Equal Time

In the U.S. Senate, where Democrats were defending 26 seats and Republicans were defending nine, the GOP gained two seats. Democrats gained 39-40 seats in the House of Representatives (their biggest gain since Watergate in 1974), flipped seven governorships, 349 seats in state legislatures, and six state legislative chambers. This was the result of an "angry mob" of voters who resisted the GOP's massive voter suppression efforts and repudiated Trumpski's wars on the Constitution, an independent judiciary and Congress, civil rights, human rights, affordable health care, veterans, Gold Star families, the environment, freedom of the press, and common decency.

Trumpski and his flock of sheep are now bleating that the new majority in Congress will unfairly sabotage his self-serving agenda. They encouraged and supported the hyper-partisan obstructionism of Mitch McConnell and Republicans during the eight years of President Obama's administration. Yet, they now clamor for an imperial presidency without checks and balances or separation of powers.

Congress should fully investigate the malfeasance, corruption, and alleged conspiracies between Trump or his campaign and a hostile foreign government to influence our elections. After all, the GOP spent more than two years and $7 million on multiple Benghazi investigations. Their hollow charades were abruptly shut down in December 2016, immediately after the presidential election. Those investigations produced a grand total of no indictments, no arrests, no convictions, and no jail time. If found guilty, Trumpski and/or his comrades must be held accountable. No one is above the law.