Cannabis Profile: Elite Garden

Santa Barbara Native Graham Farrar Jumps from Tech to Cannabis

Graham Farrar

Paul Wellman

Graham Farrar

Graham Farrar’s career has taken him from computers to the ocean to the cannabis industry. A techie at heart ​— ​“I have been a geek forever,” he admitted ​— ​his first internship at in the ’90s put him on the front lines of the dot-com boom, and he was one of the six original employees at Sonos. Then he lived on a boat with his family and invented a children’s game app. Upon selling that, he was ready for something new. So he got into cannabis, professionally.

His first cannabis venture is Elite Garden, a company that provides the tools for large-scale cannabis cultivators. From there, he was quickly exposed to all parts of the industry. “Santa Barbara County ends up being an ideal growing environment, and it is also close to Los Angeles,” he explained. Now a father of two ​— ​an 11-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old boy ​— ​Farrar said he hopes to educate his kids about cannabis like he does about alcohol. “Banning it never stopped it from being there,” he said.