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Author Rebecca Solnit’s Book Offers Optimism in Dire Times

Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities Reminds That Social Change Takes Circuitous Routes

Hope in the Dark reminds that social change often takes a circuitous route, moving so imperceptibly that we hardly see it coming because we’re in the process of living it.

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‘White Rage’ Is a Seminal Book About the African-American Experience

Author Carol Anderson Argues That Nothing Triggers White Rage Like Black Advancement

Author Carol Anderson makes a compelling argument that nothing triggers white rage like black advancement, real or perceived.

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Martin Puchner’s ‘The Written World’

Author Reveals How Literature Transformed Our Planet

Author unfolds a mesmerizing story, from the creation of the alphabet and paper to the electronic writing and printing of today.

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A Conversation with Zadie Smith

Award-Winning Author Talks Latest Book, ‘Swing Time’

UCSB’s Arts & Lectures presents the award-winning author in conversation with Pico Iyer.

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Gerald Horne’s ‘The Counter-Revolution of 1776’

Author Discusses Slave Resistance and the Origins of the U.S.A

Author discusses slave resistance and its contribution to the origins of the U.S.A.

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Saving Giants in Myanmar

The Elephant Project Hosts Fundraiser in Santa Barbara

Conservation group aims to move Burmese elephants from labor force to sanctuaries.

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Reviewed | Brian Fagan’s ‘Fishing: How the Sea Fed Civilization’

UCSB Prof Writes About Fishing and Civilization

UCSB professor writes about how essential fishing has been to humankind.

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Walter Isaacson Talks Latest Book

Author Discusses His ‘Leonardo da Vinci’

Author discusses ‘Leonardo da Vinci: The Secrets of History’s Most Creative Genius.’

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Peter Joseph’s ‘The New Human Rights Movement’

Comprehensive Critique of the Market-Dominated Economic System

Author presents a comprehensive critique of the market-dominated economic system that has been in place for the past four decades.

Jonathan Dee’s ‘The Locals’

Author’s Seventh Novel Keeps Reader at Arm’s Length

Author’s seventh novel keeps readers at arm’s length.

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