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Barney Brantingham was a reporter and columnist for the Santa Barbara News-Press for more than 46 years before joining The Independent in July 2006. He writes a Tuesday and Friday column for and a print column in The Indy's Thursday edition. He grew up on Chicago's South Side and, after working for Chicago area newspapers, he served as editor of the San Clemente Sun-Post before joining the News-Press.

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Where Have All Our Characters Gone?

Santa Barbara May Have Become Boring

Has the loss of the colorful, offbeat, and strange made Santa Barbara boring?

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Wendy Won’t Appeal

McCaw owes back pay of $2 million to former 'News-Press' employee.

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Sex, Lies, and More Lies

Cable News’ Performing Seals: All Heat, No Light; Plus, Michael Towbes Remembered

Cable news’ performing seals are all heat and no light; plus, remembering Michael Towbes.

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What’s the Plan, Mr. President?

Bombs Away, Snake Oil, and April Foolishness

Bombs away, snake oil, and April foolishness.

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On the Beach at Bocas

Island Life on Panama's Archipelago

Barney considers island life on Panama's archipelago.

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Panama Revisited: Wow!

More Than a Canal

Skyscrapers, some of questionable financing, mark the capital's skyline. One of the tallest bears Trump's name.

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Cannabis Fields Forever?

Legal Marijuana Lets You Know What You're Ingesting

Legal marijuana lets you know what you're ingesting.

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Federal Court Sides with Former News-Press Employees

Ruling upholds previous finding of unfair labor practices by owner Wendy McCaw.

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Going to Pot Cops?

Weed Taxes, Health Care, and Other Trump Ills

Weed taxes, health care, and other Trump ills.

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Adios, Trump?

Californians Start Petition Drive to Break Away

Californians start a petition drive to break away.

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