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Joan Halifax Talks with Pico Iyer

thor/Buddhist Discusses Book ‘Standing at the Edge’

Buddhist author will discuss her book ‘Standing at the Edge’ Tuesday, October 23.

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‘Call Them by Their True Names’ Plants Seeds of Change

Rebecca Solnit’s Book Renders Visible What Mass Media Hides

Solnit has a unique ability to render visible what was locked out of view by a mass media obsessed with the status quo.

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Interview ‘The Sentence’ Director Rudy Valdez

Doc Shows Devastating Impact of Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences

Heart-rending film shows the devastating impact of mandatory minimum prison sentences.

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Naomi Klein’s ‘This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate’

Book Was Cry About Climate Change; Now It’s a Primal Scream

When published, the book was a full-throated cry about the existential threat posed by climate change — now it’s a primal scream.

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'Love and Bananas: An Elephant Story'

Documentary Exposes Plight of Asian Pachyderms

Ashley Bell’s documentary exposes plight of Asian pachyderms.

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‘Why? What Makes Us Curious’ Is a Gem of a Book

Mario Livio Directs His Curiosity at Curiosity

Mario Livio, astrophysicist and author, directs his own polymathic curiosity at curiosity.

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Thomas Frank’s ‘Rendezvous with Oblivion’ Calls for New History

Author Directs Withering Gaze on Fast-Food Industry, McMansions, Democratic Party

A series of interlocking essays, the author directs a withering gaze on the fast-food industry, suburban McMansions, hipster cities, higher education, and the Democratic Party.

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‘Beautiful Music’ Is a Novel That Lingers

Michael Zadoorian Captures Inner and Outer Life of Detroit Teen

Michael Zadoorian captures the inner and outer life of a Detroit teen who is saved by the FM sounds coming from his radio late at night.

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‘Path of Blood’ Is Gripping Account of 2003 Al Qaeda Bombings in Saudi Arabia

Documentary Features Raw Video Footage Shot by Jihadis

Documentary is based on 500 hours of raw video footage shot by the jihadis themselves.

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The My Lai Massacre’s Santa Barbara Connection

David Obst Helps Get Seymour Hersh’s Explosive Story to the People

David Obst helps get Seymour Hersh’s explosive story to the people.

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