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SBIFF Day 10: Final Echoes in Festival Land

Jakob Dylan, ‘Peel’, and Top 10 Fest Favorites

Jakob Dylan, ‘Peel’, and Top 10 fest favorites

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SBIFF Day 9: Out of Africa

'Zulu Summer' and 'Black Panther'

'Zulu Summer' is one of the most inspiring films on the program.

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SBIFF Day 8: Ethereal Evil

Director Krzysztof Zanussi Talks New Film

Director Krzysztof Zanussi answers questions about his new film post screening.

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2019 SBIFF So Far

Directors, Celebrities, Films, and Weather

Directors, celebrities, films, and weather add up to fine fest.

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SBIFF Day 7: Adventures in the Multiplex

Foreign Films Dominate SBIFF Screens

Foreign films dominate SBIFF screenings.

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Day 5: They Got Game, Musically Speaking

David Crosby Doc and Aretha Franklin Live

David Crosby Doc and Aretha Franklin Live

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Day 4: Screen Heroes Transcend Rain

Viggo Mortensen and Screenwriters Panel

Viggo Mortensen and screenwriters indulge audiences with delightful stories.

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SBIFF: Day 3: Farm to Film

Engaging Doc About Dirt-To-Bounty

John Chester has created an engaging documentary about the toils of bringing food from soil to fruition.

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Day 2: Directors Uncut

Outstanding Directors and Up Close with Alfonso Cuarón

Outstanding Directors honored and an up close with Alfonso Cuarón.

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SBIFF: Opening Night and Day One

A Deep Diver’s Legacy Lingers

A deep diver’s legacy lingers; movies to see.

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Let It Be Beatles

Fab Four Film Series Beatles Revolutions Comes to UCSB’s Carsey-Wolf Center

Fab Four film series Beatles Revolutions comes to UCSB’s Carsey-Wolf Center.

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In Helsinki: A Rake’s Progress, and Jazz

Author Tours Nontraditional Music Venues

Author tours nontraditional music venues.

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Top Ten TV and Films

Josef Woodard’s Favorites from 2018

Josef Woodard’s favorite viewing from 2018.

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‘Shoplifters’ a Deft Delicately Rendered Family Saga

Emotionally Powerful in Quiet, Unexpected Ways

Emotionally powerful in quiet, unexpected ways.

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‘Viper Club’ is Uneven But Important

Film Serves as Wake-Up Call

Killing the messengers is an alarming reality and this film serves as a wake-up call.

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'Maria by Callas'

Film Makes Audience Fall in Love with the Soprano

Film succeeds in making us fall in love again (or for the first time) with the soprano, and with opera.

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The Deliciously Delirious World of 'Maniac'

Netflix’s Strange, Trippy, Biochemically Fantastical Love Story

TV’s strangest, trippiest, and most biochemically fantastical love story this year.

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Coen Brothers’ ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’

Good Ol’ Yet New-Fangled Magic

It adds up to that good ol’ yet new-fangled magic.

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The History and Jazz of Monterey

Woodard Travels Up the Coast to Steep in California Tradition and Music

Woodard travels up the coast to steep in California tradition and music.

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‘The Happy Prince’ Details Life of Oscar Wilde

Rupert Everett Is a Magnetizing Center of Narrative Storm

Rupert Everett is a magnetizing center of this film that inspires and meanders by turns.

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‘The Guilty’ Is Intense, Twist-Filled Film

Excitingly Cerebral and Touchingly Human

Director Gustav Möller’s movie is as exciting as a cerebral, filmic venture and touching as a fully, knotty human story.

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‘Tea with the Dames’: Revered Actresses Talk Career, Life

Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Joan Plowright, and Eileen Atkins in Conversation

Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Joan Plowright, and Eileen Atkins venture down their respective and collective memory lanes.

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Call to Action Film Festival

SBIFF Showcases Social, Environmental, Political Slate of Docs

SBIFF showcases a social, environmental, and political slate of docs, as well as community-engaging panel discussions with artists and community leaders.

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‘The Miseducation of Cameron Post’: Chloë Grace Moretz Gives Slow-Burning Performance

Film Avoids Hysterical Depiction, Artfully Deals with Volatile Subject of Conversion Therapy

The film avoids hysterical depictions of the conversion campaign, instead artfully dealing with realities of a volatile situation with too much relevance in the modern moment.

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Regina Hall Shines in ‘Support the Girls’

Sisterly Support in Man’s World is Story’s Maxim

The balm of sisterly support in a man’s world serves as the story’s moving maxim.

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Jennifer Fox’s ‘The Tale’ Untangles Blurred Memories

Story Lingers in Mind Thanks to Deep Dive by Director

The film lingers in the mind longer than its headline-tapping relevance thanks to the deep dive made by the director.

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Montana’s Tippet Rise Art Center

A Blissful Art and Music-Enhanced Destination

A blissful art and music-enhanced nature destination.

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‘Love, Cecil’ Captures Life of Photog Cecil Beaton

Documentary Does Smashing Job of Filling in Blanks of Multitalented Brit

Lisa Immordino Vreeland’s documentary does a smashing job of filling in the blanks and chronology of this restless, multitalented Brit.

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Birthday Tripping with Mickey

It’s a Smaller World, After All

It’s a smaller world, after all.

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Gillian Flynn’s ‘Sharp Objects’ Comes to TV

HBO Adapts Book into Stylish, Arty Thriller

HBO adapts book into stylish, arty thriller for the small screen.

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French Cinema Takes Over Riviera

SBIFF Presents Its Seventh Wave Film Festival

SBIFF presents its seventh Wave Film Festival.

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Asian American Film Series at the Alhecama

Features and Documentaries Screen on Fridays in July

Features and documentaries screen each Friday in July.

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Andrea Riseborough Shines in ‘Nancy’

Actress Is Cosmic, Elusive Star of Film

This impressive first feature film drops us into the murky world of Nancy, who may or may not be a woman kidnapped as a young girl.

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‘Lost in Space’ Is Netflix’s Latest Binge-Worthy Series

Series Deftly Blends Family-Friendly Elements with Bizarre, Scary Forces

The series deftly blends family-friendly elements with bizarre, scary forces.

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‘Babylon Berlin’ Is a Seductive, Gritty, Film-Noir-Basted Wonder

Netflix Original Series Explores 1929 Germany’s Weimar Republic

Netflix’s original series explores Germany’s fragile but culturally fertile Weimar Republic in 1929.

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‘Ismael’s Ghosts’ Gets a Bit Too Undone at Times

Stew of a Film That Never Fully Satisfies

It’s a stew of a film that lures viewers into its tasty trap without fully satisfying.

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Dark Comedy ‘Barry’ Dazzles in Series Opener

Bill Hader Stars as Reluctant Hitman in Fab New Show

Bill Hader stars as a reluctant hitman in his fab new show on HBO.

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‘Itzhak’ Gives Glimpse Into Violinist Itzhak Perlman’s Life

Touching, Persuasive Documentary on the Celebrity Virtuoso

Director Alison Chernick presents a touching and persuasive documentary on the celebrity virtuoso.

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‘Ramen Heads’ Takes Viewers on Mouth Watering Journey

Japanese Doc Delves into Specialized World of Gourmet Ramen Makers

Japanese documentary delves into the specialized world of legendary gourmet ramen makers.

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‘Leaning into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy’ Is Dreamy and Visually Gorgeous

Documentary Paints Portrait of Artist Who Continues to Evolve and Invent

Thomas Riedelsheimer’s documentary paints a portrait of an artist who continues to evolve and invent.

‘Oh Lucy!’ Goes Dark Before the Light Comes in Again

Woman Who’s Comes Apart Looks for Way Back to Normality

The film tells of a woman coming apart and looking for a way back into normality that has suddenly morphed.

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‘Wormwood’ Probes Mysterious Death of CIA Biological Warfare Scientist

Errol Morris’s Docudrama Scrutinizes Frank Olson’s Alleged Suicide

Errol Morris’s docudrama scrutinizes the alleged suicide of Frank Olson, who was found dead outside N.Y.C.’s Hotel Statler in 1953, having fallen from a 13th-floor window.

‘The Insult’ Tackles Simmering Socio-Ethnic Rage Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian

Drama Moves Beyond Insult that Serves as Kindling for Simmering Socio-Ethnic Rage.

Courtroom drama moves far beyond the trivial insult that serves as kindling for simmering socio-ethnic rage.

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'Our Cartoon President’ Satirizes POTUS, or Does It?

Series Raises Question: Is This Farce, Reality TV, or Both?

The scare factor underlying this series on Trump follies is its proximity to the chilling non-cartoon world over which the Trumpster has dominion.

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SBIFF 2018 Wrap-Up

An Enlightened Escape Route

The festival came to a close on Saturday night, with a heartwarming and civic-minded roster of Santa Barbara documentaries.

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SBIFF 2018: Day 10

Deer in the Dreamlights

A strong undercurrent in the film is the power and the dreams, which become both a retreat from the concrete reality and a literally connective tissue between our lover protagonists.

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SBIFF 2018: Day Nine

The Lure of a Mysterious ‘Woman’

Chilean filmmaker makes a “trans-genre and transgender film.”

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SBIFF 2018: Day Eight

Sam Rockwell and Other Actors in Hollywood’s Side Lights

The crop of celebrities honored at this year’s award tributes is low-key, in that the klieg lights are being shone on actors who have artistically prospered in the chameleonic side lights of Hollywood.

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SBIFF 2018 So Far

Tributes, Panels, and Films Light Up the City

SBIFF has once again lit up our city in the manner to which we’ve grown accustomed, propitiously timed during the lead-up to the Academy Awards.

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SBIFF 2018 Day Seven

Directors as Cultural Superheroes

On that stage was genuinely an all-star collection of uniquely creative voices, whose work this year all deserved their Oscar nominations.