Keith Hamm

Three-legged dog walks into a bar. Orders a whiskey. Bartender pours the drink and says, "I thought the sheriff told you to be outta town by sundown!" Three-legged dog belts back the whiskey, slams down the shot glass, and says, "I ain't leavin' town till I found out who shot my paw."

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Welcome to the Jungle

Santa Barbara Filmmaker Morgan Maassen Drops 17 Minutes of Surf Candy

Filmmaker Morgan Maassen goes around the world in 17 minutes.

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End of an Era for Open Alternative School

District Board Votes to Close Beloved K-6 Campus at End of School Year

District board votes to close the beloved K-6 campus at the end of the school year.

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Cojo Jalama Ranch Owner Agrees to Restore Habitat

Reaches Deal with Coastal Commission over Unpermitted Wells, Roads, and Cultural Site Disturbance

Baupost reaches deal with Coastal Commission over unpermitted wells, roads, and cultural site disturbance.

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Superintendent Matsuoka Presents Annual School Status Update

Matsuoka Talks Big Picture, Nuts and Bolts in Yearly Address

Matsuoka talks big picture, and nuts and bolts in his yearly address.

Dyslexia Workshop on November 8

Will focus on technologies that help struggling readers.

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Santa Barbara's School Food Smarts

Cafeteria Cooks Learn New Plant-Based Recipes from Celebrity Chef Eddie Garza

Cafeteria cooks learn new plant-based recipes from celebrity chef Eddie Garza.

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Behind the Wheel with Driving2Save

New Website Promotes Safety and Savings

New website helps drivers save money and commute safely.

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Shear Talent: Salgados Open The Barber Shop

Sibling Team Cuts and Styles Men and Women

Downtown space provides cuts and shaves, plus the Victorian Salon.

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Santa Barbara Schools on #MeToo Track for Sexual Assault Awareness

Report Uptick in 'Genetalia Grabbing'

There's been a reported uptick in "genetalia grabbing."

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Anacapa Island's Spiny Lobster Fishery Closed

Demoic acid at unsafe levels.

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