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Ethan Stewart

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‘On the Edge of a Dream’ Premieres in Santa Barbara

Documentary on Surfing Legend George Greenough

Documentary chronicles surfing legend George Greenough’s pursuit of hydrodynamic nirvana.

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Dr. Richard L. Miller on the Potentials and Pitfalls of Psychedelics

Are They a Shortcut to Enlightenment and Mutant Healing Powers?

Are they a shortcut to enlightenment and mutant healing powers?

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Psychedelic Scholar Robert Forte Talks Conspiracy Theories and Consciousness

There’s a Dark Side to the Drug Renaissance, He Says

There’s a dark side to the drug renaissance, he says.

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Captain Liz Clark Comes of Age in 'Swell'

Sailing Surfer’s Autobiography Is Page-Turning High-Seas Adventure

The sailing surfer’s autobiography is a page-turning high-seas adventure.

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How to Keep Your High Happy

Tips for Responsible Use in the New Era of Legal Recreational Marijuana

Tips for responsible use in the new era of legal recreational marijuana.

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Can Cannabis Cure My Cancer?

A Desperate Man Turns to Marijuana Oil and Finds Survival

A desperate man turns to marijuana oil and finds survival.

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Martin Ball’s Modern Psychedelics

Santa Barbara–Raised Professor Comes Home to Discuss Entheogens and Healing

Santa Barbara–raised professor comes home to discuss entheogens and healing on March 3.

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Films to Find at the Festival

Selected Highlights from SBIFF 2018

Our selected highlights from SBIFF 2018, based on prescreened films.

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SBIFF’s Climate Change Films

Social Justice for Mother Earth Takes Center Stage at This Year’s Festival

Social justice for Mother Earth takes center stage at this year’s festival.

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Channel Crossing Taps Ocean-Sized Compassion

Volunteers Paddle 25 Miles to Fight Cancer

Fundraiser takes cancer fight into deep waters.

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‘Fishpeople’ Film Gets S.B. Premiere

Keith Malloy’s Sophomore Effort is Visually Arresting and Inspirational

Keith Malloy’s sophomore effort is visually arresting and inspirational.

Dope Economics Onstage

The Rush to Capitalize on California’s Maturing Marijuana Industry Comes to Town

The rush to capitalize on California’s maturing marijuana industry comes to town on March 15.

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Conversation with Cancer Expert Siddhartha Mukherjee

Pulitzer Prize-Winner Discusses New Book

Pulitzer Prize-winner discusses the disease with writer Ethan Stewart.

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Santa Barbara Films @ SBIFF

Features and Shorts with Santa Barbara Connections

Features and shorts with Santa Barbara connections.

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The Crest

Director Mark Covino

Improbable story of two long-lost surfing cousins from America who descend from an Irish king.

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Gaza Surf Club

Directors Philip Gnadt

Unflinching look at the men and women making a surfing life along the shores of the Gaza Strip.

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At Your Doorstep

Director Eduard Cortés

Solidarity and struggle shine in this heart-wrenching look at 2007’s financial crisis in Spain.

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Director Jess Bianchi

The Goodwin Family is a modern-day Swiss Family Robinson in search of things big and small.

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Director John Hopkins

Travel to the frontlines of one of the most mysterious and controversial fish stories in the world.

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Gaviota: The End of Southern California

Filmmakers Shaw Leonard & Tamlorn Chase

Homegrown nature documentary of world-class proportions about the Gaviota Coast.

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Your Name

Producer Genki Kawamura

Body-swapping fantasy film meets classic teenage love story in this popular anime flick.

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The Distinguished Citizen

Directors Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat

Dark drama unfold as writer returns to his hometown in Argentina after decades of estrangement.

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Abby Brown’s Homegrown Paddling Power

19-Year-Old Prone Paddler from Santa Barbara Competes in World Championships

The 19-year-old prone paddler from Santa Barbara is competing in the world championships this week

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Best of Santa Barbara® 2016: Media

The time for action is now. There is a decades-old injustice in this town, and we canine folk must help right it.

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Best of Santa Barbara® 2016: Sporting Life

Holy tennis balls!!! It’s amazing what happens when you trade in the wickedness of a Midwest winter for the regular perfection of Santa Barbara.

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Best of Santa Barbara® 2016: Little Creatures

I have always felt that there is a wicked and limiting ageism in the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

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Best of Santa Barbara® 2016: Eating

Lick those chops, and ready your begging game because this town takes the fine art of eating seriously.

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Best of Santa Barbara® 2016: Out and About

There are no bad days allowed in Santa Barbara.

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Best of Santa Barbara® 2016: Housing

The time has come, Dug. You and Dot must go.

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Best of Santa Barbara® 2016: Living Well

A life well lived seems to be par for the course here on the Central Coast.

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Best of Santa Barbara® 2016: Looking Good

My Mutts! This mutt has been made over.

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Best of Santa Barbara® 2016: Romance

Dogs get a bit of a bad rap for being, how shall I say, aggressively unromantic.

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Best Of Santa Barbara® 2016: Drinking

My apologies ahead of time if this email reads like one big basset hound howl, but I just had a cup of coffee that has the very real potential to change my life.

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Ken Burns Talks About His Beloved National Parks

Documentarian Celebrates the 100th Birthday of America’s Open-Air Cathedrals

The documentarian celebrates the 100th birthday of America’s open-air cathedrals.

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Nice to Mead You

The Apiary Buzzes into Carpinteria

The Apiary buzzes into Carpinteria.

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El Niño in Pictures

‘20@17’ Captures Historic Surf Season

‘20@17’ photo exhibit captures California’s historic surf season.

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Patagonia Joins Food Revolution

Outdoor Retailer Explores Conscious Agriculture in New Film ‘Unbroken Ground’

The outdoor retailer explores conscious agriculture in its new film, ‘Unbroken Ground.’

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Welcome to Breakfast

New Caffeine and Culture Emporium Opens on Chapala Street

A new caffeine and culture emporium opens on Chapala Street.

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Day Trippin’

Six Itineraries to Enhance Your Staycation

Six itineraries to enhance your staycation.

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The Santa Barbara Staycation

Why Travel Anywhere When We’ve Got So Much Fun at Home?

Why travel anywhere when we’ve got so much fun at home?

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The Moth Returns to Santa Barbara

Celebrated Storytelling Troupe at the Lobero

The celebrated storytelling troupe hits the Lobero.

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Eddie Ellner’s Double-Digit Introspection

Yoga Soup Kicks Off Next Decade with Free Yoga and New Lease on Life

Yoga Soup kicks off the next decade with free yoga and a new lease on life.

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SBIFF 2016: Movies for Breakfast

An Ode to Early-Morning Film Viewing

An ode to early-morning film festival viewing.

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SBIFF 2016: Fun Night with Johnny Depp

Actor Gets Weird and Personal at the Film Festival

The shy actor gets delightfully weird and personal at the Film Festival.

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Films with Santa Barbara Roots

Rundown of Homegrown Features and Shorts Playing at SBIFF 2016

A rundown of homegrown features and selected shorts playing at SBIFF 2016.

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SBIFF’s Mike’s Field Trip to the Movies Screens ‘Inside Out’

S.B. Filmmaker Mike deGruy’s Legacy Continues to Inspire Film Fest Programming

Mike deGruy’s legacy continues to inspire Film Fest programming.

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Michelle Grinsel’s Inspirational Cancer Combat

Mother of Two’s Fight Against Breast Cancer Captured in New Documentary

Mother of two’s fight against breast cancer captured on in new documentary.

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Director Brant Backlund

A doc about activist Brian Davies fight against Canada’s seal-hunting industry.

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‘10 Billion: What’s On Your Plate?’

Director Valetin Thurn

Terrifying look at the intersection of global population, food supply, farming, and social justice.