‘Viva Santa Barbara’ at Santa Barbara Fine Art

New Gallery Exhibit Inspired by Old Spanish Days

By Richard Schloss

Courtesy Photo

By Richard Schloss

Fiesta offers folks a chance to celebrate the Spanish and Mexican influences in our town — including flamenco dancing, ethnic food and drink, history, and horses. The weeklong event is also a good time to celebrate the beauty of the landscape and architecture that make Santa Barbara such a beautiful place to live.

On 1st Thursday (Aug. 2), the newly opened gallery Santa Barbara Fine Art is offering an artistic look at the town and culture. “[The show] is in the spirit of Old Spanish Days, and we will have paintings of Santa Barbara and surrounding areas as seen through local artists’ eyes and in their work,” said Julie Schloss, who owns the gallery with her husband, Richard Schloss, a well-known plein air artist. Called Viva Santa Barbara, the show features Richard Schloss, Marsha McDonald, John Wullbrandt, Arturo Tello, Michael Enriquez, Heather Gordon, and Carrie Givens.

Pop in to the gallery for a peek at fine-art representations of Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara Fine Art is located at 1324 State Street. Call 845-4270.