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Visibility Rally at De la Guerra Protests Homophobia

'I'm Proud to Be Gay' Are the Words for the Day

'I'm proud to be gay' are the words for the day.

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Who Will Run for Santa Barbara County 2nd District?

Janet Wolf’s Decision to Step Down Leaves an Opening

Janet Wolf’s decision to step down leaves an opening.

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Changes Are Coming to Immigration Practices at the Santa Barbara County Jail

Forum Debates the Pros and Cons of Working with ICE

Forum debates the pros and cons of working with ICE.

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Despite Litigation Threat, County Moves Forward with Tajiguas Plan

Environmental Groups Continually Blast Project's Design, Development Impact

Environmental groups have continually blasted the project's design and development impact.

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Santa Barbara Supervisor Janet Wolf Won't Seek Reelection

It's 'Time to Give Someone Else a Chance,' She Said

It's 'time to give someone else a chance,' she said.

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Santa Barbara's District Attorney Charges Isla Vista Landlord James Gelb

Gelb Stands Accused of Disturbing the Peace with Homophobic Slurs

Gelb is accused of disturbing the peace after shouting homophobic slurs on State Street.

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Landlord James Gelb Verbally Accosts Isla Vista Official Ethan Bertrand on State Street

Encounter Started with Criticism of Controversial Landlord's Practices; Ended in Homophobic Slurs

The encounter started with criticism of the controversial landlord's practices and ended in homophobic slurs.

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More Mesa Protected Under Goleta Community Plan

Oceanfront Residents Worry Development Restrictions Will Affect Existing Stairways

Oceanfront residents worry new development restrictions will affect existing stairways.

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Cannabis Tax Recipients Could Impact Santa Barbara's City Banking

Feds Continue Campaign Against Pot Sales

Union Bank has a dim view of the pot industry and recently shut down suspicious client accounts.

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ExxonMobil Applies to Truck Crude Oil from Las Flores

Hopes to restart offshore platforms; Plains All American applies to rebuild broken pipe responsible for Refugio Oil Spill.

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