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Carbajal Goes Without Pay Until Government Reopens

Says he stands "in solidarity with federal workers" who are not getting paid.

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The New Majority in D.C.

Rep. Salud Carbajal's Second Term Brings New Challenges

Rep. Carbajal discusses forming 'checks and balances to a runaway train' in the 116th Congress.

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UCSB Professor Talks Sanctuary City Movement

'There Is Great Need Once Again,' Says Mario T. Garcia

"There is great need once again," says Mario T. Garcia.

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Year in Review: Favorite Articles from Blanca Garcia

Indy Reporter Recalls a Year of Stories

Indy reporter recalls a year of stories.

California Opposes Terminating DACA Status

Attorney general files with Court of Appeals for protection for Dreamers.

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Gun Law Would Ban DUI Offenders from Owning Firearms

Jackson's Bill Is Based on University of California Research

Jackson's bill is based on University of California research.

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Just Communities, School Board Refute 'Anti-White' Claims

'It's Not Who We Are, Not What We Do,' Says Director Jarrod Schwartz

"It's not who we are, not what we do," says director Jarrod Schwartz.

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Adam Brothers Farm Identified in E. Coli Outbreak

Santa Maria Farm Recalls Romaine and Additional Produce

Santa Maria farm recalls romaine and additional produce.

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SBCC Scrapping Remedial Class Requirement

New State Law Designed to Boost Graduation and Transfer Rates

A new state law is designed to boost graduation and transfer rates.

ICE Detains Individual on Westside

Enforcement action on Wednesday morning questioned community members and picked up one person.

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Rough Start for San Marcos Principal Search

Parents, Board Members Demand More Transparency from District

Parents and board members are demanding more transparency from the district.

County Approves Farmworker Housing

Board votes unanimously to amend county code.

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Paralegal Busted for Allegedly Scamming Santa Maria Farmworkers

The State Bar Says Vincent Enriquez Is Posing As a Licensed Attorney

The State Bar says Vincent Enriquez is posing as a licensed attorney.

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Is the Sheriff-ICE Connection Too Cozy?

Brown Describes the Relationship While Critics Voice Their Concerns

Brown describes the relationship while critics voice their concerns.

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SBCC President Beebe Apologizes Over N-Word Controversy

"I Am Deeply Sorry for the Harm You Have Faced," He Says

"I am deeply sorry for the harm you have faced," he says.

Santa Barbara Group Heads for Border

Immigration Advocacy Collaborative taking humanitarian supplies to refugee caravan.

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White, Asian Students Excel While Latino Students Struggle

Superintendent Cary Matsuoka discusses the achievement gap in his annual State of Our Schools address.

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UCs Resist Proposed Title IX Change

DeVos Has Repeatedly Expressed Concern Over Lack of Due Process

DeVos has repeatedly expressed concern over a lack of due process.

New “Evening College” at SBCC

SBCC Awarded $2.7 million for part-time students.

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Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil Held at Courthouse

Worldwide, 369 transgender people were killed last year.

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Task Force Update: Human Trafficking in Santa Barbara

Community Forum Addresses Numbers, Sting Operations

Community forum address the latest numbers and sting operations.

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N-Word Gets SBCC Staffer Placed on Leave

Students Contend Racial Tension Common on Campus

Students contend racial tension common on campus.

Woman Killed by Train in Montecito

She was struck Friday morning near Olive Mill Road.

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Increase in H2A Farmworkers Raises Housing Concerns

Santa Barbara County Supervisors Moving to Streamline Permit Process

Santa Barbara County supervisors moving to streamline permit process.

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Santa Barbara County Preps for Shared Bikes, Scooters, and Cars

Bike-share pilot program saves hundreds of pounds of carbon at UCSB in a month.

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Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules on DACA

'The university encourages all DACA recipients to renew their DACA grants immediately,' advised UC President Janet Napolitano.

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Bucket Brigade's Abe Powell Named Citizen of the Year

Leader of Volunteer Responders Honored by Montecito Association

Leader of volunteer responders honored by Montecito Association.

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Candidates Decline Invite to Student Forum

Half the Field Opts Out

Half the field opts out.

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Women’s Firefighting Career Talk Held at SBHS

High School Athletes Encouraged To Consider Public Service

High school athletes encouraged to consider public service.

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Domestic Violence Candlelight Vigil Held at Paseo Nuevo

In 2017, Four Women In County Died From Domestic Violence

Last year, four women countywide died from domestic violence.

Authorities Report Few Deportation Delays

Most Detainees, However, Have No Legal Counsel

Most detainees, however, have no legal counsel.

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UC Patient-Care Workers Hold Three-Day Strike

One in Six Patient-Care Jobs Being Outsourced

One in six patient-care jobs are being outsourced.

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Composting Pumpkins

Get More Out of Your Jack-o'-Lantern

Get more out of your jack-o'-lantern.

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Santa Ynez Chumash Unveil Museum Plans

Facility Slated for 2021, at $32 Million

The facility is scheduled to open in 2021.

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Transgender Community Rallies Against Proposed Policy Change

Leaked Federal Memo Describes Narrow Gender Definition

Leaked federal memo describes narrow gender definition.

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Acceptance of Benefits Could Prevent Immigrants From Permanent Residency

Federal Government Proposes Rule Change to ‘Public Charge’

Federal government proposes rule change to ‘public charge.’

Body Discovered on Isla Vista Beach

No obvious signs of foul play, authorities said.

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Dos Pueblos High School Stirs Political Pot

Senior-Class Picture Features MAGA and LIBERALS!

Senior-class picture features MAGA and LIBERALS!

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Community Forum Provides Updates on Immigration Enforcement

Nine percent of People in Santa Barbara County Are Undocumented

About 9 percent of people in Santa Barbara County are undocumented.

Indigenous Peoples' Day Established in Santa Barbara County

Supervisors Unanimously Approve the Second Monday in October

Supervisors unanimously approved the second Monday in October.

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North Hall Takeover: 50 Years Later

Danny Glover Keynotes UCSB Conference

Actor Danny Glover keynotes UCSB conference.

Agriculture Hoops Ordinance Returned to Planning Commission

Will They Need a Building Permit?

Will these temporary structures need a building permit?

County Supervisors Reaffirm Drought Emergency

Lake Cachuma 32 Percent Full

Lake Cachuma is 32 percent full.

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Federal Oil Drilling and Fracking Plan Opposed in Santa Barbara

Proposal Targets Upward of 122,000 Acres Countywide

Proposal targets upward of 122,000 acres countywide.

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Permits Streamlined for Farmworker Housing

County Supervisors Debate Crowded Rental Market

County supervisors debate overcrowded rental market.

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Bail Industry Fights SB 10

Opponents Gathering Signatures for Repeal

Opponents are gathering signatures for repeal of bail reform in 2020.

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Carbajal Welcomes New Santa Barbara Citizens

The U.S. Rep Got Emotional as He Spoke to the Crowd in Spanish

The U.S. rep got emotional as he spoke to the crowd in Spanish.

Supes Approve Own Pay Raises

Supervisors will make approximately $97,327 annually.

Roving ICE Agents Spotted

Authorities said they were searching for three specific people.

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The Catholic Retreat from Heaven? or Hell?

Participants Give Very Mixed Reviews of Intensive Three-Day Camp

Participants give very mixed reviews of intensive three-day camp.