Ava Talehakimi, Production Designer

This UCSB Grad is a Gal of Many Talents

Ava Talehakimi

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Ava Talehakimi

Name: Ava Talehakimi

Title: Production Designer

Tell us about yourself. I grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from UCSB last year with a double major in communication and environmental studies and a minor in professional editing. But I learned the most during my time at the Daily Nexus doing copyediting and production design and social media/marketing. I’m an avid reader and Netflix watcher.

How do you get inspired to design? Putting together content that will go out to the community is a large source of inspiration for me to put my best work forward. Whether I’m designing ads or editorial content or placing each component that makes up the paper, I always consider the best way to get information across to our readers.

Most UCSB grads find it hard to stay in town after they graduate. How are you making ends meet? I work a second job, which helps a bit, but finding affordable housing is key. I wish I could say I save money by not eating out, but it’s hard not to when we’re surrounded by so many great restaurants.