Athena Tan

Athena Tan has lived in Santa Barbara since 2007. Prior to the Independent, she edited scholarly manuscripts as an associate editor at punctum books and managing editor at Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies and taught film and media studies to college students. She spends time outside of work browsing the library's new books section, trawling thrift stores, and supporting S.B. social justice efforts.

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‘The Shape of Water’ Has Soft, Sparkling Edges and Grand Exuberance

Actor Sally Hawkins Is Well Cast in Dynamic Role

Actor Sally Hawkins is a big draw, her physically expressive performance well matched to the role of someone who communicates sans speech.

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‘The Disaster Artist’ Is a Study in Human Pathos

James Franco Nails Balance of Control and Excess Role Requires

James Franco nails the balance of control and excess the role requires, while Dave Franco is the perfect earnest, trusting foil.

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Reviewed | ‘Murder on the Orient Express’

Kenneth Branagh Offers Fun Puzzle for Agatha Christie Fans

Kenneth Branagh’s film isn’t a nuanced character drama, but offers a fun puzzle for Agatha Christie fans.

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Reviewed | ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’

Film Plays Out with Perversity of a Classical Tragedy

The film plays out with the inevitability and perversity of a classical tragedy.

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Reviewed: ‘The Snowman’

Police-Procedural Thriller with Little Procedure

Almost comically hyper-efficient detective hunt feels like a 10-episode series that was cut down to two hours.

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Reviewed: 'Blade Runner 2049'

Sequel Presents Bleak Vision of Future with Stunning Command of Space and Scale

The sequel presents a bleak vision of the future with a stunning command of space and scale.

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