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Three Shark Encounters in Two Days

Near Leadbetter and Goleta

Seen near Leadbetter Beach and off Goleta.

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Lavagnino Announces Run for Reelection

The moderate Republican was first elected in 2010.

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Well Shamers Prevail

County Imposes Discretionary Review for All Water-Well Permits

County imposes discretionary review for all water-well permits.

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County Settles Excessive Force Lawsuit for $800,000

Jeremy Bordegaray Was Shot After Breaking into Home, Stealing Cop Car

Jeremy Bordegaray was shot after breaking into a home and stealing a cop car.

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The Artistic Life of a Con

The Story of Fulton Leroy Washington’s Second Chance at Life

The story of Fulton Leroy Washington’s second chance at life.

Complaints Surface Over Lack of Jail Ride Program

It stopped after Rock Star discontinued it taxi fleet.

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Carbajal Raises Nearly $1 Million This Year

His Fundraising Surpassed Both Senators Feinstein and Harris

The freshman congressmember's fundraising surpassed both senators Feinstein and Harris.

Natalie Merchant Lights Up the Bowl

Singer/Songwriter’s Voice Was Enchanting

The singer/songwriter’s voice was as enchanting as ever.

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Highway 154 Open Again

Whittier Fire Still on the Move, but Slowly

Whittier Fire still on the move, but slowly.

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Santa Barbara County Joins "We Are Still In"

The county supervisors adopted a resolution to oppose President Trump's decision to back out of the Paris Accord.

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Apparent Suicide Attempt in County Jail

In 2016, had been more than one attempt a month.

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Are There 450 Million Doobies in Santa Barbara's Future?

Burning Question Is the Tax Rate

But the burning question is the tax rate growers would pay.

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Santa Barbara Sheriff Blasts ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill

Says Senate Bill 54 Will Harm Public Safety

Says Senate Bill 54 will harm public safety.

Natalie Merchant Coming to the S.B. Bowl

10,000 Maniacs Singer Talks Activism, Parenting, and Intention

10,000 Maniacs singer talks activism, parenting, and intention.

Van Do-Reynoso Named New County Health Director

She comes from Madera County.

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City Outlines Recreational Marijuana Regulations

Discussion Begins Around Expanding Dispensaries Beyond Three Currently Allowed

There's been discussion around expanding dispensaries beyond the three that are currently allowed.

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All Aboard the ‘Coast Starlight’

Train Ride Offers View of Coast Like No Other

The train ride offers a view of the coast like no other.

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Labor Shortage Leaves $13 Million in Crops to Rot in Fields

More Mexican Immigrants are Leaving the U.S. Than Arriving

More Mexican immigrants are leaving the U.S. than arriving.

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Oprah Gives $100K to Sheriff's Office

County approves gift to substation for Montecito, Carpinteria, and Summerland.

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Billion Dollar Budget Approved

More Money In but Even More Money Out

More money in but even more money out for jail, roads, fire, and pensions.

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City Trying to Abate Mobile Home Park Panic

Development Laws Getting Tighter and Cleaner

It's working on making development laws tighter and cleaner.

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Is St. George La Casa's Savior?

Emotions Mixed Over Pending Sale to Developer

Emotions are mixed over a pending sale to the developer.

Pot Shop Takes One Step Forward

De la Vina Establishment Approved, but Appeal Expected

De la Vina establishment approved, but appeal expected.

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Chumash Seek Property Tax Relief

Pending Federal Legislation Opposed by Some Valley Residents

The pending federal legislation is opposed by some valley residents.

Prop 47 No Go

County Misses Out on $3 Million in Funding for Treatment Program

The county misses out on $3 million in funding for a treatment program.

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Kinky Friedman Plays at Jones Fest

Country Legend Performs at Front-Yard Music Festival

Country legend performs at Santa Ynez front-yard music festival.

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Firefighters Bracing for Summer Roadside Fires

Numerous Spot Fires Take Out Acres on Wednesday and Thursday

Numerous spot fires take out acres on Wednesday and Thursday.

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ICE Now Deporting the Unconvicted

Federal Immigration Cops Detain Man with No Criminal Record

Federal immigration cops detained a man with no criminal record. Now he faces deportation.

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Pot Shop Complaints

Odors, Parking, and Security Entangle Store Proposal

Odors, parking, and security entangle the De la Vina store proposal.

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ICE Raid Picks Up 10 in Santa Barbara County

Southern California-Wide Arrests Nab 188 Immigrants

Southern California-wide arrests nab 188 immigrants.

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Pot Fears Grow in Carpinteria

Smell of Buds in Bloom and Quantity of Cash Worry Neighbors

The smell of buds in bloom and the quantity of cash involved worry some neighbors.

Gun Restraint Order Introduced

Would be a means to stop gun purchase temporarily.

Goleta Library Funding Spared

Supporters pack Santa Barbara City Hall.

Rodriguez Plays the Granada

‘Searching for Sugarman’ Thrills Crowd

The ‘Searching for Sugarman’ subject thrills a beaming audience.

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Oil Spill Lessons

A Refugio Retrospective, Two Years After

A Refugio retrospective, two years after.

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Parking Fee Fight Set to Kick Off

County Will Look at Charging at Parks, Beaches

The county will look at charging at parks and beaches.

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County Committee Backpedals on Reworking Library Funding Formula

Last week's dispute brought up many tricky questions.

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Oprah All Wet in Montecito Water Wars

Celebrity Drama Previews Hard Look at Private Wells

The celebrity drama previews a hard look at private wells.

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Immigrant Fieldworkers: In or Out?

Trump’s Executive Order on Agriculture Could Open Door for Worker Program

Will Trump’s recent executive order invite a worker program for agriculture?

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Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Profiles of Cool Careers, and the Latest Employment Trends in Santa Barbara County

Profiles of cool careers and the latest employment trends in Santa Barbara County.

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Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing at La Cumbre Country Club

Bursts into flames after descent, passengers and pilot safe.

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Empowering Curly Girls at LunaBella

Couple Serve the Underserved in S.B.

The black lesbian couple serves the underserved in S.B.

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Santa Barbara Joins Granny Flat Debate

State Law Eases Permits for Accessory Dwelling Units

State law eases permits for Accessory Dwelling Units.

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County Libraries in the Financial Spotlight

Supervisors Clash on Where County Funding Should Go

Supervisors clash on where county funding should go.

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Santa Barbarans Join National Marches

Marchers Get the Word Out on International Workers’ Day and People’s Climate March

Marchers get the word out on International Workers’ Day and People’s Climate March.

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Willie Nelson’s Birthday Party at the Bowl

Singer Sounds Great at 84

Though he played the night before at Stagecoach, the singer’s voice was the opposite of tired.

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Sen. Jackson Slams Door on Offshore Oil Drilling

California Fights Trump's Federal Drilling Order

California fights Trump's federal oil exploration order, including in Santa Barbara Channel.

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Williams, Lavagnino Become Doobie Brothers

Supervisors Make Unlikely Allies in Drafting Pot Ordinance

The supervisors have made unlikely allies in drafting the county's pot ordinance.

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Hartmann Takes Camp 4 Fight to D.C.

Urges Rep. LaMalfa to Rethink Annexation Legislation

She urges Rep. LaMalfa to rethink annexation legislation.

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News Commentary: Santa Barbara’s First One Hundred Days of Donald Trump

One Reporter’s Journey Through a Strange Land

One reporter’s journey through the strange land of Donald Trump’s first 100 days