Jerry Roberts

Jerry Roberts is a prize-winning journalist with more than three decades of experience in the news business.

The former Managing Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle and the former Editor and Publisher of the Santa Barbara News-Press, he is co-founder of, which the Washington Post recently judged the state’s best non-partisan web site covering California politics, and the author of “Never Let Them See You Cry,” a biography of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

As a broadcast commentator, he provides political analysis for public radio stations KCRW-FM in Los Angeles and KCLU-FM in Ventura, and for KGO-AM in San Francisco, and also hosts “Real Talk,” a public affairs television program in Santa Barbara. As a journalism teacher, he has lectured at UCSB, Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, among other colleges.

The recipient of several national awards for ethics, his fight for ethical journalism at the Santa Barbara News-Press is chronicled in the documentary film, “Citizen McCaw.”

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S.B. Activists Play Big Roles in State Party Politics

Greg Gandrud and Daraka Larimore-Hall are Partisan Worlds Apart

Greg Gandrud and Daraka Larimore-Hall are partisan worlds apart.

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S.B. Dem Strategist Bill Burton Joins Team Schultz

Now Guiding Coffee Magnate’s Presidential Exploration

He’s now guiding the coffee magnate’s presidential exploration.

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A Brief Honeymoon for Newsom

Then a Raft of Sudden Challenges

Then a raft of sudden challenges

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California’s Political Geezers Strike a Blow for the Geriatric Set

Nancy Pelosi, Grandma of the House, Reclaims the Speakership

Nancy Pelosi, grandma of the House, reclaims the speakership.

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The Best and Worst of 2018 in California Politics

It’s Hard to Overstate the Depth of the California Republican Party’s Collapse

It’s hard to overstate the depth of the California Republican Party’s collapse.

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Group Sues School District Over Anti-Bias Training

Members Claim the Just Communities Curriculum is 'Anti-Caucasian, Anti-male, and Anti-Christian'

Members claim the Just Communities curriculum is "anti-Caucasian, anti-male, and anti-Christian."

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Daraka’s #MeToo Moment

Santa Barbara Dem Honcho’s Call-Out of Sexual Harassment Ousts State Chair

Santa Barbara Dem honcho’s call-out of sexual harassment outs state chair.

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Dem Takeover in The O.C. Sparks Appeal For a Never-Trump GOP

State Republicans Suggesting Distancing Themselves from National Party

State Republicans are suggesting they distance themselves from the national party.

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Midterms 2018: Political Postmortem

A Few Mysteries Remain in a Statewide Election that Played Out Mostly to Form

A few mysteries remain in a statewide election that played out mostly to form.

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News Commentary: Harsh Online Ad Roils School Board Race

A negative social media ad has introduced a sudden note of bitter acrimony into a school board race that has been singularly civil.

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