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Isla Vista CSD Opens New Office Space

The district finally has a formal home.

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Santa Barbara Rallies for DACA

Courthouse Crowd Hops and Hollers to Support Children Without Documents

A couple hundred people hopped and hollered their support for the Childhood Arrival program.

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Rally Celebrates Affordable Care Act

Calls for Single-Payer Health Care

Calls for single-payer health care.

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Whittier Fire: July 22-23, 2017

Firefighters Put a Lid on Whittier

Firefighters put a lid on Whittier over the weekend; smoking remnants continue.

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Saturday Night on Whittier Fire Line

1,900 on Hand for Fire Fight; Bump of 300 from Earlier in Day

Fire-fight personnel number 1,900; bump of 300 from earlier in the day.

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Circle V Evacuation and Rescue Details Released

Whittier Fire Stranded 82 at Children's Away Camp

Whittier Fire stranded 82 at children's away campsite.

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Firefighters Launch Night Attack on Whittier Fire

Sundowners Winds, 30 mph, Predicted

Will try to hold Whittier at bay despite 30mph Sundowners winds predicted.

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Isla Vista Community Center Awarded $435,000

Additional grant money will move opening to fall of 2018.

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Carbajal Votes 'No' on Kate's Law

Bill Is Overly Broad, Says Congressmember

Bill is overly broad, says congressmember; bill headed for Senate.

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Man Kills Self in UCSB Parking Structure

Had Called a Friend to Meet Him to Say Goodbye

Had called a friend to meet him to say goodbye, witness says.

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