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Jens Voigt Retires

Legendary Cyclist Visits Bicycle Bob's on Farewell Tour

Legendary cyclist stops by Bicycle Bob's on his farewell tour.

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Former Foster Youth Get New Wheels

Guardian Scholars at UCSB Receive Bikes

Guardian Scholars at UCSB receive bikes.

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Failing to Share the Road

Distracted Driver in L.A. Kills Cyclist

Distracted driver in L.A. kills cyclist; deputy driving escapes prosecution.

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Biking Back to School

For Safety and Independence, It's Elementary

Anyone who's had to get a young child out the door in time for school will appreciate trading in a car-seat wrestling match for a cycling adventure.

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Pedaling away from Parkinson’s

Patients Who Bicycle Show Improvement

Research shows improved functioning in Parkinson’s patients who bike.

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Summer Cycling Camp

iCan Shine Brings Riding to All Kids

Weeklong camp helps people with special needs learn to ride.

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A Passion for Pedaling

Developing a Love of Cycling in Children

Despite the difficulties, most biking parents want to share the sport with their children.

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Shared Wheels

Bike Share Programs Gaining Popularity

Many cities are beginning to implement bike sharing as part of their overall transportation plans.

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Bike Challenge 2014

Traffic Solutions Encourages Santa Barbarans to Pedal More

Santa Barbara Traffic Solutions host its 10th annual Bike Challenge this May to encourage residents to ride bicycles for transportation for a good cause.

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Pedaling While Pregnant

Women Are Even Biking to the Delivery Room

I’m 24 weeks pregnant, I’m loving biking as much as ever, and I’m not alone.

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The Fixie Phenomenon

Fixed-Gear Bikes Take Some Getting Used to, but Many Love Them

Fixed-gear bikes take some getting used to, but many love them.

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Bike Commuters

Making Every Day ‘Bike to Work Day’

In the last decade, bike commuting numbers have nearly doubled within Santa Barbara.

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The Resolution to Ride

Cycling Can Help You Get Back in Shape

If you’ve vowed to get back in shape this year, cycling can help you get there.

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What a Difference a Bike Makes

Got a Two-Wheeler Gathering Dust? People Need Them

Bikes are often considered a fun alternative mode of transportation in nice weather, but they can be integral to the lives of people struggling to subsist.

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BMX Riders Soar

Elings Park Track Attracts All Ages

The crew at Elings is a unique group that spans from toddlers kicking up dust clouds on the sidelines to men with decades of riding experience.

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UCSB Bikes

How the University Rolls

The school ranks third in the Top 10 Bike-Friendly Campuses list compiled by Best Colleges Online.

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Bike Touring

A Two-Wheeled Road Trip

Meet the bike tourist—they are among the hardiest, craziest, and happiest adventurers on the planet.