, accepted a plea bargain.

Chumash-Sponsored Bill Pulled

Would have expanded tax exemptions to land under application.

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De la Vina Medical Marijuana Dispensary Approved

The decision comes after an appeal from neighbors.

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‘At a Loss’ with Goleta Beach

Boulders Petitioned to Coastal Commission

Supervisors petition keeping boulders to Coastal Commission.

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Among the Detainees at Adelanto

A Look Inside the Detention Facility Where Santa Barbara's Undocumented Residents are Often Held

A look inside the detention facility where Santa Barbara's undocumented residents are often held.

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The Goodland and Pot

Goleta Feels Out Residents on Potential Cannabis Regulations

Goleta feels out residents on potential cannabis regulations.

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Fareed Files Papers to Run for Congress

The two-time congressional candidate has $54,000 left over from his last race.

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Overtime Case Settles for $6 Million

Guadalupe Packing Company Ends Class-Action Lawsuit

Guadalupe packing company ends class-action lawsuit.

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Tracy Macuga Leads Public Defender's Office in New Directions

She Inherited Department With Morale and Turnover Issues

She inherited a department with morale and turnover issues.

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Plains All American Proposes to Replace Pipeline

Massive Oil Transport Company Decides Not to Repair

Massive oil-transport company decides not to repair broken pipe that caused Refugio Oil Spill.

Controversial Language Policy at Goleta Medical Device Company

Employee Objects to Multilingual Workplace

Employee objects to multilingual workplace.

CO Detectors Installed in Sheriff Cars

Department concerned the Ford Explorers could be leaking carbon monoxide; Ford issues statement.

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Anthem Blue Cross Pulling out of Santa Barbara

Insurance Provider Leaving 16 of State's Covered California Regions

Citing market uncertainty, the insurance provider is leaving 16 of the state's Covered California regions.

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Wolf Urges Caution in Cannabis Regulations

Calls for Limiting Number of Acres for Cultivation

She calls for more transparency and limiting the number of cultivation acres.

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Taxi Driver Convicted of Rape

Hamid Sarwary picked the victim up at a downtown nightclub and assaulted her at Shoreline Park.

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A Pot-Pourri For You and Me

Growers Face Bumpy Road with Neighbors

Growers face a bumpy road with neighbors.

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Unholy Guacamole!

Avocado Harvests Way Down, Prices Shoot Up

Avocado harvests are way down and prices are shooting up.

County to Permit Hoop Houses

Will create process for hoop houses over 20 feet tall.

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Camp 4 Bill Moves to Full House of Representatives

Chumash Legislation Still Allows County Negotiations

Chumash legislation still allows county negotiations to be considered.

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Undocumented Immigrant Bailed Out of ICE

Jailed Without Priors, Part of Tougher Immigration Policies

Jailed without priors as part of new, tougher immigration policies

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Cannabis: Cash Is King

Banks Wary of Marijuana-Fueled Accounts

Banks are wary of marijuana-fueled accounts.

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Three Shark Encounters in Two Days

Near Leadbetter and Goleta

Seen near Leadbetter Beach and off Goleta.

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Lavagnino Announces Run for Reelection

The moderate Republican was first elected in 2010.

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Well Shamers Prevail

County Imposes Discretionary Review for All Water-Well Permits

County imposes discretionary review for all water-well permits.

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County Settles Excessive Force Lawsuit for $800,000

Jeremy Bordegaray Was Shot After Breaking into Home, Stealing Cop Car

Jeremy Bordegaray was shot after breaking into a home and stealing a cop car.

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The Artistic Life of a Con

The Story of Fulton Leroy Washington’s Second Chance at Life

The story of Fulton Leroy Washington’s second chance at life.

Complaints Surface Over Lack of Jail Ride Program

It stopped after Rock Star discontinued it taxi fleet.

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Carbajal Raises Nearly $1 Million This Year

His Fundraising Surpassed Both Senators Feinstein and Harris

The freshman congressmember's fundraising surpassed both senators Feinstein and Harris.

Natalie Merchant Lights Up the Bowl

Singer/Songwriter’s Voice Was Enchanting

The singer/songwriter’s voice was as enchanting as ever.

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Highway 154 Open Again

Whittier Fire Still on the Move, but Slowly

Whittier Fire still on the move, but slowly.

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Santa Barbara County Joins "We Are Still In"

The county supervisors adopted a resolution to oppose President Trump's decision to back out of the Paris Accord.

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Apparent Suicide Attempt in County Jail

In 2016, had been more than one attempt a month.

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Are There 450 Million Doobies in Santa Barbara's Future?

Burning Question Is the Tax Rate

But the burning question is the tax rate growers would pay.

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Santa Barbara Sheriff Blasts ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill

Says Senate Bill 54 Will Harm Public Safety

Says Senate Bill 54 will harm public safety.

Natalie Merchant Coming to the S.B. Bowl

10,000 Maniacs Singer Talks Activism, Parenting, and Intention

10,000 Maniacs singer talks activism, parenting, and intention.

Van Do-Reynoso Named New County Health Director

She comes from Madera County.

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City Outlines Recreational Marijuana Regulations

Discussion Begins Around Expanding Dispensaries Beyond Three Currently Allowed

There's been discussion around expanding dispensaries beyond the three that are currently allowed.

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Labor Shortage Leaves $13 Million in Crops to Rot in Fields

More Mexican Immigrants are Leaving the U.S. Than Arriving

More Mexican immigrants are leaving the U.S. than arriving.

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All Aboard the ‘Coast Starlight’

Train Ride Offers View of Coast Like No Other

The train ride offers a view of the coast like no other.

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Oprah Gives $100K to Sheriff's Office

County approves gift to substation for Montecito, Carpinteria, and Summerland.

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Billion Dollar Budget Approved

More Money In but Even More Money Out

More money in but even more money out for jail, roads, fire, and pensions.