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ICE Raid Picks Up 10 in Santa Barbara County

Southern California-Wide Arrests Nab 188 Immigrants

Southern California-wide arrests nab 188 immigrants.

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Pot Fears Grow in Carpinteria

Smell of Buds in Bloom and Quantity of Cash Worry Neighbors

The smell of buds in bloom and the quantity of cash involved worry some neighbors.

Gun Restraint Order Introduced

Would be a means to stop gun purchase temporarily.

Goleta Library Funding Spared

Supporters pack Santa Barbara City Hall.

Rodriguez Plays the Granada

‘Searching for Sugarman’ Thrills Crowd

The ‘Searching for Sugarman’ subject thrills a beaming audience.

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Oil Spill Lessons

A Refugio Retrospective, Two Years After

A Refugio retrospective, two years after.

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Parking Fee Fight Set to Kick Off

County Will Look at Charging at Parks, Beaches

The county will look at charging at parks and beaches.

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County Committee Backpedals on Reworking Library Funding Formula

Last week's dispute brought up many tricky questions.

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Oprah All Wet in Montecito Water Wars

Celebrity Drama Previews Hard Look at Private Wells

The celebrity drama previews a hard look at private wells.

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Immigrant Fieldworkers: In or Out?

Trump’s Executive Order on Agriculture Could Open Door for Worker Program

Will Trump’s recent executive order invite a worker program for agriculture?

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Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Profiles of Cool Careers, and the Latest Employment Trends in Santa Barbara County

Profiles of cool careers and the latest employment trends in Santa Barbara County.

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Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing at La Cumbre Country Club

Bursts into flames after descent, passengers and pilot safe.

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Empowering Curly Girls at LunaBella

Couple Serve the Underserved in S.B.

The black lesbian couple serves the underserved in S.B.

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Santa Barbara Joins Granny Flat Debate

State Law Eases Permits for Accessory Dwelling Units

State law eases permits for Accessory Dwelling Units.

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County Libraries in the Financial Spotlight

Supervisors Clash on Where County Funding Should Go

Supervisors clash on where county funding should go.

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Santa Barbarans Join National Marches

Marchers Get the Word Out on International Workers’ Day and People’s Climate March

Marchers get the word out on International Workers’ Day and People’s Climate March.

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Willie Nelson’s Birthday Party at the Bowl

Singer Sounds Great at 84

Though he played the night before at Stagecoach, the singer’s voice was the opposite of tired.

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Sen. Jackson Slams Door on Offshore Oil Drilling

California Fights Trump's Federal Drilling Order

California fights Trump's federal oil exploration order, including in Santa Barbara Channel.

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Williams, Lavagnino Become Doobie Brothers

Supervisors Make Unlikely Allies in Drafting Pot Ordinance

The supervisors have made unlikely allies in drafting the county's pot ordinance.

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Hartmann Takes Camp 4 Fight to D.C.

Urges Rep. LaMalfa to Rethink Annexation Legislation

She urges Rep. LaMalfa to rethink annexation legislation.

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News Commentary: Santa Barbara’s First One Hundred Days of Donald Trump

One Reporter’s Journey Through a Strange Land

One reporter’s journey through the strange land of Donald Trump’s first 100 days

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Race for Congress 2018 Already Begins

Carbajal raises a half-million dollars in first three months of this year.

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Dudley Worries Over Marijuana-Related Car Accidents

Cites Steep Increase in Colorado After Drug Was Legalized

She cited a steep increase in Colorado after the drug was legalized.

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Deputies Now Equipped with Narcan

Sheriff's personnel trained how to administer the heroin overdose antidote.

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Social Services Brace for Pain

County Department Preparing to Lay Off 128 Employees

The county department is preparing to lay off 128 employees.

APCD Launches Fireplace Incentive Program

Residents Offered $1,000 to Improve Air Quality

Residents offered $1,000 to improve air quality by not burning wood.

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Alleged Hate Crime in Isla Vista

Gay Man Hit in Face, Jaw Broken

Gay man hit in face after basketball pickup game, jaw broken.

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CA a Sanctuary State?

Bill Passed the State Senate, Headed to the Assembly

Sheriff Bill Brown said the law wouldn't make communities safer.

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Higher Pension Costs Mean More Budget Cuts

County Forced to Work with $11 Million Less

The county is being forced to work with $11 million less.

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County Reluctantly Approves $1 Million for Goleta Beach

The funds already paid for emergency anti-erosion work during the storms.

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Food for the Undocumented

Carp Farmers, Members of Indivisible Help Families Afraid to Re-Register for Food Stamps

Carp farmers, members of Indivisible help families afraid to re-register for food stamps.

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Blush Restaurant + Lounge Closes

The State Street eatery suddenly closed Tuesday.

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County Launching Online Registry of Marijuana Farmers

Growers Thank County For Its 'Progressive' Approach

Growers thank the county for its "progressive" approach to regulation.

Former Dancer Sues Spearmint Rhino

Alleges she couldn't take breaks and didn't receive overtime pay.

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ICE Ping-Pongs on Shaming S.B. Sheriff

After Apologizing, Feds Call out County Yet Again for Not Cooperating

After apologizing, the feds call out the county yet again for not cooperating.

ICE'S Mea Culpa

Federal Agency Apologizes to Sheriff Brow

The federal agency apologized to Sheriff Brown.

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Gun Seizures Go Way Up in Two Years

Linked to Drug-Dealer Arrests

Linked to drug-dealer arrests.

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Cottage Pays $600,000 in Flesh-Eating Bacteria Wrongful-Death Suit

Hospital Makes Policy 'Idiot-Proof,' Says Plaintiffs' Guardian

Hospital makes emergency-room policy 'idiot-proof,' says plaintiffs' guardian.

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Meet the New Crop of Santa Barbara Resisters

Tough and Energized, They're Swinging High and Hitting Hard

Tough and energized, they're swinging high and hitting hard.

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ICE Traps and Immigration Nightmares

Legal Aid Forums Held, People Afraid to Come

Legal aid forums are being held, but people are afraid to come.

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Chumash Chair Reelected

It's Been a Busy Year for Kenny Kahn and His Tribe

It's been a busy year for Kenny Kahn and his tribe.

County Increasing Building Permit Fees

For a 2,000-square-foot home, that translates to a $2,380 increase.

Museum of Contemporary Art Moving to Funk Zone

Nonprofit recently purchased Anacapa Street plot for $3.5 million.

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A Tropical Garden Getting Flipped?

Questions Arise Over Mobile Home Park's Fate

Questions arise over the mobile home park's fate.

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Supes Double Down on Opposing SLO Rail Spur Project

Controversial Project Ignited Debate Statewide

Controversial project ignited debate among environmentalists and energy workers statewide.

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Jail Grievance Coordinator Silences Critics

Mental Health Advocates Pleasantly Surprised by Lt. Mark Mahurin

Mental health advocates have been pleasantly surprised by Lt. Mark Mahurin.

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S.B. Joins International Women's Day

'It's becoming stronger and more powerful,' said participant of women's movement.

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Funk Zone Blues

Can Santa Barbara's Hippest Neighborhood Keep Its Cool?

Can Santa Barbara's hippest neighborhood keep its cool?

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Farmers Diverge on Trump Immigration Plans

Supervisor Peter Adam Says Mass Deportations May Be a Good Idea

Supervisor Peter Adam says mass deportations may be a good idea.

Geis Appointed to I.V. Community Services District

The county's recently retired auditor-controller will tackle the funding a dilemma.