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Amtrak Strikes Man on Tracks in Montecito

A man was killed this morning on the railroad tracks near Montecito's Olive Mill Road.

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Cruces Fire Update

Thursday morning report from County Fire expects full containment by this evening.

Police Dog Subdues Domestic Disturber

Carpinteria argument resolved with help of K9.

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Fire Breaks Out near Las Cruces

[Update] Cruces Fire at 150 acres, County Fire reported. Northern edge difficult; State Route 1 "looking better."

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Drugs Discovered in Woman in Jail

Brought to Santa Barbara County Jail on drug charges, she was ordered to remove them from concealment.

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Ojai Rejects Private Water Company

After years of lawsuits, water customers get rid of Golden State Water Co.

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California Hits an Emissions Landmark Four Years Early

Achieved Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction to 1990 Levels in 2016

Achieved greenhouse-gas pollution reduction to 1990 levels in 2016.

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Goleta School Lunches Do a Body Good

Food Services Director Kim Leung on a Mission to Make Healthy, Tasty Meals

Food Services Director Kim Leung is on a mission to make healthy, tasty meals.

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192 Bridge Work Update

Delays expected as utility lines are replaced.

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Goleta Target Store Confirmed

Set to open at Kmart location in 2019.

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Quick Response in Large Numbers Held Holiday Fire at Bay

Record Heat on July 6 Destroyed Crops and Livestock Across Santa Barbara Front Country

Record heat on July 6 destroyed crops and livestock.

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In the Aftermath of the Holiday Fire, a Community Picks Up the Pieces

Santa Barbara County Neighborhood Copes with Survival and Loss

Santa Barbara County neighborhood copes with survival and loss.

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Overpass Work Closes 101 at Night

Alternate north and south lanes open and close through Carpinteria.

Discounted Solar Installation Offered in Santa Barbara County

More Affordable Sun-Powered Options Available

Cities, county, and CEC band together to make more affordable sun-powered options available.

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Planned Power Outage Averted in Mission Canyon

SoCal Edison agrees to postpone maintenance after strong citizen complaint.

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Ellwood Butterfly Grove Gets $3.9 Million

Funding Will Hasten Management Plan

Funding from the state will go toward management plan.

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Stabbing Suspect Jailed

Incident occurred at homeless camp near 101 in Goleta.

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Heat Leads to Red Flag and Health Warnings

Friday and Saturday temperatures and wind escalate weather watch.

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Dario Pini Property Repairs Get Bogged Down

City Provides Incomplete List of Needed Work; Apartment Keys Stolen

City provides incomplete list of needed work; apartment keys are stolen.

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It's Official: Goleta Valley Public Library Is Reborn

New Energy and Options Infuse Old Building and Staff

New energy and options infuse old building and staff.

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Work at Turtle Pond Reaches Bottom

Unexpected Quantity of Sludge Encountered

Pond cleaners at Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens encountered an unexpected quantity of sludge.

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What Kind of Home Does a Million Bucks Buy You in Santa Barbara?

Here are five properties currently on the market.

Five Santa Barbara properties currently on the market.

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Santa Barbara County Grand Jury Examines Embezzlement

Auditor-Controller Answers with His Department's Actions Since Fraud Discovery

Auditor-Controller answers with his department's actions since fraud discovery.

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South Coast Home Prices Tick Upward

Market Tightens in Goleta and Santa Barbara

Real estate statistics show a tight market in Goleta and Santa Barbara.

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Goleta Mayor and Council Salaries to Go to the Ballot

Voters Asked to Consider Higher Salaries to Bring Greater Diversity to City Government.

Voters asked to consider higher salaries to bring greater diversity to city government.

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Morning Train Runs On Time and Roomy

Twelve weeks after start of commuter service, train is less than half full.

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'Seasoned Bandit' Said to Suffer the 'Lottery Curse'

Tip Led to Man Who'd Robbed 10 Banks

Tip led to bank robber James Hayes, who'd hit four Santa Barbara County banks, and six others.

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Goleta City Parks Ready to Play

Wednesday evening meeting being held to plan for new and old recreation areas.

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Pond at Alice Keck Park Being Drained

Mucky mass to be disinterred and pond liner repaired.

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Chasing Down the Wild Target Rumor

Preliminary Plans Filed for Kmart Location in Goleta

Property owner has filed application with Goleta for pre-permit discussions with prospective tenant.

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Lunch for Santa Barbara County's Youth, All Summer Long

Foodbank offers school kids lunch, and needs volunteer helpers.

Social Security Scam Hits Santa Barbara

Thieves act like government officials to obtain personal information.

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Fire Weather Warnings Through Monday Morning

Hot weather, high winds, and low humidity expected along Santa Barbara County's south coast and mountains.

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Santa Barbara's Downtown Electric Shuttle Report Card

Better power and turning radius a plus in the town's new fleet.

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Highway 101 to Close at Carpinteria During June

New, Wider Linden Avenue Overpass Nears Completion

New, wider Linden Avenue overpass nears completion.

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Arroyo Paredon and Toro Canyon Creek Bridges Demolished

Bridge Work Continues Along Highway 192

Bridge work continues along Highway 192.

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Burrata with Spring Peas @ Finch & Fork

First Tastes of Chef Peter Cham’s New Menu in Santa Barbara’s Canary Hotel

First tastes of Chef Peter Cham’s new menu in Santa Barbara’s Canary Hotel

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County Supervisors Reverse Course and Reinstate Library Admin Fees

Adam Suggests a Library Tax for Future Funding

Supervisor Peter Adam suggests a library tax for future funding.

Montecito Woman Wakes Up to a Burglar

Finds stranger making computer purchases using her credit cards.

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Goleta to Consider Raising Council Compensation

Raise would go to voters on November ballot.

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Santa Barbara's Sears Store Spared

Parent Company to Shutter 100 Locations

Parent company to shutter 100 more locations.

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New Area Code Hits Region on June 2

'820' Assigned to New Numbers Throughout Central Coast

New phone numbers will be assigned '820' throughout the Central Coast.

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SBCC Scores Another Top Ranking

Honored as a 'A Flawless Investment.'

The school's service to low-income students is among many metrics.

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Solvang Wins a 'Top 10' for History

'California's Denmark' shares honor with towns like Williamsburg and Dodge City.

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Workforce Housing Down-Payment Loans Offered

Housing Trust Fund Raises $3.5M from Santa Barbara Banks

The county’s Housing Trust raised $3.5M from Santa Barbara banks.

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The Sedgwick Saga Continues

Court Establishes Rights to Edie Sedgwick’s Image

The court has granted rights to most of Edie Sedgwick’s imagery to her widower.

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A Cub in a Tree Means Mom's in the Bush

Black Bears Climb to Avoid People

Black bears climb to avoid people, and cubs are sent up trees by their mother.

City College Ranked #1 by Value Colleges

High Graduation Rate, Community Service, and Online Degree Programs Made SBCC a 'Flawless Investment.'

High graduation rate, community service, and online degree programs made SBCC a 'flawless investment.'

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Catalytic Converter Thefts Rise in Santa Barbara County

Thievery Matches Increased Price of Precious Metal Rhodium.

Thievery matches increased price of precious metal rhodium.

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City Votes to Amend Charter Concerning Council Vacancies

Amendment Must be Approved by Santa Barbara Voters

The proposed amendment concerning elections must be approved by Santa Barbara voters.