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Everybody Walks in Santa Barbara

New Historic Waterfront Tour Sets Off on the Right Foot

The new historic waterfront tour sets off on the right foot.

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Invasive Tamarisk Targeted by Forest Service

Weed Spreads into Los Padres and Poses Fire Danger

The weed has spread into Los Padres and poses a fire danger.

Goleta School District Finds, Fixes Minor Lead Contamination

The highest level was discovered in a kitchen sink at Hollister School.

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State Asks for Voluntary Electricity Reductions

Two-day Flex Alert called by state Independent System Operator.

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Castillo Underpass to Close Through August

Caltrans will pour a floating concrete slab against the water table in a project that starts Monday.

Veterans Court Gets Major Funding Boost

Three-year $975,000 federal grant will increase services by 25 percent.

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Everybody Loves Libraries

But No One Can Afford to Pay for Them

But no one can afford to pay for them; Santa Barbara raises admin rate to 13.5 percent.

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What Will Happen to Platform Holly and Ellwood Piers?

State Lands Commission Holds Informational Meeting

State Lands Commission holds informational meeting June 15.

Northbound 101 Blocked at Sheffield Drive

Truckload of Tires Balanced atop Guardrail

Truckload of tires balanced atop guardrail.

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City Adjusts Flow of Building Permits for Los Carneros Village

Goleta Development Agreement Modified to Add Some Slack

Goleta Development Agreement modified to add some slack.

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John R. Fox Dies

Sitting Boardmember with Goleta Sanitary Succumbs After Short Illness

Boardmember with Goleta Sanitary for 41 years succumbs after short illness.

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Half Empty or Half Full? Cachuma Time Lapse

A mesmerizing compilation of stills from the Lake Cachuma webcam taken between September 2013 and April 2017.

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Santa Barbara Votes for 100 Percent Renewable Energy

The Goal Is to Go Completely Clean by 2030

The goal is to go completely clean by 2030.

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'Global' Means All the Countries in the World

How the Green Climate Fund Has Helped Poorer Countries

A Q&A with Raymond Clémençon, UCSB professor of Global Studies and a Swiss negotiator for the UN global environmental fund

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Paris Accord Gets a Boost from Santa Barbara

City, County, and UCSB Keep Moving on Greenhouse Gas Reduction

City, county, and UCSB keep moving on greenhouse gas reduction.

The 805 Gains a Clone

New 820 Area Code Starts in June 2018

New 820 area code starts in June 2018.

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Old Town Goleta Sidewalk Network Underway

Grant Funding Moves Timetable Up

Grant funding moves timetable up for project.

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Edhat, It Be Back

Popular Santa Barbara News Website Back Online

The popular Santa Barbara community news site was revived after a ransomware hack.

Arrests in Isla Vista for Assault and Robbery

College town residents targeted by four from Lompoc.

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Doom and Gloom Report Looks at Climate Change

Effects on Populations and Health Studied for Santa Barbara County

A new California study examines populations and health effects in Santa Barbara County.

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Trump Budget Aims at the Deficit and Hits the Poor

Proposal Called 'Cruel' for Social Program Reductions

The proposal is being called 'cruel' for its social program reductions in favor of military spending.

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High Fire Season Starts

Numerous small blazes in days prior.

District Elections a Go for Goleta

Plaintiffs and Council Agree to 2022 Vote

Plaintiffs and City Council agree to citywide by-district vote in 2022.

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Hearts Equestrian Hay Barn Fire

No injuries reported in early morning fire.

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SoCal Gas Creates Notification System for La Goleta

Alerts residents to 'reportable' events at natural gas storage and extraction facility.

MOXI Gets Half-Million-Dollar Matching Gift

Monica and Tim Babich Make Five-Year Pledge

Five-year pledge will expand field trips, camps, and classes.

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Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Profiles of Cool Careers, and the Latest Employment Trends in Santa Barbara County

Profiles of cool careers and the latest employment trends in Santa Barbara County.

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Goleta Community Center to Receive 'Love and Repairs'

Minor Repairs Approved, Major Fixes to Be Examined Further

Minor repairs approved; major fixes to be examined further.

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Rev. Dr. Doug Miller Dies

A Passionate Humanitarian, He Served the Poor

A passionate humanitarian, he served the poor.

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Significant Highway and Ramp Closures in Carpinteria

Overpass project will partially demolish bridge railings next week.

Goleta's Islamic Center Hosts Thank-You Ceremony

Region's First Mosque to Open Next Year

The region's first mosque is set to open next year.

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Goleta Gets New Gas Detectors

Hydrogen Sulfide Scare Prompted Equipment Purchase

The Goleta hydrogen sulfide scare prompted the purchase of the equipment.

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Solar Hillside Powers Sunny Santa Barbara County Campus

Project an 'Epic Loser,' Says Supervisor Adam

Project an "epic loser," says Supervisor Peter Adam.

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Self-Mutating Microbes Discovered

Tiny Archaea Found to Be Able to Split Their Genes

Tiny archaea found to be able to split their genes and target genetic mutation.

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Phillips 66 Declines to Challenge Oil Train Denial

But a lawsuit still lingers.

Santa Barbara Shaken by Small Earthquakes

The Montecito area was first shaken by a brief earthquake at around 11 a.m. on Sunday.

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Cafe Ana Taking Former Coffee Cat Spot

Julian Sanders and Katherine Guzman-Sanders plan new restaurant.

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Grand Jury Reports on Doubled Sewer Fees

Laguna County Sanitation District Needs Funds to Replace Out-of-Date Equipment

Laguna County Sanitation District needs funds to replace out-of-date equipment.

Judge Rules Against Ellwood Peaker Plant

Admin Law Judge Regina DeAngelis shot down arguments over battery storage and disaster relief.

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Dr. Harry Brown, Founder of SEE Intl, Has Died

Nonprofit Restored Sight to Almost a Half Million Worldwide

Nonprofit restored sight to almost a half million worldwide.

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Goleta Rooftop Gardens Approved as Open Space

Westar/Hollister Village's 'Triangle Property' Raises New Design Question

Westar/Hollister Village's 'triangle property' raises new design question.

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Cortona Corner to Add 176 Apartments to Goleta

Rentals Are Hoped to Be Industrial in Look, Yet Homey

Rentals are hoped to be industrial in look, yet homey.

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Michael Towbes Has Died

A giant of real estate and philanthropy in Santa Barbara leaves a legacy.

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Schoolkids Learn 'Cinderella' and Prokofiev

Arts program at Granada Theatre holds live dance performance by State Street Ballet.

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Isla Vista Beaches Closed for Floatopia

UCSB Diverts Students with Events

UCSB diverts students with events.

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California Holds Its Breath on Gas Tax Vote

Santa Barbara County Could Gain $135 Million for Roads and Transit

Transport tax passes; Santa Barbara County could gain $135 million for roads and transit.

Big Battery Storage in Goleta Proposed

Receives initial environmental approval with mitigations.

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Demands Are Hot at Village at Los Carneros

Goleta Council Handles Developer Concerns as Sales Soar

Goleta Council handles developer concerns as sales soar.

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Los Carneros Developers Ask for More Changes

Bridge, Rec Building, and Affordable Housing Completion at Stake

Bridge, rec building, and affordable housing completion at stake.

Burglary Suspects ID'd as Part of 'Rainbow Crew'

Tried to evade police during high-speed chase through Santa Barbara.