Ethan Stewart

Born and raised on Cape Cod, Ethan Stewart has been calling Santa Barbara home off and on since that great El Nino winter of 1998. On his way to writing the news for The Indy, Stewart has worked as a bellhop, a carpenter, a surf shop lackey, an overnight security guard on a sprawling Gaviota ranch, a delivery truck driver, a school teacher, and a landscaper. A passionate explorer of Mother Nature's more open and wild places, Stewart reckons Boston Red Sox baseball is the closest thing he has to religion, considers the ocean to be a mandatory daily activity, has been sleeping with sand in his bed for as long as he can remember, and has a dog named Danger.

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‘On the Edge of a Dream’ Premieres in Santa Barbara

Documentary on Surfing Legend George Greenough

Documentary chronicles surfing legend George Greenough’s pursuit of hydrodynamic nirvana.

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Dr. Richard L. Miller on the Potentials and Pitfalls of Psychedelics

Are They a Shortcut to Enlightenment and Mutant Healing Powers?

Are they a shortcut to enlightenment and mutant healing powers?

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Psychedelic Scholar Robert Forte Talks Conspiracy Theories and Consciousness

There’s a Dark Side to the Drug Renaissance, He Says

There’s a dark side to the drug renaissance, he says.

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Captain Liz Clark Comes of Age in 'Swell'

Sailing Surfer’s Autobiography Is Page-Turning High-Seas Adventure

The sailing surfer’s autobiography is a page-turning high-seas adventure.

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Can Cannabis Cure My Cancer?

A Desperate Man Turns to Marijuana Oil and Finds Survival

A desperate man turns to marijuana oil and finds survival.

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How to Keep Your High Happy

Tips for Responsible Use in the New Era of Legal Recreational Marijuana

Tips for responsible use in the new era of legal recreational marijuana.

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Martin Ball’s Modern Psychedelics

Santa Barbara–Raised Professor Comes Home to Discuss Entheogens and Healing

Santa Barbara–raised professor comes home to discuss entheogens and healing on March 3.

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Films to Find at the Festival

Selected Highlights from SBIFF 2018

Our selected highlights from SBIFF 2018, based on prescreened films.

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SBIFF’s Climate Change Films

Social Justice for Mother Earth Takes Center Stage at This Year’s Festival

Social justice for Mother Earth takes center stage at this year’s festival.

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Channel Crossing Taps Ocean-Sized Compassion

Volunteers Paddle 25 Miles to Fight Cancer

Fundraiser takes cancer fight into deep waters.

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