Jean Yamamura

Opinions Editor

A resident of Santa Barbara for more than 35 years, our opinions editor arrived at The Independent's doorstep in 1996, working first in the copy department and then in the news and opinion areas. She says her studies in comparative literature at UCSB gave her an appreciation of the broad variety of writings out there, which comes in handy with the broad variety of letters and op-eds that arrive in her inbox. Is there an issue in Santa Barbara that either really bugs you or gives you a kick?? The Indy's opinion section will likely give it an airing (especially if you send it digitally).

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Man Jailed for Shoving Meter Maid

Expired registration leads to County Jail.

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Police Follow Leads on Serra Beheading

Unknown if decapitation of statue at Mission Santa Barbara was prank or statement.

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DACA Renewal Fee Grants Created

Rollback Fought by Creator of Policy

Rollback termed 'unconstitutional, unjust, and unlawful' in UC lawsuit.

Seven Chosen as New Public Engagement Commissioners

Goleta's district elections process seeks to raise civic participation.

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Spectacular Lightning Storm in Santa Barbara

Fire seen on Santa Cruz Island.

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Statue of Father Serra Decapitated

Red paint splashed on statue at Mission Santa Barbara.

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Bank Robber Suspected in Nine Thefts

Suspect's range extends from Santa Maria to Santa Clarita.

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Hundreds of Trees Saved from the Ax for Now

Goleta to Remove 29 Eucalypti in Ellwood Butterfly Groves

Goleta to remove 29 eucalypti in butterfly groves, speed habitat plan.

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Solvang Kidnap Victim's Four-Day Ordeal Told

Sheriff's Office Releases Brief Narrative

Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office releases brief investigators' narrative.

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Four-Way at Pardall Road

Isla Vista Adds Stoplights Before Bike Tunnel to UCSB

Isla Vista adds stoplights before bike tunnel to UC Santa Barbara.

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