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The Life and Work of Seymour Hersh

Pulitzer Prize–Winning Journalist Pens Memoir

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist pens memoir.

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The My Lai Massacre’s Santa Barbara Connection

David Obst Helps Get Seymour Hersh’s Explosive Story to the People

David Obst helps get Seymour Hersh’s explosive story to the people.

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‘Love Now: Untangling Relationships’

Authors Blend Practical Wisdom and Professional Expertise

Authors Jan Harrell and Alan Robins blend hard-earned, practical wisdom and professional expertise.

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‘Stamped from the Beginning’

Ibram X. Kendi Explores the History of Racist Ideas

Ibram X. Kendi makes clear our history as a nation cannot be fully understood without an understanding of racism.

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Speaking with Pico Iyer

In the next Arts & Lectures series, Pico will interview a diverse quartet including the Zen Buddhist Roshi Joan Halifax, Man Booker Prize winner George Saunders, acclaimed author of The Orchid Thief Susan Orlean, and National Book Award winner Andrew Solomon.

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Battle Over the Greatest Riches in American West

Goleta Author Explores Life of ‘Bonanza King’ John Mackay

Goleta author Gregory Crouch explores life of “Bonanza King” John Mackay.

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Let Their World Cup Runneth Over

This American Patriot Is Happy to See Other Countries Win

This American patriot is happy to see other countries win.

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‘The Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ Is Sublime Work

Author Arundhati Roy Writes Novel of Breathtaking Humanity and Scope

Author Arundhati Roy writes novel of breathtaking humanity and scope.

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‘Murder Gone Missing’ Disappoints

Clumsy Writing Stalls Momentum, Dialogue Fails to Reveal Characters.

Had the execution of this mystery been equal to its conception, this book might have worked.

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Dr. Nadine Burke Harris’s ‘The Deepest Well’ Is a Clarion Call

Author Explores Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity

Author explores healing the long-term effects of childhood adversity in her latest book.

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