Keith Hamm

Three-legged dog walks into a bar. Orders a whiskey. Bartender pours the drink and says, "I thought the sheriff told you to be outta town by sundown!" Three-legged dog belts back the whiskey, slams down the shot glass, and says, "I ain't leavin' town till I found out who shot my paw."

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The Land of Summer

Have a Lazy or Lively Day in the Town Down the Coast

Have a lazy or a lively day in the town down the coast.

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Tide-pooling Discoveries

Anemones, Keyhole Limpets, and Turban Snails at Sea’s Edge

Anemones, keyhole limpets, and turban snails come to view as the sea ebbs.

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Blue and Green 2017

Our Annual Ode to the Great Outdoors

Our annual ode to the great outdoors.

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Santa Barbara Surfer Rides a 53-Foot Wave

Ben Andrews Rides Maverick’s and Wins $50,000

Santa Barbara surfer Ben Andrews rides a 53-foot wave at Maverick’s and wins $50,000.

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Coastal Well Cleanup Bill Clears Senate

Bills aims to allocate $2 million to capping leaky wells.

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Short-Term Rentals Get a No in Santa Barbara

In Split Vote, County Supervisors Ban Certain Short-Term Rentals

In a split vote, the county supervisors banned certain short-term rentals.

Coroner's Reports Filed in High School Deaths

The information on two deaths that occurred in March has been made public.

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Becker Wellhead EIR Released

One more step is made in the process to cap a leaky Summerland oil well.

Hearing Slated for County Vacation Rentals

The County Board of Supervisors will review short-term rental regulations on June 6.

Schools Construction Boom Stalled by Lack of Interest

Too Busy to Bid, Say Local Contractors

Local contractors said to be too busy to bid; Washington to get new gas lines.

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