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Barney Brantingham was a reporter and columnist for the Santa Barbara News-Press for more than 46 years before joining The Independent in July 2006. He writes a Tuesday and Friday column for and a print column in The Indy's Thursday edition. He grew up on Chicago's South Side and, after working for Chicago area newspapers, he served as editor of the San Clemente Sun-Post before joining the News-Press.

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Back in the USSR

Gяээtiпgs, Amэяiкaпs!

Gяээtiпgs, Amэяiкaпs! Barney impulsively flies off to St. Petersburg.

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Cold Nights with Mother Nature

Backpacking with Dick Smith Sounded Like a Good Idea

Backpacking with Dick Smith sounded like a good idea, until we went off the trail.

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Your Least Favorite TV Prez

A Choice of at Least Four, None of Them Worth a Damn

Out of a choice of at least four, none of them are worth a damn.

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I’ll Always Have 'Casablanca'

Play It Again, Sam

Play it again, Sam.

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Trump: Last Gasp of the 1950s

The White House Gone Wild

The White House has gone wild.

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If Washington Made Movies

Westerns, Sci-Fi, and Even a Little Comedy

The cast of characters around the new administration tromps across some classics.

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Capitol Steps at the Lobero

Comedy Troupe Pokes Fun at Politicians

The comedy troupe pokes fun at politicians.

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So You Wanna Be Mayor?

Top o' the Heap at City Hall

There’s nothing like being top o' the heap at City Hall.

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Where Have All Our Characters Gone?

Santa Barbara May Have Become Boring

Has the loss of the colorful, offbeat, and strange made Santa Barbara boring?

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Wendy Won’t Appeal

McCaw owes back pay of $2 million to former 'News-Press' employee.

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