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Hearing Josh Kun’s ‘Aural Border’ at SBMA

MacArthur Fellow Discusses California’s ‘Spanish Fantasy Heritage’ Through Song

The MacArthur fellow discusses California’s ‘Spanish Fantasy Heritage’ through song.

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National Park Senior Pass Increasing from $10 to $80

The price change will take effect August 28.

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Inside Fire City, Population: 1,612

Dos Pueblos High Transforms into Whittier Fire Base Camp

Dos Pueblos High transforms into Whittier Fire base camp.

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Whittier Fire Threatens Pets and Cattle

Zebras, Watusi Cattle, a Guinea Pig and a Parrot Find Shelter

Zebras and Watusi cattle survive while a guinea pig, a parrot, cats, dogs, and horses evacuate safely.

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Police Department Swears In Nine New Volunteers

Chief Luhnow Says VIP Program Will Engage Community, Enhance Downtown Police Presence

Chief Lori Luhnow says the VIP program will engage with the community and enhance the downtown police presence.

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