Brandon Yadegari

Digital Editor

Brandon, a graduate of UC Santa Barbara, was raised in Tucson, Arizona. With a background in community organizing, multimedia storytelling, and political advocacy, he's always looking for innovative and immersive ways to tell stories from the margins.

With an eye to constantly evolving media landscapes and our community's rapidly growing political consciousness, Brandon is honored to be a part of an Indy team that's lending to a more well-informed Central Coast citizenry.

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Evacuations Expand As Holiday Fire Burns Goleta Hill Homes

Mandatory Evacuations Underway North of Cathedral Oaks Road Between La Patera and Patterson

Mandatory evacuations are underway north of Cathedral Oaks Road between La Patera and Patterson.

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Fire Weather Watch Issued Across Santa Barbara County Mountains and South Coast

Officials Warn of Scorching Temps, Gusty Winds, and Low Humidity by Week's End

Officials are warning of scorching temps, gusty winds, and low relative humidity by week's end.

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Cómo y Dónde Votantes en Santa Bárbara Pueden Entregar Su Boleta Hoy

Las Primarias de California Concluyen Hoy con Elecciones en Todos los Niveles

Las primarias de California concluyen hoy con elecciones en los niveles de ciudad, condado, y estado.

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How and Where Santa Barbara Voters Can Cast a Ballot Today

California’s Primary Concludes Today With Elections at all Levels

California’s statewide primary concludes today with elections at the city, county, and state levels.

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Fight for Rent Control in Cities Clears State Ballot Hurdle

More Than Half a Million Sign Petitions to Repeal Costa-Hawkins

More than half a million sign petitions to repeal Costa-Hawkins.

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Evacuations Lifted After Tuesday Storm Weakens

Rainfall Rates Came in Lower Than Anticipated

[Update: 11:31 a.m.] Rainfall rates came in lower than anticipated.

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San Marcos High School Discovers Series of Anonymous Threats

Classes Remain in Session, but Some Students Stay Home

[Update] More written threats found on Friday in boy's locker room.

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A Drone's-Eye View, South of Montecito's Highway 192

Areas Under Voluntary Evacuation Warning Were Hardest-Hit

The areas under a voluntary evacuation warning were the hardest hit, as seen from above.

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Satellite Imagery Reveals Overwhelming Extent of Montecito Damage

Before and After Looks at San Ysidro Creek, Knowlwood Tennis Club Neighborhood, and Fernald Point

Before and after looks at San Ysidro Creek, the Knowlwood Tennis Club neighborhood, and Fernald Point.

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