George Yatchisin

George deeply appreciates that the Indy provides him with a paid hobby that involves eating, drinking, and writing. In a previous life he taught poorly unprepared and richly ungrateful college students how to write. He has been a body guard for Jodie Foster, a walk-on dancer with French avant garde troupe Maguy Marin, a film programmer, a judge at several food competitions, a political activist, a textbook author, a bassist in a band, a two-time league winning fantasy baseball manager, a union local president, a homebrewer, a pr flack helping run a red carpet at an Angelina Jolie event, a janitor, a chauffeur to folks from TC Boyle to Andrei Codrescu, a delivery man to Plato's Retreat, a grader of GMATs for ETS, a radio DJ, a corn detassler, an escort van driver, a rock journalist, a lab assistant for a company that made everything from mouthwash to super skin lubricant, and even a poet. Currently George markets only for the forces of good to make a living.

Recent Stories

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Château de Berne Emotion

Review of Château de Berne Emotion 2017.

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Hitching Post Opens Tasting Room

Frank Ostini and Gray Hartley Now Serving in Buellton Just in Time for 40th Vintage

Frank Ostini and Gray Hartley now serving in Buellton just in time for 40th vintage.

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Corazón Cocina Gets Its Just Desserts

Chef Eileen Randall Cooks Up Delights for S.B. Public Market’s Mexican Restaurant

Chef Eileen Randall cooks up delights for S.B. Public Market’s Mexican restaurant.

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Foodie Awards 2018

‘Santa Barbara Independent’ Presents Ninth Annual Ode to Eating Out

The ‘Santa Barbara Independent’ presents its ninth annual ode to eating out.

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David Rosner Helps The Monarch Spread Wings

Montecito Inn’s Newest Restaurant Taps Experienced Santa Barbara Chef to Run Kitchen

The Montecito Inn’s newest restaurant taps experienced Santa Barbara chef to run its kitchen.

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Alesmith Sublime Mexican Lager

Review of the San Diego microbrewery’s ode to the reggae punks.

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Honest Poetry GSM

Review of Honest Poetry 2016 GSM Blend Santa Ynez Valley.

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Chef Justin West Opens Brunoise

Wildwood Kitchen BBQ Mastermind Returns to Julienne Roots with Monday-Tuesday Menu

Wildwood Kitchen BBQ mastermind returns to Julienne roots with Monday-Tuesday menu.

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Koskenkorva Vodka

A review of Koskenkorva Vodka, founded in 1953.

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Maxing Out at the Public Market

Market Gusto! Gives the Chance to Sample Food and Drink

Market Gusto! gives the chance to sample a variety of food and drink.

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