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Arrests Made in New Year's Day Murder

Police are still looking for Joel Campos, 25.

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Toddler Doing Well After Flood Ordeal

In the hospital with his father, who also survived

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Highway 101 Won't Open for 'At Least Another Week'

Amtrak Added Railcars over the Weekend

Amtrak added space for an additional 2,000 passengers.

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Inmates Make Up a Quarter of Fire Personnel

Inmates carried a safe on a stretcher.

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Thai-American Family Devastated by Montecito Mudslide

Supermarket Becomes a Sanctuary for Community

Vons becomes a sanctuary for Montecito community.

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Another Body Found Saturday in Montecito Mudslides

Nineteen Fatalities Confirmed

The Sheriff's Office has confirmed 20 fatalities.

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Highway 101 Opening Pushed Back

Caltrans Says Re-Open Date Unknown

Caltrans announced re-open date unknown; trains have been delayed.

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Where Is the Mud Going?

Truckloads of black, watery mud collected after the devastating Montecito mudslides are being dumped .

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Formal Missing Persons List Drops to Five; 500 More Firefighters Work the Montecito Mudslides

Confusion About the Number of Missing Persons Explained, Per Undersheriff

The number of firefighters increased to 1,250 from about 700 on Thursday.

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Vons Opens to Montecito Customers After Mudslides

Residents were escorted to shop, but were told they could not get back to their homes until further notice. Too many equipment trucks were on the road, sheriff's deputies said.

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Stories of Heroism, Heartbreak Emerge from Montecito Mudslides

17 People Killed and 100 Homes Destroyed in Post-Thomas Fire Disaster

Seventeen people were killed and 100 homes were destroyed in the post-Thomas Fire disaster.

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Family Assistance Center 'Packed' on Wednesday Following Montecito Mudslides

Family Members are Visiting the Center to Ask About Missing Relatives

Family members visited the center to ask about missing relatives.

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First-Person Stories from the Montecito Mudslides

Accounts of Miracles Emerge from the Deluge

Accounts of miracles continue to emerge from the deluge.

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Two-Year-Old Girl Rescued by Montecito Family

She is reportedly expected to survive.

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13 Deaths Now Confirmed After Tuesday-Morning Mudslides

[UPDATE, Jan. 9, 6:11 p.m.] “Very bad” damage reported to main water pipeline supplying Montecito and Carpinteria.

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Dozens Remain Trapped by Montecito Mudslides

Bodies Recovered from Butterfly Beach, Olive Mill Road, Channel Drive Off-Ramp

Bodies have been recovered from Butterfly Beach, Olive Mill Road, and the Channel Drive off-ramp.

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Potentially ‘Catastrophic’ Mudslides Predicted in the Wake of the Thomas Fire

Fire-Denuded Hillsides and Rain a Potent Mix for Flooding

Fire-denuded hillsides and rain a potent mix for flooding.

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New Year's Shooting Victim Identified

Many Details Remain Unclear

Santa Barbara resident Jesus Reyes was shot and killed downtown early Monday morning.

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Susan Epstein Launches Campaign to Become Santa Barbara County Supervisor

Goleta school board member promises fiscal responsibility and to protect the environment.

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New Year's Murder in Downtown Santa Barbara

One Dead, One Injured Following Shooting at De la Vina and Victoria Streets

One dead, one injured following shooting at De la Vina and Victoria streets.

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Narcan Use Increases in Isla Vista

The opioid-blocking medication was administered twice over the Christmas holiday.

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Days Away from Legalization, Pot Shops Are Not Opening Soon

Feuds in Carpinteria and Lompoc Erupt over Coming Pot Laws

Feuds in Carpinteria and Lompoc erupting over pot laws that go into effect January 1

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Year in Review: Kelsey Brugger’s Favorite Stories of 2017

News Reporter Kelsey Brugger Picks a Few of Her Favorite Articles from the Past Year

News Reporter Kelsey Brugger picks a few of her favorite articles from the past year.

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Odor Neutralizers to the Rescue?

Cannabis Growers Deploy Deodorizers to Combat Complaints

Cannabis growers deploy deodorizers to combat complaints.

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Thomas Fire ‘Lurkers’ Arrested

'Crimes of Opportunity' Charged and a Cannabis Lab Found

'Crimes of opportunity' charged and a cannabis lab found.

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Avocado Orchards Burn in Thomas Fire but Harvest Still Strong

Crop Still Expected to Be Bigger Than Last Year

Crop still expected to be bigger than last year.

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Victims of the Thomas Fire

Firefighter Cory Iverson Died December 14; Evacuee Virginia Pesola on December 6

Firefighter Cory Iverson died on December 14; evacuee Virginia Pesola on December 6.

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Thomas Fire Reveals the Rise of Privatized Firefighting

With a Little Extra Cash, You Too Can Get Extra Fire Protection

With a little extra cash, you too can get extra fire protection.

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Several Highway 101 Off-Ramps Remain Closed

CHP's road closures to decrease traffic in the mandatory evacuation neighborhoods.

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Santa Barbara Mobilizes Buses to Shuttle Eastside Evacuees to Shelters

As the Thomas Fire Moves Towards the City, Officials Are Mobilizing Resources

As the Thomas Fire moves towards the city, officials are mobilizing resources.

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Firefighters Plan to Attack Thomas Fire Before Winds Pick Up at 2 a.m.

Hand Crews Cut Fire Lines at San Ysidro Creek Overnight

Hand crews cut fire lines at San Ysidro Creek over Friday night.

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Santa Barbara Allowing Cannabis Businesses to Remain Open Under New State Laws

Regulations Go into Effect January 1

The state regulations go into effect January 1.

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‘Inhumane’ Conditions at Santa Barbara County Jail?

Disability Rights California Sues Over Alleged ‘Unsanitary’ Conditions

Disability Rights California sues over alleged “unsanitary” conditions.

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Thomas Fire Fatality Identified

Virginia Pesola Was Formerly with S.B. County Counsel and Ventura Court of Appeal

Virginia Pesola was formerly with Santa Barbara County Counsel and Ventura Court of Appeal.

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Harmful Air Quality Brought by Thomas Fire Could Last ‘Weeks to Months’

Catch-22: Air-Cleaning Winds Would Make Firefight More Difficult

It’s a catch-22: Air-cleaning winds would make firefight more difficult.

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County Supervisors Vote Against Paid Leave for Evacuees

The county supervisors vote against 40 hours of paid leave for Thomas Fire evacuees.

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Randy Rowse Explains His Objection to Recreational Pot Regulations

With Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Opioids, Why Double Down on Cannabis?

With alcohol, cigarettes, and opioids, why double down on cannabis? he asks.

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Firefighters Focused on Defending Carpinteria from Thomas Fire on Monday

Over 6,000 Fire Personnel Fight On; Voluntary Evacuations Stretch to Highway 154

[UPDATE] Public meeting on current fire conditions will be held at 4 p.m. at San Marcos High School.

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Santa Barbara County Darkens

More Than 3,500 Fire Personnel Deployed to the Thomas Fire

More than 3,500 fire personnel have been deployed to the Thomas Fire.

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Friday Morning Update: Thomas Fire Grows to 132,000 Acres

Future Remains Unknown

The fire has grown to 132,000 acres. It is 10 percent contained.

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Evacuations from Carpinteria to Toro Canyon as Thomas Fire Grows to 115,000 Acres

Evacuation Warnings and Orders Clarified at Thursday Evening Press Conference

Evacuation warnings and orders were clarified at the Thursday evening press conference.

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Thomas Fire Creating ‘Hazardous’ Air-Quality Conditions in Santa Barbara

The county’s Reserve Medical Corps is now distributing free face masks.

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Removal Process of Platform Holly Begins

County Supervisors Weigh in on the Future of Oil Around Santa Barbara

The county supervisors weighed in on the future of oil around Santa Barbara.

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La Casa de la Raza Lawsuit Flares Up

Dispute Continues Over the Political and Cultural Hub's Future

Dispute continues over the political and cultural hub's future.

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Isla Vistans Asked Not to Burn Couches, Set Off Fireworks During Thomas Fire

Things got rowdy Monday night during the blackout.

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What Ever Happened to the 2014 Deltopia Rioter Case?

Violent, Unsanctioned Isla Vista Street Party Made It the Last

Violent, unsanctioned Isla Vista street party made it the last giant one.

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Chumash Bill Passes House, Moves to Senate

Bill would allow the tribe to immediately annex the 1,400-acre property known as Camp 4.

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Less Oil Production Means Less Oil Money for Schools

Two Districts Are Hurting After the Refugio Oil Spill Shutdown

Two districts are hurting after the Refugio Oil Spill shutdown.

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Starting Gun Fires in 2nd District Supervisorial Race

Democrat Susan Epstein Has Pulled Papers; Republicans Looking for Viable Candidate

Democrat Susan Epstein has pulled papers; Republicans are looking for viable candidate.