Peabody Stadium Landscaping Slightly Over Budget

School Board Approves $77,000 Overrun

Paul Wellman (file)

The accepted $977,000 landscaping bid for Santa Barbara High School’s ongoing Peabody Stadium renovation project is over budget by $77,000. District Facilities Director Dave Hetyonk said the project is “basically out of the ground,” and many potentially unforeseen costs ​— ​namely associated with the site’s old underground drainage ​— ​would have already surfaced. As such, Hetyonk was comfortable recommending that district leaders pull from contingency funds to cover the landscaping overrun. The project’s construction contingency is $1,182,910; change orders totaling $212,088 have been issued to date, with an additional $70,000 on the way, Hetyonk added. The project is roughly 35 percent complete.