Keith Hamm

Three-legged dog walks into a bar. Orders a whiskey. Bartender pours the drink and says, "I thought the sheriff told you to be outta town by sundown!" Three-legged dog belts back the whiskey, slams down the shot glass, and says, "I ain't leavin' town till I found out who shot my paw."

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Santa Barbara Middle School Community Eulogizes School Parent David Cantin

Father of 9th Grader Rescued from Montecito Mudslide Remembered at Leadbetter Beach Memorial

The father of the 9th grader rescued from the Montecito mudslide was remembered at a Leadbetter Beach memorial.

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Straight Talk on Montecito Evacuation Reaction and the Flood

Montecito Fire District's Abe Powell Reveals Officials' Anxiety Before Storm and Fearless Response to Mudflow

Montecito Fire Protection District's Abe Powell reveals officials' anxiety before storm and fearless response to mudflow.

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Stories of Heroism, Heartbreak Emerge from Montecito Mudslides

17 People Killed and 100 Homes Destroyed in Post-Thomas Fire Disaster

Seventeen people were killed and 100 homes were destroyed in the post-Thomas Fire disaster.

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Gearing Up for Getting Out

Putting Together an Emergency Go-Bag for Disaster Readiness

A well-stocked, personal go-bag makes for a proper evacuation.

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First-Person Stories from the Montecito Mudslides

Accounts of Miracles Emerge from the Deluge

Accounts of miracles continue to emerge from the deluge.

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Montecito’s All Saints-by-the-Sea Church Open as Triage, Evacuation Center

[UPDATE] Santa Barbara hotels offer special rates to flood victims and evacuees.

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Carpinteria and Montecito Schools Close After Flood Warnings

Landslides and debris flows move too quickly to evacuate hundreds of students, officials say.

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'Significant Storm' on the Way for Santa Barbara County, Officials Warn

Flooding Expected Monday Night Below Burn Areas

Rainfall in Thomas Fire areas could hit one inch per hour at its peak.

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Thomas Fire Benefit Auction Opens Saturday

Porch Hosts Fundraiser with Donated Artwork

Bidding runs through January on donated artwork with all proceeds going to families affected by the fire.

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Kevin Elliott Is New Los Padres Supervisor

He comes from Sequoia National Forest with four decades of experience.

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