Madison Chackel, Sales Representative

Our Former Sales Administrator Is Now an Ad Rep

Madison Chackel

Paul Wellman

Madison Chackel

Name: Madison Chackel

Title: Sales Representative

You recently moved from Sales Administrator to Advertising Representative. Congrats! What are your job duties now? Reaching out to current and potential clients and relaying messaging and imagery for ads to our production team.

What’s the most fun part about sales? The toughest? The most fun part is helping local businesses reach our readers and being a part of their business and marketing campaigns. I also love being able to proudly talk about the amazing product that all of my colleagues work tirelessly to create. The toughest part is trying to embrace my inner creativity to assist with ad development.

Give us your elevator pitch. Advertising in the Santa Barbara Independent is the greatest investment for local businesses because it parallels the efforts of all businesses in Santa Barbara, regardless of the target market or industry: to respect, serve, reflect, and value our unique community.