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Beware of Eclipse Eye Protection

Only Certain Equipment will Protect You

Only certain equipment will protect you from the sun.

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Circle V Ranch Camp Rebuild Underway

The Whittier Fire destroyed two lodges and a water facility.

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Hollister Ranch Public Access Case Ongoing

Talks continue, but the issue may soon head to trial.

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Special Ed Head Reassigned

Helen Rodriguez now focusing on English-learned students.

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Carpinteria Bluffs Permanently Preserved

Land Trust Now Proud Owner of the 21 Acres of Beloved Open Space

The Land Trust for Santa Barbara County is now the proud owner of the 21 acres of beloved open space.

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Peabody Stadium Q&A Scheduled

And the groundbreaking is set for August 23.

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Solar Chargers Provided to Homeless Women

Additional safety and security comes with a full phone battery.

Phone Scam Warning Issued by Sheriff

D.A. to Educate Targeted Elderly Communities

DA to educate targeted elderly communities.

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Hidden Valley for Outdoor Ed?

School District Mulls Teaching Sustainable Agriculture, Animal Husbandry

School district mulls teaching sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry.

Schools Reach Out on Student Stress

Effort Follows Increase in Racial Tensions, Two Sudden Deaths

Effort follows increase in racial tensions and two sudden deaths.

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Channel Islands Up for Federal Review

Public Comment Period Ends August 15

The public comment period ends August 15.

Virtual Kidnap Arrest Made

Houston Woman Charged with Conspiracy and Wire Fraud

A Houston woman is charged with conspiracy and wire fraud.

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Nearby Wildfires Simmer Down

Whittier, Alamo Blazes Have Cost An Estimated $55 Million to Fight

The Whittier and Alamo blazes have cost an estimated $55 million to fight.

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Peabody Stadium a Go

School District Approves $28.7 Million Construction Bid

The school district approves a $28.7 million construction bid.

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Whittier Fire: Friday, July 21 Update

Containment reaches 83 percent, brief flare-ups visible Thursday night.

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Nonstop Travel in Morro Bay

A Seaside Escape 100 Miles From Town

A seaside escape, 100 miles from town.

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Mopping Up the Whittier Fire

Fire Officials Assess Damage and Praise Cooperation

Fire officials assess damage and praise cooperation.

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Billy Baldwin Announces 'Backdraft' Sequel

He said he recently read the script and production will start next year.

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Whittier Fire Officials Look to Winter

Complete firebreak in Bear Creek drainage on fire's eastern edge, continue to tackle front country.

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Whittier Fire Quiets Down Overnight

Crews Working to Contain Bear Creek Edge, State of Emergency Declared

Crews work to contain eastern edge in Bear Creek drainage; county declares state of emergency.

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The Whittier Fire

The Story of Near Escapes, Trapped Children, Heroic Acts, and an Endless Fire Season

The story of near escapes, trapped children, heroic acts, and an endless fire season.

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Rescuing Children from the Whittier Fire

A Forest Service Patrolman and a Santa Barbara Firefighter Helped 90 Campers and Their Counselors Survive the Flames

How a Forest Service patrolman and a Santa Barbara firefighter helped 90 campers and their counselors survive the flames.

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Davies Kabogoza Death Ruled an Accidental Drowning

Kabogoza Improperly Fastened His Belt-Pack Flotation Device, Coroner’s Report Says

Kabogoza improperly fastened his belt-pack flotation device while paddle boarding, the Coroner’s report says.

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Schools Embrace Restorative Discipline

Conflict Resolution Method Slowly Replacing Zero-Tolerance Traditions

The conflict resolution method is slowly replacing zero-tolerance traditions.

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South Coast Shark Sightings Increase

A great white was recently spotted off Stearns Wharf.

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State Budget Bodes Well for Santa Barbara Schools

District adopts its own $161 million budget.

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$700,000 Earmarked for Becker Well Capping

The Summerland well has been leaking sticky crude for years.

New Adams Principal Takes the Reins

Kelly Fresch arrived from Tustin.

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Vacation Rentals Lawsuit Survives Ruling

Complaint Argues City Crackdown Runs Counter to Coastal Act

The complaint argues the city's crackdown runs counter to the Coastal Act.

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Peabody Price Tag Soars

School District Proposes Shifting $6 Million from Armory Purchase

The school district has proposed shifting $6 million from the armory purchase.

School District Expands Summer Meals Program

It offers free breakfast, lunch, and dinner to anyone 18 or younger.

High School Tiny Homes Program Gets Funding Boost

$25,000 heading to Advanced Woodworking and Construction Technology students.

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Annual Isla Vista GIVE Sale Nets $27,000

Nearly 140 volunteers collected more than 27 tons of donated goods.

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The Land of Summer

Have a Lazy or Lively Day in the Town Down the Coast

Have a lazy or a lively day in the town down the coast.

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Tide-pooling Discoveries

Anemones, Keyhole Limpets, and Turban Snails at Sea’s Edge

Anemones, keyhole limpets, and turban snails come to view as the sea ebbs.

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Santa Barbara Surfer Rides a 53-Foot Wave

Ben Andrews Rides Maverick’s and Wins $50,000

Santa Barbara surfer Ben Andrews rides a 53-foot wave at Maverick’s and wins $50,000.

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Blue and Green 2017

Our Annual Ode to the Great Outdoors

Our annual ode to the great outdoors.

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Coastal Well Cleanup Bill Clears Senate

Bills aims to allocate $2 million to capping leaky wells.

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Short-Term Rentals Get a No in Santa Barbara

In Split Vote, County Supervisors Ban Certain Short-Term Rentals

In a split vote, the county supervisors banned certain short-term rentals.

Coroner's Reports Filed in High School Deaths

The information on two deaths that occurred in March has been made public.

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Becker Wellhead EIR Released

One more step is made in the process to cap a leaky Summerland oil well.

Hearing Slated for County Vacation Rentals

The County Board of Supervisors will review short-term rental regulations on June 6.

Schools Construction Boom Stalled by Lack of Interest

Too Busy to Bid, Say Local Contractors

Local contractors said to be too busy to bid; Washington to get new gas lines.

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Santa Barbara County Not Filing Charges in Sherpa Fire

The Forest Service has yet to decide if it will attempt to recover costs.

High Schooler Knocked Unconscious in Fight

Assault near San Marcos High involved four students.

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Santa Barbara Unified Starts iPad Program

Students will receive digital devices starting in the fall.

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Isaac Alvarado Draws from the Past

Wolf's Head Annex Offers Stylish Haircuts on Traditional Furniture

Isaac Alvarado continues a family tradition of hairstyling at Wolf's Head Annex with a vintage flair passed on from his grandfather.

New Superintendent for Goleta Schools Chosen

Donna Lewis will lead the school district.

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Montecito Schools Pick New Superintendents

Amy Alzina heading to Cold Spring, Anthony Ranii taking over Montecito Union.

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SBCC College Promise Going 'Spectacularly Well'

Of the 756 students who joined in the fall, 85 percent stuck with the program.