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Ken Dahmen Leads Bici Centro Santa Maria

Community Bike Shop Supports Cycling in S.B.’s North County

The community bike shop supports cycling in S.B.’s North County.

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More Families Choosing to Travel by Cargo Bike

Ditch the Minivan for Trips Around Town

Ditch the minivan for trips around town.

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Velo Wings Awards Honor Women Cyclists

Women Recognized for Contributions to Community Through Biking

Women recognized for contributions to community through biking.

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Friends Pedal Through Eight Countries in Five Months

UCSB Grads Daniel Connell and Quincy Lee Close In on Colombia

UCSB grads Daniel Connell and Quincy Lee are closing in on Colombia.

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Santa Barbara Gets First Protected Bike Lane

New East Cota Route Improves Travel for Commuters and Students

New East Cota route improves travel for commuters and students.

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Pedaling Their Own Path

Biking Helps Individuals with Mental Illness Overcome Barriers and Live Healthier Lives

Biking helps individuals with mental illness overcome barriers and live healthier lives.

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Goleta Opens New Ellwood Bike Path

Route Makes for Safer Passage to and from Elementary School

The 14-foot-wide pathway keeps bikes and pedestrians off busy Hollister Avenue.

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Biking Tips for Winter Weather

Rain and Cold Need Not Shut Down Your Two-Wheeled Commute

Don’t let rain and cold weather curb your two-wheeled commute.

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Grocery Shopping by Bike in Santa Barbara

Bags, Baskets, Easy Parking, and a Bit of Exercise

Quick tips for easy trips, even with kids.

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Mural Ride Fuses Art, Indigeneity, History, and Biking

Bilingual Tour Set for Saturday Morning Start

The five-mile tour is family friendly and open to all.

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Grocery Shopping by Bike

Avoid Crowded Parking Lots and Get Exercise, Too

Avoiding parking hassles, working exercise into an already busy day, and earning extra dessert calories are just a few of the perks of biking to the market.

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Catching Up with Jim Cadenhead

Navigating Life on Wheels

Biking has brought him from wobbly first rides to BMX parks and beyond.

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A Family Tradition of Biking

Raising Kids with Fun, Challenge, and Connection of Cycling

Raising four daughters with the fun, challenge, and connection of cycling.

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Riviera Youth Bike Team Gets Kids Cycling

Program Builds Fitness and Confidence in Kids

Program builds fitness and confidence in kids.

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Traffic Solutions Gets Pedaling

Cargo Bike Moves Staff More Sustainably

Cargo bike moves staff through Santa Barbara’s streets more sustainably.

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The Sustainable Bamboo Bike

Can Environmentally Friendly, Lightweight, and Strong Overcome Skepticism?

Environmentally friendly, lightweight, and strong, can bamboo bikes overcome consumer skepticism?

Women Recognized for Improving Biking

Five Women to Receive Awards During Santa Barbara's CycleMAYnia

Five women to receive awards during Santa Barbara's CycleMAYnia.

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Santa Barbara’s Newest Cycling Advocate

Frank Peters Hopes to Help Make the City a World-Class Biking Destination

Frank Peters hopes to help make the city a world-class biking destination.

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Around the World on Two Wheels

Patrick Schroeder Aims to Visit Every UN Country

Cyclist and full-time traveler aims to visit every United Nations country on earth.

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Exploring Ventura’s Waterfront by Bike

Rentals Make Family Day Trips Easy

Rentals make family day trips easy.

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Pedaling Around Taiwan

Santa Barbara Couple Explores the Island by Bike

Santa Barbara couple explores the island by bike.

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Elinor Brelsford’s Legacy at The Oaks Parent-Child Workshop

Retired Preschool Director Celebrates Her 100th Birthday and the School’s 70th

The retired preschool director celebrates her 100th birthday and the school’s 70th.

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Welcome to SBici

Bike Club Offers Teens Purpose and Community

Bike club offers teens purpose and community at Santa Barbara High School.

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Gratitude and Giving

Appreciation, and a Chance to Give Back

Appreciation for Santa Barbara cycling, and the chance to give back.

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Santa Barbara Cyclists Compete in Colorado Trail Race

Denver to Durango Run Pushes Riders to the Limit

Denver to Durango off-road run pushes riders to the limit.

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Biking for Burgers

Eating a Meat-Heavy Diet Could Offset Enviro Benefits of Biking

Eating a meat-heavy diet could offset the environmental benefits of biking.

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Dozens of Bikes, Thousands of Memories

Bike Collection Represents Years of Cycling Adventure

The Hubbells' extensive bike collection represents years of cycling adventure.

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Climbing Kilimanjaro by Bike

Cyclists Summit Highest Peak in Africa to Raise Funds

Cyclists summit highest peak in Africa to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief.

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Finding Family Love on the Road

Reconnecting in Busy Times Through Bike Camping

Reconnect in busy times through bike camping.

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Biking on a Bus

BikeBus Offers Spin Classes on the Go

The BikeBus offers spin classes on the go.

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Love on the Road

Reconnecting Through a Family Bike Camping Trip

Reconnecting through a family bike camping trip.

Shifting Perspective

Our Perceptions Shape Our Behavior on the Road

Our perceptions shape our behavior on the road.

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Best Weekend Rides in Santa Barbara

Mild Temps and Scenic Views Add to Wonderful Biking Options.

With mild temperatures and scenic views, Santa Barbara offers wonderful recreational biking.

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Mayors Agree, Better Biking Makes Better Communities

Swapping Parking for Bike Paths a Worthwhile Tradeoff

Swapping parking for bike paths can increase business and sales.

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Bike Highways

More than a Dream

Miles of smooth pavement are more than a dream.

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All-Women Gym Offers Fitness and Camaraderie

Alice Huang’s WAC (Women’s Athletic Club) Expands Space and Supportive Environment

Alice Huang’s WAC (Women’s Athletic Club) expands its space and supportive environment.

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Who Bikes in Santa Barbara?

A Multimedia Look at Cyclists in Our Community

A multimedia look at some of the cyclists in our community.

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Every Lane Is a Bike Lane

State Law Allows It for Safety

On narrow stretches of road, bikes may use the full traffic lane.

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Baby’s First Ride

Even Youngest Get a Kick Out of Pedal-Powered Transit

Even the youngest kids get a kick out of pedal-powered transit.

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Family Bike Night

Vieja Valley Event Teaches Kids and Parents Bike Safety

Vieja Valley event teaches kids and parents bike safety.

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Wigg Party Protests Stops

Should Bikes Roll Through Stop Signs?

San Francisco group says citations are a waste of resources.

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Treading Lightly

The Biggest Environmental Impact of Mountain Biking May Be Inspiring More People to Care

The biggest environmental impact of mountain biking may be inspiring more people to care.

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Hitting the Trail on Wheels

Bikepacking with Lightweight Gear Gets You Further Faster, Usually

The evolution of lightweight gear designed specifically for bikepacking has been amazing.

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Adams Offers Bike Education to All Students

Elementary School Takes the Lead Teaching Cycling in Santa Barbara

Elementary school takes the lead teaching cycling in Santa Barbara.

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The Future of Biking in Santa Barbara

Creating a New Bicycle Master Plan

Creating a new Bicycle Master Plan.

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Protected Bike Lanes, Coming Soon?

Better Lanes Lead to Safer Travels

Better lanes lead to safer travels.

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Mandating Bike Helmets Could Decrease Safety

Helmet-Averse May Stop Cycling, Safest When Riders Are Plentiful

A helmet law would deter cycling, which leads to less safety for all riders.

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An Education on Wheels

Santa Barbara Middle Schoolers Learn on the Road

For Santa Barbara Middle School students, learning means hitting the books and the road.

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Fat Bike, Smooth Ride

Wide-Rimmed Bikes Can Tackle Tough Terrain

Wide rimmed, fat-tired bikes can tackle tough terrain.

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The Right Ride

Find a Bike to Fit Your Style and Budget

How to find a bike that fits your style and budget.