Keith Hamm

Three-legged dog walks into a bar. Orders a whiskey. Bartender pours the drink and says, "I thought the sheriff told you to be outta town by sundown!" Three-legged dog belts back the whiskey, slams down the shot glass, and says, "I ain't leavin' town till I found out who shot my paw."

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Master Lensman: Architectural Photographer Jim Bartsch

Brooks Grad Carved Niche Shooting Homes, Hotels

The Brooks graduate found a niche shooting homes and hotels.

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Ring Nets Proposed for Unstable Montecito Canyons

Waterways Are Still Loaded with Rock and Loose Soil

The waterways are still loaded with rock and loose soil.

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Reps. Carbajal, Bacon Take Bipartisan Tour  

Republican Don Bacon Visits 24th Congressional District 

Republican Don Bacon visited the 24th Congressional District. 

Wildfire Bill Aims for Prescribed Burns, Better Planning

SB 1260 Drafted in Wake of State's Most Destructive Fire Season 

SB 1260 was drafted in the wake of California's worst fire season. 

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La Casa de Maria Closing for Rebuild

Interfaith Retreat Recovering from 1/9 Debris Flow

The interfaith retreat is recovering from 1/9 Debris Flow. 

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Montecito Recovery Center Remains Open

Mental Wellness Nonprofit Secures Lease 

Mental wellness nonprofit secures month-to-month lease.

Human Remains Remain Unidentified

DNA Sent to State Database

DNA samples have been sent to state database.

County to Rework Short-Term Rental Rules

Regulations Need Coastal Commission Approval

New regulations would need Coastal Commission approval.

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Fish for Free on September 1

No Need for a License, Other Regs Still Apply

A license is not required but other regulations still apply. 

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Outside Party Intervenes in Hollister Ranch Access Case

Coastal Trails Group Allowed to Argue Against Settlement

Judge Colleen Sterne allows a trail group to argue against existing settlement agreement.

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