Josef Woodard

Raised in Santa Barbara, Josef Woodard has been a freelance journalist/critic since 1980, at which time he began his writing career with the Santa Barbara News & Review, one of the precursors of the Independent. He started writing for the Independent from the paper’s first issue, and has written the “Fringe Beat” column since 1990. In that time, he has covered music (of various genres), film and the fine arts for many publications, including the Los Angeles Times, starting in 1990 and continuing to the present, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Musician, Option, Opera Now, Artweek, and the jazz magazines--Down Beat, Jazz Times, and Jazziz. He won an ASCAP Deems Taylor award for jazz writing in 1998. He has also written numerous liner notes and has been involved in book projects (including a work-in-progress on Charles Lloyd). With his other hat, Woodard is also a musician, guitarist, songwriter and is co-owner of the independent record label Household Ink Records, founded in 1987, working with bands including Headless Household, flapping, Flapping, Dudley, and etcetera.

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‘Lost in Space’ Is Netflix’s Latest Binge-Worthy Series

Series Deftly Blends Family-Friendly Elements with Bizarre, Scary Forces

The series deftly blends family-friendly elements with bizarre, scary forces.

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‘Babylon Berlin’ Is a Seductive, Gritty, Film-Noir-Basted Wonder

Netflix Original Series Explores 1929 Germany’s Weimar Republic

Netflix’s original series explores Germany’s fragile but culturally fertile Weimar Republic in 1929.

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‘Ismael’s Ghosts’ Gets a Bit Too Undone at Times

Stew of a Film That Never Fully Satisfies

It’s a stew of a film that lures viewers into its tasty trap without fully satisfying.

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Dark Comedy ‘Barry’ Dazzles in Series Opener

Bill Hader Stars as Reluctant Hitman in Fab New Show

Bill Hader stars as a reluctant hitman in his fab new show on HBO.

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‘Itzhak’ Gives Glimpse Into Violinist Itzhak Perlman’s Life

Touching, Persuasive Documentary on the Celebrity Virtuoso

Director Alison Chernick presents a touching and persuasive documentary on the celebrity virtuoso.

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‘Ramen Heads’ Takes Viewers on Mouth Watering Journey

Japanese Doc Delves into Specialized World of Gourmet Ramen Makers

Japanese documentary delves into the specialized world of legendary gourmet ramen makers.

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‘Leaning into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy’ Is Dreamy and Visually Gorgeous

Documentary Paints Portrait of Artist Who Continues to Evolve and Invent

Thomas Riedelsheimer’s documentary paints a portrait of an artist who continues to evolve and invent.

‘Oh Lucy!’ Goes Dark Before the Light Comes in Again

Woman Who’s Comes Apart Looks for Way Back to Normality

The film tells of a woman coming apart and looking for a way back into normality that has suddenly morphed.

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‘Wormwood’ Probes Mysterious Death of CIA Biological Warfare Scientist

Errol Morris’s Docudrama Scrutinizes Frank Olson’s Alleged Suicide

Errol Morris’s docudrama scrutinizes the alleged suicide of Frank Olson, who was found dead outside N.Y.C.’s Hotel Statler in 1953, having fallen from a 13th-floor window.

‘The Insult’ Tackles Simmering Socio-Ethnic Rage Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian

Drama Moves Beyond Insult that Serves as Kindling for Simmering Socio-Ethnic Rage.

Courtroom drama moves far beyond the trivial insult that serves as kindling for simmering socio-ethnic rage.

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