Keith Hamm

Three-legged dog walks into a bar. Orders a whiskey. Bartender pours the drink and says, "I thought the sheriff told you to be outta town by sundown!" Three-legged dog belts back the whiskey, slams down the shot glass, and says, "I ain't leavin' town till I found out who shot my paw."

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County Fire Spokesperson Capt. Dave Zaniboni Retiring

He served 33 years with the department.

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County Moves Toward All-Electric Fleet

Staff directed to squeeze more miles out of existing vehicles.

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Drought Is Officially Over, County Declares

Yet officials say a water shortage remains.

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Architect Chris Dentzel on Santa Barbara Homebuilding

Collaboration with Contractors Is Key, Early and Often

Collaboration with contractors is key, early and often.

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The Go-Bag

Pack Enough to Survive On Your Own For at Least 72 Hours

Pack enough to survive on your own for at least 72 hours.

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Do You Live in a Red Zone?

And Do You Know the Difference Between a Flood Advisory and Flood Warning?

And do you know the difference between a Flood Advisory and a Flood Warning?

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El Kit De Suministros

Empaque lo Suficiente para Sobrevivir por lo Menos 72 Horas

Empaque lo suficiente para sobrevivir al menos 72 horas.

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Best Emergency Information Sources

From Text Alerts to the Radio Ready System, There Are Options

From text alerts to the Radio Ready system, there are plenty of options.

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The Santa Barbara Disaster Prep Guide

It’s Best to Plan Ahead for the Worst

It’s best to plan ahead for the worst.

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Evacuating Your Pets

Preparing Supplies and Arranging Transport Can Save Critical Time

Preparing supplies and arranging transport can save critical time.

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