‘Searching’ Is Tight, Sharp Thriller

Film Comments on Technology’s Omniscient Presence

John Cho in <em>Searching</em>

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John Cho in Searching

Aneesh Changaty’s directorial debut is a tightly and sharply written thriller that is told almost entirely through the perspective of computer and smartphone screens. David Kim’s (John Cho) relationship with his daughter Margot (Michelle La) has only been growing more distant since her mother died. One night, David misses three of Margot’s FaceTime calls, and wakes up to discover her gone. He calls the police, and with the help of the renowned Detective Rosemary Vick (Debra Messing), the search begins to #findmargot. No detail or comment, however small, is superfluous. The film twists and turns, exploring the psychology of the missing 16-year-old through her many social media accounts, text messages, and internet history. Searching comments on technology’s omniscient presence in our daily lives and delivers a gripping story about the extent to which a father will go to find his daughter.