Thank You

To my beloved communities of Montecito and Santa Barbara,

A salute to your supreme goodness!

Since the 01/09/18 Debris Flow destroyed my home, I’ve been whipped through an illusion-shattering tornado that left me homeless to crawl over the unpredictable ground of my karma.

In the eye of dawning wisdom, the effulgence of your boundless generosity supported me through a mystical trip deep into the heart of humility. There, sovereign joy reigns.

My gratitude wishes to cast a wide net; if I should miss any of you, please accept my apologies. Fortunately, good energy reaches everyone.

In recognition: Hope 805, FEMA, Salvation Army, Red Cross, UMCOR, Direct Relief, Wendy Foster, Precision Auto Body, United Way, Realtors’ Disaster Relief Fund, Glamour House, the Pop-Up shops, the Vietnamese Buddhist Group, YMCA, Sheng Zhen Self-Healing Centre, Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara, Flavor of India, Ace Home Improvement, and so many others.

Thank you.