Ethan Stewart

Born and raised on Cape Cod, Ethan Stewart has been calling Santa Barbara home off and on since that great El Nino winter of 1998. On his way to writing the news for The Indy, Stewart has worked as a bellhop, a carpenter, a surf shop lackey, an overnight security guard on a sprawling Gaviota ranch, a delivery truck driver, a school teacher, and a landscaper. A passionate explorer of Mother Nature's more open and wild places, Stewart reckons Boston Red Sox baseball is the closest thing he has to religion, considers the ocean to be a mandatory daily activity, has been sleeping with sand in his bed for as long as he can remember, and has a dog named Danger.

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‘Fishpeople’ Film Gets S.B. Premiere

Keith Malloy’s Sophomore Effort is Visually Arresting and Inspirational

Keith Malloy’s sophomore effort is visually arresting and inspirational.

Dope Economics Onstage

The Rush to Capitalize on California’s Maturing Marijuana Industry Comes to Town

The rush to capitalize on California’s maturing marijuana industry comes to town on March 15.

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Conversation with Cancer Expert Siddhartha Mukherjee

Pulitzer Prize-Winner Discusses New Book

Pulitzer Prize-winner discusses the disease with writer Ethan Stewart.

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Santa Barbara Films @ SBIFF

Features and Shorts with Santa Barbara Connections

Features and shorts with Santa Barbara connections.

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Gaviota: The End of Southern California

Filmmakers Shaw Leonard & Tamlorn Chase

Homegrown nature documentary of world-class proportions about the Gaviota Coast.

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Director John Hopkins

Travel to the frontlines of one of the most mysterious and controversial fish stories in the world.

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Your Name

Producer Genki Kawamura

Body-swapping fantasy film meets classic teenage love story in this popular anime flick.

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Director Jess Bianchi

The Goodwin Family is a modern-day Swiss Family Robinson in search of things big and small.

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Gaza Surf Club

Directors Philip Gnadt

Unflinching look at the men and women making a surfing life along the shores of the Gaza Strip.

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The Crest

Director Mark Covino

Improbable story of two long-lost surfing cousins from America who descend from an Irish king.

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