Keith Hamm, News Reporter

How a Pro Stays Neutral During an Emotional Assignment

Keith Hamm

Paul Wellman

Keith Hamm

Name: Keith Hamm

Title: News Reporter

You live in Montecito and wrote this week’s cover story. What’s it like to report on a topic that directly impacts your family and neighbors? The little lane where I live with my family was untouched on January 9. A few nearby neighborhoods were erased, though, and that’s been difficult to comprehend. Because I was close to the disaster, I think I can better understand why the ring net proponents are moving with urgency. But I don’t think they’re panicking.

How do you stay objective when the subject matter hits so close to home? I focus on my job to report information to readers. Right now, the number of supporters of ring nets outweighs the number against, and I think the piece reflects that. It’ll be interesting to see what the regulators have to say.